Make Pumpkin Topiaries for an Autumn Porch

Welcome to the 195th Metamorphosis Monday!

Right after I added a front porch onto my home around 4 years ago, I bought some faux topiaries from a local store here in Atlanta.  I would have loved real topiaries on the porch, but I knew I’d never remember to keep them watered and they probably wouldn’t survive in the shade of the porch.

The faux topiaries turned out to be an expensive mistake.  They were very poorly made and extremely top-heavy.  The slightest wind sent them flying into the yard where I would find them rolling around when I returned home from work each day.   Though I’d only had them a few days, the store where they were purchased refused to let me return them, eventually saying they were for indoor use only despite all their catalog pictures showing them outside and on porches.

After numerous calls to managers who never returned a single call, I tried to make the best out of the situation.  I pulled the topiaries out of the lightweight styrofoam I found inside the urn, scraped all the styrofoam out, mixed up some concrete and re-potted the topiaries into the concrete, using moss to hide the unsightly concrete.

Eventually, the topiaries faded and no longer looked even semi-real.  Last year I pulled the topiaries back out of the concrete and disposed of them.  I saved the concrete-filled urns because I had an idea, something I’ve been wanting to do for ages.  I didn’t get around to it last year but I didn’t want to let another fall or Halloween pass me by without trying my little idea out.  The heavy urns are serving a new purpose now.

Spring Basket on Front Door


Welcome friends!  I’m so glad you are here!

Autumn Porch Decorated with Topiaries


I thought about buying faux pumpkins to make pumpkin topiaries but all the ones I found were the wrong shape and they looked a bit too faux, if you know what I mean.  It’s hard to find realistic-looking faux pumpkins that are big enough to turn into topiaries.

Autumn Porch Decorated with Pumpkin Topiaries


So I headed over to Harry’s where I purchased corn stalks for the porch last year. (Sorry about the awful pic…it was getting dark and I snapped this with my cell phone.)  They didn’t have any corn stalks for sale, but they did have some big, squatty-shaped pumpkins called Heirloom pumpkins.  They are the ones you see underneath the Harry’s sign.  The Heirlooms looked just right for building topiaries atop my old concrete-filled urns.

Update: Catherine R. just told me that they are called corn shocks…neat, huh?  So glad there are some folks out there who know these terms and can help this city girl out.  When I go shopping for them next year, I’ll feel like a pro calling them corn shocks.  Don’t you love learning new things…one of the best parts about blogging!  🙂

Fall Porch Decorated with Pumpkin Topiaries


The next day, still in search of corn shocks, I drove over to another Farmer’s Market down the road called Rick’s Farmers Market.  They had lots and I bought two.  While there I snapped a couple of pics of their topiary displays to share with you.  I was sort of wishing I hadn’t bought the ones at Harry’s after seeing these.  I loved the variety in color.  I’m keeping Rick’s in mind for next year.    Aren’t these wonderful?

Fall Porch Decorated with Pumpkin Topiaries


This is only the second year I’ve used corn stalks on the porch.  I couldn’t get over how much corn was still on these.  The ones I bought last year from Harry’s didn’t have any corn.

Porch Decorated for Fall with Pumpkin Topiaries

Do you see it hanging down there on the right.  The left corn shock has bunches, too.  I asked the folks at Rick’s if there had been a drought and these just never got picked or something.  They said no, it was most likely just some corn that had come in late.  I love seeing the corn.  It adds so much interest, way better than plain ole shocks.

I think this may be the only picture where you can see all three lanterns on the porch, including the hanging one.  I found those at Home Depot Expo when I was having the porch built.  Sadly, all the Expos are gone now.  The lanterns are by Quoizel…from their French Quarter line.  Wonder if they still make them…umm.  Update:  Yup, just checked…they are still making them.  Cool!

Autumn Porch Decorated with Pumpkin Topiaries


Here’s a little close-up of some of the corn. I keep half expecting to come out the front door and find a chipmunk or squirrel up here chowing down.

Autumn Porch Decorated with Pumpkin Topiaries


I shared how to make this Indian-corn floral arrangement here:  A Fall Door Arrangement You Can Make in 5 Minutes.    It was so easy and so inexpensive to make!  I’ve had Mr. Scarecrow for years.  He always makes an appearance around this time of year.

Autumn Porch Decorated with Pumpkin Topiaries


He’s even been known to show up when there was some corn in need of protection on the porch.  (Tablescape can be viewed here: Summertime Dining on the Porch) He’s been slacking off lately though because the porch is covered in crows right now.


I’m planning on leaving everything in place until after Thanksgiving.  I think this works well for fall and Halloween.  When I take it down, it will be to put Christmas decorations up.  It just dawned on me…why didn’t I put a crow on the top of that pumpkin on the right or on the corn.  I’ll do that tomorrow and add a pic to this post.

Autumn Porch Decorated with Pumpkin Topiaries


It was easy to create the pumpkin topiaries with the flat Heirloom pumpkins.  I just stacked them one on top of the other.  They are very heavy and feel nice and stable since the bottom pumpkins are so flat.

Autumn Porch Decorated with Pumpkin Topiaries


I tucked leaf garland I’ve had for many years in between the pumpkins for a more finished look.  You could use greenery or straw.  Even sitting them atop vine wreaths would look great.

Autumn Porch Decorated with Pumpkin Topiaries


I’m starting to really enjoy fall now.  The air is so crisp and there’s the occasional scent of a wood fire.  Time to make some hot apple cider and pull out some of those books I’ve been meaning to read.  Happy Fall, dear friends!

Halloween Porch With Pumpkin Topiaries_wm


Looking forward to the wonderful “Before and “Afters” for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. I love your topiaries and other festive fall porch decorations. I need to finish my fall decorating very soon! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Oh but your front entrance is just beautiful.. I really
    need to get home and do mine… Thanks so much
    for hosting once again as I love reading all your
    blog each week.. now, to get home!!
    Happy Fall

  3. Janette@The2Seasons says

    Your house looks great. Thanks for hosting.

  4. The Heirloom Pumpkins look fabulous in your front porch topiaries!! Love the corn still on the stalk, you’ve given me a new idea for next year. We always bush-hog the corn down after the season. Next year I will keep a few stalks for decor. I am surprised you haven’t seen any squirrels eating away at it yet. We have so many of them where we are, they would think I set dinner for them on the porch. :0)
    Thanks for hosting~I’ve not been able to join your party for the last two weeks, been showing up way too late although I see this morning that you already had it going when I was on the net.
    Have a great week!!

  5. Hi Susan,
    I’ve been doing pumpkin topiaries for a couple of years now~
    You just can’t beat the real ones and I am lucky to have an amazing pumpkin patch just a few miles down the road.
    Your porch is looking amazingly gorgeous for Autumn.

  6. Your porch looks so inviting! I love that the corn is still on the stalks too 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

  7. Mary from Virginia says

    WOW! You have out done yourself! This porch is beautiful. You are so lucky to have such great places to shop, both farmer’s markets looked fun. Great tablescape too. Those corner platters are so neat!

  8. Awesome job Susan! Love the pumpkin topiaries- and your urns work perfectly for them! I too found corn stalks with corn and the squirrels wasted no time in finding them! Cute scarecrows!

  9. Your porch is so gorgeous, love the topiaries! I’ve never seen squashed pumpkins, they were perfect for your project. Thanks for hostessing the party! Mary

  10. Thanks so much for hosting again. LOVE the front porch. Simply beautiful!

  11. Thanks so much for hosting! I love your pumpkin topiaries. Have a great week!

  12. I love your topiaries on your fall decorated porch. Very festive!

  13. Wow!! That’s like pumpkin heaven. Love your topiaries … I’m lucky if the pumpkins we see in the grocery store aren’t already rotten. 🙂 And thanks for the party!!

  14. I love LOVE your topiaries!!! Well, I love, OK, covet your front porch, soooo cute! I’m keeping this in my file for future years! Thanks so much. It’s great!

  15. You porch is fabulous with fast, no fuss ideas! Love it and thanks for hosting!

  16. Thank you for hosting a great party!

  17. Your porch looks beautiful!

  18. Thanks so much for hosting again this week!
    Amazing fall decor!!!

  19. Susan love your pumpkin topiaries! I agree real pumpkins are so much nicer.I have used more real in my home this year too!

  20. Susan,

    I just love the outside of your beautiful home decorated for Autumn!! The topiaries are fantastic!!


  21. Well done, Susan- now when you look at them you have a good feeling inside instead of being reminded of the poor customer service you received.

    Concrete inside – brillilant.
    I have had lightweight things that I filled with rocks before in case I needed to change it up at all .

    I love your front porch, it looks so festive and awesome!

  22. Susan, your front porch always looks so festive and welcoming. I have had the hardest time finding cornhusks even though I live out in the country!

    • Laura, that’s amazing! Those farmers in your area could be making some money on their dead corn husks! Maybe you can find a farming friend and asked them to save you 2-4 for next year.

  23. Thanks for hosting, Susan. Your front porch looks so festive and welcoming. I love pumpkin topiaries.

  24. Susan,
    Love your pumpkin toparies and thought I would do that this year but couldn’t find the right shaped pumpkins. Yours looks great! You know how to make it just right!

  25. I love your porch so much; just beautiful! How did you attach the cornstalks? I got some free last year and had a hard time getting them to stay up.

    • Gina, they are just leaning there. I didn’t attach them with anything. We had some super high winds for a few days and they stayed put. I had Mr. Scarecrow in a different spot and he fell over during the winds but he is doing great where I’ve placed him now. The bottom end of the stalks are sort of catching on the roughness of the brick porch, so that helps to keep them from sliding.

  26. Hello Susan, lovely pumpkin topiaries – they look great! Your front porch looks quite welcoming! You reminded me one of the things I miss about the Atlanta area – Harry’s! Loved that store! Wonderful post and great party – I appreciate you hosting!

  27. Your front porch looks great! Love the topiaries! Just be careful with the corn on the shocks—they attract mice. Ask me how I know.

  28. Beautiful and welcoming porch. Thanks for hosting the party every week.

  29. Susan
    It looks wonderful !! I need to hop to it and get to the pumpkin farm !!
    Have a super day

  30. Susan, I love your Fall front door. Your pumpkin topiaries are great! I made my with pumpkins from Michael’s and now they are fading! We face east and the sun is brutal on almost anything on the front porch. I love your ‘s so I’ll switch mine to real next year. Thanks for hosting another great link party! I always see so much inspiration!

    • Betsy, it didn’t turn out to be quite as expensive as I feared it would be. Harry’s had a good sale going on. Just look for a good sale. I hadn’t thought about the faux pumpkins fading. They are about as expensive as the real ones and not as big…so glad you mentioned that. I think I’ll stick with the real ones.

  31. Susan, your porch is just gorgeous! I just linked up and wanted to thank you for hosting. Have a great week! Hugs, Penny

  32. Very beautiful Susan..ALL your fall decorating is fabulous!! Your fall entrance is magazine worth, someone should feature you, I mean it!! Lovely. Thank you for hosting yet, another great party at Met Monday. Have a terrific week.

  33. Beautiful!! One of my fav things about your log is that I live in the same general area and you save me a lot of running around by posting where you found stuff! I love those multi colored pumpkins at the farmers market.

  34. The topiaries look terrific, as does the whole porch!

  35. Thanks so much for hosting! Yes, Mr. Scarecrow has been slacking off for sure, because you’ve got a lot of crows on the porch…lol! Your front porch looks fantastic. Very fall and very inviting. I think Mr. Scarecrow might be offended at the crow on the porch though, but maybe he doesn’t get his feeling hurt easily. 😉

  36. Hi Susan! Oh, your porch looks wonderful all dressed up for Fall! Love your corn stalks and the pumpkin topiaries are so nice. I’m finally getting to come to your party. We’ve been traveling for a month and I’m just now getting back in to my regular routine!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  37. You have all these entries and only 2 comments????? HMMM. I will zip my lips on that:) I love your topiaries. I have been wanting/meaning to do this for YEARS too and never got to it. This year, since we JUST moved I don’t have time , but NEXT year!!!! I do have a little decoration out front for Fall which I will share soon. I joined the party today, so happy to be back to blogging! XO, Pinky

  38. Gorgeous porch Susan….!!…Looks like it is a page from the Pottery Barn Catalog!!!…Just beautiful!!..Recuperating from the fabulous Southern Bloggers Conference!!…It was so much fun!…Have a wonderful week!!!

  39. So Pretty !! Yes – It will look perfect thru Thanksgiving. The corn would not last long outside my door, as the squirrels and/or chipmonks would have a feast.
    Thanks for hosting again this week.

  40. Wow! I just noticed you are almost to Two Hundred Linkys on the MM! Is that the longest running party in blogland?

    Your porch is outstanding.

    • Ellen, can you believe it’s been 195 MM’s! Actually, Tablescape Thursday has MM beat. TT will hit 215 weeks, this week. I started the MM party about 20 weeks after I began BNOTP, but I kicked off TT almost as soon as I started the blog. I feel old now. lol! Where has the time gone? Going WAY too fast!

  41. Delightful! I love your front porch. The pumpkin topiaries are beautiful – I like yours better than any of the others shown. Thank you for hosting this linky party. I always look forward to visiting blog sites and learning something new here. Thanks again!

    P.S. Your Halloween Table Setting on the Porch is the most beautiful table EVAH! So gorgeous.

  42. I remember the story on the topiaries! And the store. But you overcame that…probably didn’t shop there anymore and now look what you have done! Just the most over the top beautiful fall porch ever!

  43. Harry’s supplied you with some stunning specimens of pumpkins, Susan! Love their stacked look on your urns. I remember the hassle you went through w/those crazy things. Despite the popularity of the site, I think the majority of that company’s items is overpriced junk and I’ d never buy from them. I’m glad you could utilize the urns so well on that gorgeous porch of yours!

  44. It looks like you have some awesome places to buy fall decorations down in Atlanta! As always, everything looks gorgeous. I’m not linking up now (gotta run), but just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and even though I don’t always comment, reading about your escapades (and Max) makes me happy :).

  45. Love what you did on your front porch and thank you for letting us know about the error in fake topiaries as I was thinking on doing that. Now I won’t as even though my front door is somewhat protected, we get really strong winds a few times a year. I love your fall decor and you really do inspire me. Each day I await seeing your post and could spend hours looking at all the pictures and reading. I also love that you have other peoples blogs on your site.

    I am so very glad I found this site. I love, love, love it. Have a very happy and creative fall and holiday season.

  46. Beautiful pumpkin topiaries and corn stalks adorning your porch entry, Susan–I especially like the photo showing all three of your gorgeous light fixtures! Thank you for hosting the party today, and hope that you have a wonderful week with lovely autumn weather. We are experiencing our first really heavy rainfall of the autumn here in the Pacific Northwest. It is surprisingly the first heavy rain we’ve had in 112 days around here! I’ve been busily storing green and red tomatoes and pruning back large shrubs so they still hold their shape even under all the weight of the rain on the branches.

  47. From reading the other comments, your front porch is the hit of the Fall Season!!! It really looks fantastic! I have such a small porch that I am limited in my ability to decorate but I think I will take some of your ideas and see if I can downsize just enough to spruce of my porch. You inspire us all!

  48. This looks better than what you started with and will certainly last through Thanksgiving. Too bad every season isn’t as rich with decorating options as fall.

  49. Your pumpkin topiaries are gorgeous! Beautiful front porch! Thanks so much for hosting another great party!

  50. Susan, what a fabulous idea, your porch looks wonderful. We were away for our Thanksgiving so I only got as far as putting a wreath on the door. If I can find similar pumpkins, I will steal your idea, if I may. We left heat behind in Vegas and returned to much cooler weather, so I have to think about Fall now. My flowers are still blooming in the window boxes, so I have work to do.
    A question, what will you put in the planters for Spring now the topiaries are gone? I just know you have a plan in mind!!! 🙂

    • I wish I did. I’ll probably just store the planters back in the garage again. I love something I saw in a magazine or book or catalog or somewhere this past summer. It was two dark urns…kind of tall ones like I have my knock out roses in on my deck under the pergola. They had big, luscious green ferns spilling out of them. I loved that look and it’s low maintenance. I may look for some tall urns and do something similar. Just not sure, yet. No telling what we might see between now and then that will capture us! 🙂 Wish I could remember where I saw that…it may have been on someone’s blog.

  51. Gorgeous and festive!

  52. Susan,
    Love the pumpkin topiary. Jane and I were going to try to do it with real pumpkins. Bad idea. Then we couldn’t find any artificial ones that didn’t look really artificial. Oh well, there’s always next year.

  53. Love the porch – wish I could do mine just like it – but I spent all my money on vacation! LOVE love your lights too.

  54. Thanks for hosting. Your topiaries are beautiful!

  55. Your front porch is so festive and welcoming! Love it! Thanks for hosting this weekly party!



  56. Hi Susan, your pumpkin topiaries look fantastic! Thanks for hosting another great link party. So many wonderful links to check out. Have a great week!

  57. Great job on the porch! Love the corn stalks and every thing about it:)

  58. Je suis toute époustouflée par ces nombreuses courges… et leurs magnifiques utilisations.
    Je me suis régalée en admirant vos belles photos.
    Gros bisous

    • Thanks so much, Martine-Alison. I have seen more pumpkin ideas this year than ever, I think. Folks are painting them, decking them out with ribbon, all kinds of fun things! 🙂

  59. Oh, Susan,
    beautiful pictures! Those flat Heirloom pumpkins look they were intentionally raised to create wonderful topiaries and yours turned out great! Love them!
    Actually I looove pumpkins very much and am always happy like a little child when the stores start selling them! Because I don’t have enough room to store big/large faux pumpkins 🙁 I can only use small faux ones but big real pumpkins for my decorations because we eat them, too. 🙂
    Since I go every morning to the grocery I am one of the first customers who buy them and that’s perfect for me, because so, I can choose the “prettiest” ones for my decorations (and for my hearty dishes 😉 )
    Usually I buy 8 – 10 pieces, so, it can take “hours” till I am happy with the pumpkins I find… I really pick up each one of them and I examine them carefully like they were precious! Ok, for me they are precious! 😉 I’m sure, the “nice” guys at the store think I’m (a little)… crazy! lol (Thank goodness, I don’t care! 😉 ) Susan, I love your Mr. Scarecrow! He is so cute! I love his hair! I have Mrs. “Pumpkina” (she is a “feminine” pumpkin made of ceramic and is a little plante holder), that I call Mrs. Angela Merkel, because of her hair, very similar to Mr. Scarecrow’s hair… LOL)
    ~Hugs to you~

    • Cecilia, I’m almost that bad. lol It takes me forever to pick out my pumpkins, especially when I needed certain sizes to make the topiaries. You are so cute! Mr. Scarecrow does have rather stylish hair, doesn’t he? 🙂

  60. Hi Susan,
    I love the heirloom pumpkins layered in the topiary. Perfect idea for stacking them. Thanks for hosting!

  61. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful porch Susan! It looks amazing, and as always thank you for hosting a wonderful party 🙂

    xoxo, Tanya

  62. Love your front porch! Just an FYI – I have tried linking up several times today and the message keeps saying there is no backlink. I always backlink to your blog so I don’t know what is wrong today.
    Thanks – Shelley

  63. Susan, I’m so inspired by your gorgeous display that I’m going to plant some of those heirloom pumpkins next summer just so I can do this! (Or, perhaps you can save some seeds from your pumpkins!) Can you believe that dear Leo burned our cornstalks before I could grab any!!!

    • Jane, will that work? If I save the seeds, can you grow some? I hadn’t thought of that. I know some stuff can grow from saved seeds and some stuff won’t. Like watermelons…someone once told us you couldn’t grow watermelons from saved seed. Have no idea why. I’ll save you some seeds! Tell Leo, no burning them all next year…he’s gotta save you at least 2…4 is better! 😉

  64. Love your porch! Very festive!

  65. Your porch looks beautiful! Thanks so much for hosting! Life to the full, Melissa

  66. Your front porch looks marvelous! Love what you did to it 🙂 Thank you for hosting another week of link party!

  67. Linda Leyble says

    Susan…I love, love, love your front porch! It’s so inviting. Love the corn husk garland and the pumpkin topiaries (great idea!) You will have lots of trick or treaters (and their parents) coming up to look! I have been reluctant to do real pumpkins because we have a lot of teens in our area and they have been known to smash them in our driveway. I should give it a whirl though – because I think the smashing mostly happened when our youngest daughter was in high school and now she’s been out of college for a few years (I think that mainly it was boys in her class). Maybe I will try one and see how it goes this year!

    Where did you get your lanterns? I love them!


    • Thanks, Linda! We used to have that same problem, but it always occurred the night of Halloween, late after everyone was done trick or treating. I learned to always bring my pumpkin inside after Trick or Treating was over or it would be smashed in the center of the street the next day. That was around the same time we had kids constantly peeling out of our subdivision. I guess they all grew up and moved because there hasn’t been in pumpkin smashing, tire squeeling going on now in a few years, thankfully. I probably couldn’t have made these back then, so I completely know what you mean.
      About the lanterns, they are by Quoizel…from their French Quarter line. I found them in Home Depot Expo about 4 years ago, before all those stores closed. They are still being made…you can see them here: and here:

      • Linda Leyble says

        Thanks Susan – before I found that you had answered me – I went back and read your entire post – and found that you had mentioned where the laterns were from. So – Thanks so much for putting the info here! They are so lovely – would go well with the style I have in my entry.

        Thanks again!


  68. Your porch looks so inviting! Thank you for hosting. Wishing you a beautiful week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  69. Susan your porch looks lovely. I’m originally from New England and now live a town away from you, I have never heard the term “corn shocks”. We have always called them ” corn stalks”, after all these are the stalks the corn grows on. Not saying I’m right, only saying I never heard of that term before. Where is Rick’s? Down the street from Harry’s, or down the street from you? I wanted to decorate with the stalks but can’t find them here! Let me know if you can. Thank you!!

    • Hi Cheryl, Here’s a link to Rick’s Farmers Market website: They are on Roswell Road. Harry’s, as you probably already know, is just down from the Big Chicken and Ricks is further up Roswell Road toward Johnson Ferry Road…but a few blocks before you get to Johnson Ferry. It’s on the right as you’re driving toward JF…up on a hill. Nice folks there…I’ll be going back next year.
      About the stalks…lol, apparently they are stalks when they are separate, but once you bundle them together, it’s called a corn shock. 🙂

      • Thanks Susan, I will try to get to Rick’s. I appreciate the directions! I can’t believe hard difficult it is to find the stalks, or shocks or whatever they are!

        • I know…Harry’s was the only place I could find them last year and despite having them out for decoration this year, they aren’t selling them. I thought that was odd. Glad Rick’s had them this year. I’m going there to begin with next year and may buy some of their fun colored pumpkins. They even had HUGE white pumpkins which are so popular now.

  70. Gorgeous Porch!! I think a trip to Ricks farmers market is in my future! Love those corn shocks 🙂

  71. Hi Susan, its been a while since I have commented..I’ve been here, just “stalk-ing” you(I know, bad pun!) 😉 I rarely have anything to contribute to the conversation, but I did want to mention a few things.
    1) If you save the seed from Heirloom plants, you should be able to grow the same thing from it next season. Hybrid plants possibly will grow something next season, but it won’t be the same.
    2) I must be more country than the rest of you, around here we call bundles of corn stalks, “foddershocks” , mostly because at this time of the year, the corn that these come from is fodder (to feed cattle, etc).
    3) @Cecilia, where do you live? If I had to go grocery shopping every morning, I would just shoot myself and get it over with! 😀
    and 4) Your porch is gorgeous!!!!!!
    Now you know why I don’t comment much, I get started and I can’t stop!
    Happy Fall, Y’all!

  72. I love your front porch decorations! Fall is my favorite time of year — like so many others! You had mentioned that you might be surprised to find a squirrel eating from your corn shock — well, that is kind of what happened the last time I hung Indian Corn from our deck lights — we heard all this noise coming from our deck and thought someone was trying to break in — but no, it was a huge raccoon hanging off the corn trying to eat it! So, I wouldn’t be too surprised if you do find a squirrel munching on yours one day! Lol!

  73. Beautiful. I actually like the heirloom pumpkins better than the bigger, rounder ones. The latter look like they would topple over being so tall…in my opinion 😉
    Also, several years ago I found a local nursery who sold milo stalks as well as the corn ones and I believe they were about the same price. They are only about 4 feet tall and liked them better. The coloring was a tad different and there were milo grainheads still attached. Pretty cool! I haven’t used stalks, of any type, for several years but when I start decorating the porch again, I’m planning on using the milo stalks if I can find them. Just a thought 🙂

    • Velma, the Milo stalks sound really interesting. I’ve never seen those. I tried to keep my corn ones one year in the basement…I think I did get two years use out of them. Not sure I should try that with these, though. All the corn that’s on them might draw rats or something if I stored them in the basement.

  74. Beautiful Porch!!! Love all that you did in 2012. Have also tremendously enjoyed your travel stories, as well as the preparations for such.

    Corn stalks/shocks….living on a Kansas farm, I can explain the difference. Each corn plant is considered a stalk of corn; when you bundle stalks together you have a shock of corn. And, no, I wouldn’t try to keep the stalks/shocks for the next year. Aside from mice, etc. finding them, sometimes the corn itself can have bugs that show up later.

    Milo….a beautiful thing to decorate with. Many varieties are grown in KS, and the colors of the milo head can range from tan to brown to orange to almost burgandy. BUT, grains of milo are VERY itchy if you touch them….and the itch spreads to wherever on your body you’ve touched. Seems like handwashing doesn’t even deter the itch. Perhaps spraying the milo head with spray varnish would help seal the grains?

    • Thanks, Gina…that’s good to know! I won’t ever try to save them…don’t want mice or bugs around! lol Didn’t know that about milo…good advice! I bet spray sealer would help with that…and wearing gloves!

  75. Marcha Thompson says

    I love your porch. I like your scare crow, different from most you see. I redress mine for Christmas in red and green and paint my pumpkins red and green and put them by my drive way for the season.

  76. Can you tell me how you attached the corn shocks to your house? The front of my house is flat like you (no posts/pillars to attach them to) and have no idea how to attach them. Thanks!

    • It’s been a few years since I used those but as I recall, I wrapped some jute yarn around the top of a few of the stalks and looped it over a nail in the top part of the molding. I have nails in the top of the molding at the end on either side of the door for hanging garland at Christmastime, so I just hooked the yarn over the nail that was already there.

      • Thank you! I just bought some stalks (not “shocks”, I don’t know why it corrected it to that) this weekend. I will be giving this a try!

        • Michelle, I think it corrected to that because if I’m remembering correctly, when I wrote this post, I think a reader told me they were actually called corn shocks, but I had written stalks since that’s all I’d ever heard them called. I should look that up again and see if I’m remembering that correctly. Such a funny name for corn stalks…shocks! lol

  77. Susan, what a fabulous idea, your porch looks wonderful. We were away for our Thanksgiving so I only got as far as putting a wreath on the door. If I can find similar pumpkins, I will steal your idea, if I may. We left heat behind in Vegas and returned to much cooler weather, so I have to think about Fall now. My flowers are still blooming in the window boxes, so I have work to do.

  78. Arlene Hensel says

    The corn on the porch is called corn stalks. We are farmers in Princeville, Illinois and that is what we call it. I have no idea where that other name came from. Just thought I would let you know what we call it here. The picture of the front porch is Beautifully done. Great job on it!!

    • Thanks for letting me know, Arlene! That’s what I’ve always heard them called, too. I’ll change it back in the post to stalks since that’s what we call them here, too.

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