My August Favorites + A Heads Up For The Ice Cream Lovers

This girl is whipped right now! lol I’ve been clearing out the two attic eaves for the last two days and wow, I had forgotten just how large that area is and how much stuff (holiday decor) was stored under there. I have everything out now and have carried around 3/4ths of it down to the basement. Just a little bit more to go and I’ll have it all downstairs. It’s been quite the job carrying everything down two flights of stairs; I’ve definitely been getting some good exercise the last few days! I’ll be spending the weekend hauling the rest down to the basement and vacuuming out under the eaves. It really feels good to have this long-overdue project underway.

I have been loving these toile, straight-leg jeans I purchased recently during an awesome sale. I can highly recommend them, they are covered in flowers and butterflies and are adorable! They are still on sale, plus they are an extra 30% off the sale price. I think they would be great to wear this fall and of course, wonderful to pull out when the cool temps of spring come around. You’ll find them here: Toile Butterfly Denim Jeans.


During the month of August, I have really enjoyed wearing a perfume I purchased recently–Solaris by Penhaligon’s. It’s beautiful–perfect for summer but really, any time of year. I can tell I’ll be going through this bottle pretty quickly so I hope it stays in stock. Thankfully, Penhaligon’s is now finally available in a few stores here in the U.S. You’ll find it available here: Penhaligon’s Solaris.

Penhaligon's Solaris Parfum, Latest Added to my Collection


My other go-to perfume this past month has been Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. I love this fragrance soooo much! If you like very feminine, elegant, pretty fragrances, I think you would enjoy this beautiful fragrance. It’s one I will be buying again and again because I always want to keep it on hand. You’ll find it available here: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.


Several months ago I purchased this surge protector/extension outlet/USB charging station for my desk here in my home office. I have really enjoyed having it here because I can keep my keyboard easily charged up, along with my Bose Noise-Canceling earbuds that I use often throughout the week.

Surge Protector with many outlets and USB Ports


I also have one of these outlet/charging stations here on my workbench in the basement.

Basement Utility Storage Room


I had an extra 4-gang outlet installed in the basement when I renovated it recently, and though that outlet is in a convenient spot for charging my DeWalt batteries and such, I found it awkward to use when using my hot glue gun since it’s so low down on the wall. This extension outlet is perfect here on my workbench. The one I originally had here was 5-ft and that worked well, but in August I discovered they make it in a 6-ft length, too. So I ordered it again in the 6-ft version so I’d have some extra length to move it around on top of the workbench, as needed. I really, really love this thing! It has made my life so much easier!

Surge Protector with USB and USB C Ports


I ended up placing the 5-ft one that had been in the basement here on the little desk in my dressing room.

Peloton Bike in Dressing Area off Master Bedroom


It’s perfect for plugging in my laptop and the Bose Sport earbuds I use when riding my bike. I really like the abundance of outlets and the USB ports which are great for charging my sweater shaver and other electronics. Having this many outlets and USB charging ports available right on top of my desk and workbench where I need them, is so convenient! You can tell when I really like something because I always buy it multiple times. If you could use a surge protector outlet with USB ports, you’ll find this one here in various lengths: Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Ports.

Surge Protector with USB Ports


Do you like carbonated drinks? I love them and in an attempt to not drink too many Cokes, I have been buying this S. Pellegrino Mineral water the last few months. I really like this Blood Orange and Black Raspberry Flavor and buy it almost every month. It’s available here: S. Pellegrino Orange/Black Raspberry.


I also like this sample pack that gives you two different flavors and unflavored sparkling. I find it really satisfies that carbonated-drink craving that I get from time to time. You’ll find this sample pack here: S. Pellegrino Lemon and Dark Morello Cherry/Pomegranate/Sparkling.


This wasn’t an August purchase but I’ve enjoyed using it this past month so thought I’d share it. It’s what Yeti calls their beverage bucket, although a lot of people buy it to use as an ice bucket. It’s not quite tall enough to hold a full-size bottle of water, but canned drinks and shorter water bottles will fit inside with no issue. I ended up buying one for my son and daughter-in-love and had it monogrammed with their first name initials on either side of the H in the center. Periodically throughout the year, Yeti offers free monogramming. If you are looking for a special Christmas gift or even a wedding gift, I think this is a unique gift that almost anyone would love to have. It’s available here: Rambler Beverage Bucket.

Yeti Rambler Beverage Bucket


Still enjoying these storage pitchers/containers that I purchased to hold dried mealworms and peanuts/bird seed. They are working just as I hope they would and are available here: Pet Food or Seed Storage.

Birdseed Storage Container with spout for pouring


I love fans! I have one in my office throughout the summer months and fall asleep to one every night. I’ve always wanted an excuse to purchase one of these big, high-velocity fans. Lately, I’ve been exercising a lot in my basement, so I decided to splurge on one. I’m too lazy to go down to the basement to take a photo but here’s how it looks. This fan is 24 inches across and can be easily wheeled to where you need it. They are great for workshops, garages, and places where you need to have some good air circulation to keep things from getting too hot. It’s a bit loud, not from the motor noise, but from the wind sound it makes moving the air. It has three speeds and the top speed is definitely high velocity! When I’m exercising, I’m usually listening to a podcast on my phone via my Bose Noise-Canceling earbuds, so the wind noise doesn’t bother me. I love how much air it moves!

24-inch High Velocity Heavy-Duty Metal Drum Fan


Okay, I got my tired body up and went to the basement to capture a photo. It gave me a good excuse to take down yet another box of decorations. I measured it while I was down there and it measures 30 inches in height–counting the stand, and 30 inches in width counting the knobs on the side that you use to adjust the tilt. I love its bright sunshine color! If you could use a powerful fan for your workshop, garage, etc…. you’ll find this one here: High Velocity, Heavy-Duty Fan.


One last favorite that’s sadly coming to an end. Last November/December, I purchased around 10 cartons of Publix Peppermint Stick Ice Cream. It’s my favorite Peppermint Ice Cream (next to Graeter’s Peppermint Ice Cream) and is only available around Thanksgiving and Christmas each year. I had just purchased a freezer around that time last year, so I finally had the space to stock up while it was available. When I shared this ice cream on Instagram, someone left a comment saying that ice cream only keeps in the freezer for 6 months, or something like that.

Publix Peppermint Stick Ice Cream, Limited Edition


Maybe that’s the case in a regular refrigerator that goes through a defrost cycle, but I’m happy to say that it has kept beautifully for 10-11 months in the GE freezer I purchased for the basement last year. This was my last carton that I opened up a couple of weeks ago and it was just as wonderful as the first. I only have to survive through the month of October 😉 before it should be available in the stores again. I think I’ll buy a dozen this time around. Ha!

Peppermint Stick Ice Cream Lasts Great in Freezer


If you have a Publix grocery store in your area, you may want to keep your eye out for their Limited Edition ice creams that start appearing in the stores sometime around the beginning of November. They have several that are amazing including Eggnog, Pumpkin Pie, and Santa’s White Christmas which is described on the Publix website as, “The classic flavor of Barnie’s® Santa’s White Christmas® coffee delightfully mixed with cocoa espresso flakes.” Yum!

Publix Peppermint Stick Ice Cream, Limited Edition


Happy Fri-yay to you! I’m off to move more boxes to the basement! The end is in sight!

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  1. Lost all of comment again because I tried to X off an ad. A lot to digest here. My favorite is White Christmas ice cream, but recently, I tried the quart size Premium Pistachio. Wow.
    We were just talking about short electric cords. Why is it the ones like ceramic heaters have a label that says “Do not use an extention cord” ? I watched for a long time and found a fan that takes batteries when we lose power. I recently saw another one at Big Lots. They are about 12 x 12. They just had a 90% off summer merchandise and I found two sets of regular string lights (not LED). I use them for my plants in the winter. I like their rewards program of $5 off $15 after 3 trips and besides being close, I do not like Walmart.
    I really like your surge protector with ports. We are nominating you “Sales person of the year”. You find such great things for us and you do all the research.

    • I haven’t visited Big Lots in so long, I should stop by since they always have great holiday stuff. Yeah, I guess ceramic heaters must get way too hot for most extension cords. Pistachio sounds delish! I will have to look for that next time I’m in Publix. Have an awesome weekend, Myrna!

  2. Christy Keyton says

    That is my favorite ice cream too! So good!

  3. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    I am interested in the weather station you have. Can you give me any information on that?

  4. Franceil Parde says

    YOU ARE A WEALTH OF INFO!!! Now…I have to see if our “Publix” stocks Peppermint Stick…my FAV!!! Gaaa…I NEED TO clean out the “She Shed”…it’s more of a “Scare Shed”…but, ALL that “important stuff”…NEEDS sorted…”I’ll think about it tomorrow”…franki

  5. I had to chuckle when you wrote that you were too lazy to go downstairs and get a pic of the fan….after all of the trips you made lugging stuff!??! Laziness never crossed my mind!! And then I chuckled even more to see that you indeed DID go downstairs to get that picture after all. Well, you are really getting your workout for sure! I LOVE peppermint ice cream and am picky about it…it HAS to be pink…I have resorted to making my own, and it is really good too. But not exactly like the one I remember from childhood…or maybe I just remember the special treat it was, going out to the ice cream store with the whole family, standing in line and eating it in the parking lot along with everyone else in town. FUN! Have you heard of ‘butter’ ice cream?? I never had, and recently had some on vacation (chocolate fudge)….wow, not sure what magic is used to make it, but it was DELISH!!! Have a great weekend, Susan!

    • lol Lazy probably wasn’t the right word…exhausted would have probably been a better choice. Ha! I know, I felt bad not going down to get an actual picture so made myself do it. lol
      I need to take a look and see if Publix’s Peppermint is pink…it may be a pale pink. The thing I’m picky about is I like the peppermint pieces to be a little crunchy. In 99% of the peppermint ice cream available, the little peppermint pieces are always melted and not at all crunchy. They aren’t very crunchy in the Publix brand (wish they were!) but they are in my all-time favorite peppermint ice cream, which is Graeters. In my local stores (like Kroger) the only size Graeter’s ice cream you find is the little pint sizes and they are crazy expensive. Wish we had a Greater’s here so I could buy a larger size, but I think they’re only in Ohio.
      I bet your homemade is wonderful!
      No, I’ve never heard of Butter ice cream–but that sounds sinfully wonderful and like something you would find here in the south. Hahaha.

      • Yup, I never for an instant thought you really meant lazy! 🙂 I just had to chuckle at that though.
        I agree too, the peppermint pieces in most ice creams are melty or gummy. The beauty about making my own is that I can make it as pink and pepperminty as I want. But still…would love to find a store bought option that is great. I looked up Graeter’s to see if it was available here in MN, and it looks like there is a close option for me…well, if close means 40 minutes away. But the store is near some fun shops, so, NOT a hardship. I love that they have the inventory listed so I will know when the peppermint is in stock. It is worth looking at their site to see what/if it is available near you. I was surprised we had it near by! Yeah!!…can’t wait to try it.
        I am not sure what makes butter ice cream different, all I know is that it was SOOOO smooth and delish. I got it in Maryland, but noticed that the MN State Fair had a booth with it too. So, it must be a thing!??! I am on board!
        Have a great week Susan!

        • Rosie, I just found this page that shows Graeter’s seasonal flavors.
          I noticed their Peppermint Stick ice cream looks pink, too.
          I would be in so much trouble if I lived close to a real Graeter’s store because I would be in there buying their seasonal flavors all year long. lol Their regular, always-in-stock flavors are amazing, too! They’ve been in business for 150 years and is still family owned. Love that! They use a “French Pot” process and I guess that’s what makes it so good.

          • Oh, that site is so neat, Susan…and those flavors!!! WOW, I want them all. I just checked the 9 flavors available at the store nearest to me and they are all a chocolate chip something….mocha, salted caramel, black raspberry, black cherry….etc. I am going to have to choose…but how! LOL Also gotta love a business that has been family owned that long. Amazing! Well, I better get back on the exercise bike if I am going to go after that ice cream, I am not sure when I will get there, but have a feeling that I won’t be coming home with just one flavor…. Thanks for the link!!

            • Hi Susan, just had to tell you that I did get some Graeter’s ice cream today. Totally unexpected! It turns out that the store I was looking at online, suddenly changed to the grocery store that is nearer to me….and they had Graeter’s, not as many flavors, but had the black cherry I was interested in, and it was delish! Well, this store is only 7 miles from me….that is sooo dangerous. 🙂 Now, I will check for the peppermint closer to Holiday time…though, the eggnog flavor is calling my name too…. While I was there, I had to get us some chocolate chip cookies too….this could be a diet busting discovery!!! 🙂 Thanks for another great tip!

              • I know how you feel Rosie! lol Did they have the 1/2 gallon size or did they just have the smaller pint size? It’s only the small pint size that I can find here…Kroger carries that size and as you mentioned, only in limited flavors.

                • They just had the pint size. I cannot imagine what a half gallon costs! LOL What I really loved about the Graeter’s is that they do not skimp on the chocolate chips or cherry flavor, that’s for sure! I think I may have to get the salted caramel flavor next.

  6. Rhonda Storey says

    Susan, I agree with you, those fans are AWESOME!! My husband has two of the REALLY large ones in his 4,000 sq. ft. shop. We did some improvements on our front porch in July and it was SO hot and humid one morning that I went to the True Value near us and bought the last 30” one for myself. You got a much better deal than I did though! Mine was $270!! I was so miserable in that heat I didn’t care though. Lol! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas with us.

    • Rhonda, I know what you mean, when it’s blazing hot, it’s worth it to get a really good fan! I remember one summer, it seems like every place I looked was sold out of fans.

  7. I had to send a thank you! I just purchased the Yeti ice bucket as a Christmas gift for a much loved niece and her husband. Your careful recommendations mean so much, I’ve made several purchases based on them! Also, love seeing all the house updates! Thanks again Susan!!

    • Julie, I hope they enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed mine! I think it’s such a unique gift and one that will get used over and over again.
      Thanks! Gradually whipping this house into shape. 🙂

  8. I’m echoing everyone else – thank you SO much for doing all the research and letting us know what’s good and what’s not! I’m totally in the market for the outlets, and those jeans are darling! Thanks again and hope you get some downtime tonight! 🙂

  9. Susan H Whetstine says

    Love all your updates!! Do you have a walk out basement? If so why not use your golf cart, if you have one, and take your things out the front door and put them on the golf cart to take them around the house to the basement. If you don’t have a golf cart see if a neighbor has one. Put your ice cream in a large ziplock bag and it will help also to keep it fresh.

  10. Thanks for the updates…ordering that surge protector. Ours is a few years old and this one looks great!

  11. I am just south of Atlanta, and our Publix has the peppermint and White Santa in the store. It may be coming out early. Keep an eye out!

  12. Bobbi Duncan says

    Thanks for all the great tips. I know you’re glad to get everything moved down to your lovely basement. I’m in the process of packing up many items in mine so I can sell them, beginning w/ lots of china & holiday. Can’t wait to be able to function more easily down there. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is the perfume I wear the most–just love that scent! Hugs!

  13. You might want to buy outlet covers for the horizontal openings on your surge protectors and outlet extenders that are not in use. I had a seriously damaging fire in my home that was determined to have started at a surge protector. The fire chief was against using them at all, but especially warned about empty openings. He said dust can collect in them over time. Therefore the combination of dust and the heat from the protectors and extenders can ignite. Just a few covers (even the baby blockers) for the unused outlets is a decent protection.

  14. Publix peppermint is absolutely the best peppermint ice cream. In this household, ten cartons would not last several months though! You have great willpower. Their coffee ice cream is also excellent.

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