Whimsical Fitz & Floyd Halloween Serving Pieces, Hidden Away & Almost Forgotten

Welcome to the 780th Tablescape Thursday! Today’s Tablescape Thursday is a bit different. As mentioned in an earlier post this week, the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy, at least my definition of crazy busy. Ha! I got a bug in my bustle a few weeks ago, actually, it started around the time I was having the new irrigation controller installed in the garage. In order to install an outlet on the wall for the new controller, the electrician had to crawl into one of the attic spaces here in the bonus room (FROG) that’s directly over the garage.

Fortnum & Mason Hamper, reuse as End Table


See those two little doors in the background of this photo from where I shared the Fortnum & Mason hamper I ordered and turned into an end table? (See that post here: Fortnum & Mason Hamper As An End Table.)

Tray for Fortnum & Mason Hamper Basket


There are two dormer windows in this bonus room here over the garage, and one of the dormers has little doors on either side that provide access to the attic eaves on those sides.

Cute Dormer Window with Built-in Window Seat


I have the majority of my Christmas Decor stored under the eave on the left. It doesn’t normally look this neat, this was right after I had just purchased some new bins and had tidied things up. Also, three large ornament boxes had already been removed, as had the 13 wreaths I always hang on the exterior windows at Christmastime.

Easy way to add lighting to under eave storage and attics, closets


So what’s behind the two little doors on the right–the doors the electrician went through to add a new outlet for the updated irrigation controller? Behind those doors is where I normally store Halloween decor, except when the electrician dove into that space, he and I pulled out about 2/3rds of the Halloween “stuff” I had stored there. All those decorations have been sitting in my upstairs bonus room for weeks while I’ve been contemplating finding a better place to store them.

Cute Dormer Window with Built-in Window Seat


One of those really big boxes contained a bunch of Fitz & Floyd Halloween serving pieces. (Sorry about the lighting in this photo, it was taken early this morning.)

Fitz & Floyd Halloween Ceramics


Since Halloween will be upon us in just a few weeks, for today’s Tablescape Thursday, I thought I’d share a few close-up views of these fun Fitz & Floyd serving pieces that I have been storing away for years up under the attic eave. These won’t be going back under the eave–I’m making some big changes in the coming weeks.

Fitz & Floyd Halloween Witch Serving Dish


I love this pitcher so much! Do you see the little ghost peeking over the pumpkin in back? The Fitz & Floyd pieces were purchased back in the early 1980s when we used to host a Halloween party every year for friends.

Fitz & Floyd Halloween Cat, Pumpkin, Ghost Pitcher


I may have used this candelabra in a previous table setting. I think it’s time to put it to use again in an upcoming Halloween table setting.

Fitz & Floyd Halloween Candelabra


I think this serving piece was designed for crackers or something like that. How would you use a long, narrow piece like this?

Fitz & Floyd Halloween Cracker, Appetizer Server


Another funny pitcher…

Fitz & Floyd Halloween Witch Carrying Pumpkin Pitcher


So, here’s what I’m thinking about doing. I’m going to order two more cabinets like the ones you see below. They will go at the end of the cabinets I already have in this space. I measured and there’s plenty of room, plus I can scoot the other cabinets to the left if needed. I’m going to store all the Fitz & Floyd pieces inside one of the cabinets, along with some of the other Halloween decor that’s currently stored in boxes in my bonus room and still up under the attic eaves.

Storage Cabinets for Basement Storage Room


I’m also going to pull out all the Christmas decor that’s stored here under this attic eave and move it all down to the basement.

Easy way to add lighting to under eave storage and attics, closets


I have a plan for where all the exterior wreaths (normally stored under the attic eaves) will end up–I’ll be sharing that real soon.

Wreaths on Windows, Christmas Decor


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be going through everything that’s currently stored in this storage room in the basement and I hope to do some pretty severe culling and donating. Some of the ceramic decor that’s visible on the shelf on the left may end up in the new cabinets. That will help make room for more Christmas/Halloween storage bins.

Basement Storage, New Lighting


It’s time I had easier access to all these fun pieces so that I can actually see and use them in future Halloween tables! I’m really looking forward to sharing how this process works out. It’s going to be a challenge–deciding what to keep and what to let go, but I’m ready to take it on!

Fitz & Floyd Halloween Ceramics


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! (If you enjoyed this post, subscribe for email updates when a new post is up here: Subscribe for post updates.)

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  1. Oh my goodness – even hinting that you might be passing along some of your treasures makes my heart skip a beat. Your followers would love to be a part of an on-line auction. Probably too much work, but …… Love your ‘forgotten finds’.

  2. The candelabra does seem familiar (I love the vulture, lol.) The first thing I thought of was, more cabinets in the basement storage space! I’m glad you decided on that. And anything you don’t want, you could probably put on ebay and get some money to help fund all your projects! You are getting so much accomplished, Susan! I love your ‘get it done’ spirit! Can’t wait to see the progress you make over the next few months.

  3. What a great surprise, finding the long lost Halloween. Out of sight, out of mind, for sure. I went to my storage unit yesterday to pull fall/Halloween for home and Christmas for the antique mall booths. What a job! Good luck! But hey, I got FIVE loads of laundry completed between 6:30 am and noon, woohoo!

    • Wow, that’s a lot of laundry! Sounds like your new washer is chugging right along, Rita! 🙂 I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about Halloween and the holidays!

  4. Love Fitz and Floyd! How I envy all your storage space! Makes it so easy to find things!

  5. Oh you are brave! But you’ll have so much fun revisiting your long lost decor. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear how it goes, and how much you decide to keep. You’re inspiring me to tidy up my attic spaces, too. Thanks for that, and for hosting! Happy Thursday!

  6. Yes, I have basement envy. You can never have too many shelves, cabinets or bookcases. After the leak, I am thinking about putting rollers on everything.We would be happy to provide our addresses for cast offs (like we need more stuff). LOL Lory at Design Enthuisiam, had a contest to give away pieces of china one year. Long dishes are usually crackers, pickles, celery or olives and have a distinctive shape. That one might be for candy.

  7. What fun Halloween pieces Susan! Having them where you can easily access them makes since, then you can use them more often. I’m in love with those pitchers, they are so fun! Hugs, Brenda

  8. Snowflake281 says

    Lovely pieces that you rediscovered in your attic. Looking forward to seeing them incorporated into a halloween tablescape. By the way, regarding the piece in question, I found 2 listings on Ebay for it & one is described as a candy dish & the other is described as a candy/nut dish selling for $140.00 & $115.00.

  9. Oh, great idea to get all those serving pieces together. Have fun with your new organizing project….it will be fun to see the final result.

  10. Beautiful pieces…and your plan for organizing with another cabinet sounds great. Your post inspired me to clean up my bins of decorations !

  11. Isn’t it great when you find some lost treasures around your home. Definitely use these wonderful pieces for a tablescape. Thanks for hosting.

  12. Those pieces are awesome, Susan!!! I ADORE the two pitchers!!! As for that long pieces – for a party I’d have decorated Halloween sugar cookies stacked like crackers in it…..and for decor I’d put the smallest baby boos or baby pumpkins in it. I also love your ideas for easier access. Those smaller “gotta-crawl-in-to-get-the-stuff” storage spaces will get more and more difficult in years to come. I say what you have planned for purchasing 2 new cabs, and of purging are great ideas. You got this. You’ve been doing wonders over there!

  13. Wow! Thank you for posting this. Not only do you have marvelous decorations, it makes me feel less inclined to buy more. We have a smallish house in Crazy California. The storage areas are not as grand as yours. I really love to go through my stuff, to shop in it, so to speak.

    Great job on reorganizing and letting go. Sharing your things with someone else, when you donate is a wonderful thing. Hard yes, but very freeing in so many ways!

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