Affordable Gift Ideas, Beautiful Party Dresses & 2 Awesome Sales

There are some awesome sales going on right now! Before I get into some of the gifts I’ve been buying, if you are interested in hanging wreaths on your windows for Christmas this year, the is the best place I’ve found to purchase the type bows you saw me using in yesterday’s post: 12 Pack of Red Velvet Bows.

The price is excellent and reviews look great! When my bows ultimately need replacing, that’s where I plan to buy them.


Party Time!

Do you have a special event to attend sometime soon–or perhaps a Christmas or New Year’s event? I love this gorgeous dress! It’s so feminine and pretty and I love the touch of sheer fabric across the top. I also think the darker colors and the fit/flare design would make it flattering on almost any figure.

It’s currently on sale 30% off here: Dress.

Party Dress for the Holidays and Christmas


They’ve even designed a darling little girl’s dress to coordinate with it! So cute! You’ll find it available here: Child’s Dress.

Matching Child's Dress for Christmas


If you’re like me and always cold in the winter, I love this one with the longer sleeves. This Blackwatch plaid design is so pretty and again, I think this would be a figure-flattering design.

You’ll find it on sale 30% off here: Blackwatch Plaid Dress.

Dress in Blackwatch Plaid for Holidays


I love, love, love a gorgeous ball gown skirt and this one is stunning! With its dot design, it reminds me of a nighttime sky filled with a million beautiful stars! So romantic and so sophisticated for an evening event any time of the year.!

You’ll find it on sale 30% off here: Ballgown Skirt.

Black Ballgown Skirt


Last year I purchased my son a pretty wool sweater. He hinted this year that he wouldn’t mind another one. I’ll probably end up buying him several since last year’s sweater was a success. This is the one I chose yesterday and it’s currently on sale 25% off. That sale ends today, though.

You’ll find this sweater here: Sweater.

This is still one of my all-time favorite sweaters! I have to stop myself from wearing it all the time, the colors are just so pretty! It sold out the year I purchased mine, but they’ve brought it back again this year. It’s currently on sale and you’ll find it here: Sweater. Again, that sale ends today.

Fair Isle Sweater


These hilarious, adorable scuffs/bedroom slippers would make a wonderful Christmas gift and they are currently on sale.

L.L. Bean Raccoon Scuffs


I have two pairs and also bought a pair for my daughter-in-law one year. We both love them and they are super comfortable! You’ll find them on sale here: Wool Scuffs.

L.L. Bean Moose Scuffs, Adorable


Amazing Socks…So Comfortable and Soft!

I have quite a few pairs of socks but this year I went in search of warm socks, preferably merino wool and not too thick. Some of the socks I’ve purchased in the past are just a bit too thick to wear with my winter boots.

I found these and the price was so good, I figured they weren’t going to be that great. I was wrong! They are awesome! They are super soft and super warm! Plus, the price is unbelievable, just $23.98 for 6 pairs! And that’s for socks that are 78% merino wool!

I like them so much, I ordered 6 more pairs for me and 6 pairs for my daughter-in-law. Buy them now before they raise the price because that’s an incredible price for socks of this quality! You’ll find them available here: Merino Wool Socks

Best Wool Socks, Merino


Hand-Stamped Spoons

Someone asked me about these adorable spoons yesterday. I always include them in my Christmas gift-idea posts because I think they make a wonderful gift at any time of year. When ordering one of these vintage silverplate spoons, you can choose one that already has a quote or saying that you like, or request your own quote or phrase.



I keep my spoons on the counter in a sugar bowl because I use spoons a good bit throughout the day. Plus, I just love seeing them!

You’ll find these spoons available here: Hand-Stamped Spoon.

At that link, be sure to look at the menu on the left side of the screen. That’s where you’ll find the categories/themes available for spoons. There are so many sayings from which to choose!

Hand Stamped Silver Spoons


They make wonderful Christmas gifts and I love giving them along with a tin of hot chocolate and a cute mug cozy. They also make a unique hostess gift.

This gourmet chocolate below is available here: Hot Chocolate, and the mug cozy is available here: Reindeer Cozy.

Tip: The mug cozy is made by hand so if you’re planning on giving it as a gift, don’t wait too long to order since it takes a little while for it to be made. I got mine relatively quickly the year I ordered it.




The Coolest Napkin Holder

One last idea that may be a bit too practical for a gift, but I’m giving one this year anyway because I love mine so much! I just purchased this napkin holder a few days ago and I’m crazy about it! I don’t normally use napkins that much but with family coming for the holidays, I purchased some to keep out on the counter. I think they’ll come in handy with two little ones running around. Ha!

The thing I LOVE about this napkin holder, besides its somewhat architectural, modern design, is this: when you take a napkin, it only releases one. I don’t know exactly how it works, but it’s pretty awesome! And the design is so simple, yet kinda cool!

You’ll find it available here: Napkin Holder.  Check out the reviews, it’s quite the hit!

Great Napkin Holder


I’ll be popping in from time to time this holiday season with gift ideas. These are just a few of the favorites I’ve purchased and love so far.

Happy Holidays to you!


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  1. Gayle Kesinger says

    Susan, I am cold natured and so was thrilled to see one dress with sleeves. I ordered it right up. I was kind of surprised about the sweater(s) that you order every year. I wouldn’t think you would need them in Atlanta. I think I would be too hot. I do love the colors.

    • I love that dress! We get all the seasons here and it gets very cold in the winter time. During December January February the high can be in the 30s some days and lows at night can get into the teens or the 20s. We even get snow some years.

  2. Linda Nixon says

    I was in Home Goods today. They have many items for a hot chocolate bar including the one you have featured. It was $3.99. Seems I remember there was one like it or similar on your chocolate bar.

  3. We just ordered and received 24 of those red bows to place on our fence. They are awesome and are packed so well that none were squished in transit.

  4. Oh those dresses – I’m such a sucker and those plaid ones are gorgeous! I also love the adorable animal slippers. The guys in my family get slippers for Christmas every couple years, and they always trade ONE foot amongst themselves, so they each have two different patterns. I’m not sure how that tradition started, but it would be hysterical with these! 🙂

    You find the coolest things. Thanks so much for the great ideas!

  5. Gayle Kesinger says

    I loved the skirt, too but have no opportunity to wear it. I will be looking forward to the dress. Hope it fits!

  6. Susan, finally I’m able to leave you a comment: I have had a cousin of mine visiting from Italy the last few weeks, it surely has been a “little” hectic and turbulent (loud) gathering, lol but also a very funny and precious family time we’ve spent together! Yesterday they left because it’s getting too cold for them, here, and today I missed them, already!
    I fully understand how you feel because your son + family is coming home to celebrate Thanksgiving with you!❣️
    Love that ballgown, Susan! And that stripes dress! I’d just need to shorten it, otherwise it would look like a maxi dress on me!
    That napkin holder is something my son would love in his home, too, as he likes a “masculine” industrial look!

  7. Susan, this is off topic of this post but I wonder if you can steer me to the right post. Sometime recently in one of your articles, you posted a picture of your DIL’s fireplace and how she had decorated it with flameless candles and a holder. I loved that and wanted to check into it to see if I can use something similar in my house. Could you point me in the direction of where that is located? I sure would appreciate it. Thank you!

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Those dresses are very pretty, starting to feel like the holiday season. I will be putting up my window wreaths this weekend and am very excited, love it when they are in place. Also want to set up my cocoa / hot tea bar and will give my antique dry sink in my dinning room a try for the station, will see how that works out this year. Wanted to let you know I’ve been using the hand cream Cutemol that you recommended and so far so good, thank you. Happy shopping Susan!

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    Those dresses are very pretty, starting to feel like the holiday season. I will be putting up my window wreaths this weekend and am very excited, love it when they are in place. Also want to set up my cocoa / hot tea bar and will give my antique dry sink in my dinning room a try for the station, will see how that works out this year. Wanted to let you know I’ve been using the hand cream Cutemol that you recommended and so far so good, thank you. Happy shopping Susan!!

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