Spring and Easter Table Setting Ideas

Welcome to the 386th Tablescape Thursday!

Thanks so much for all the lovely congrats and well-wishes you left on yesterday’s post. These are the moments that really matter in life and I love being able to share them with you, dear Friends! ♥

Last Tablescape Thursday, I shared a Valentine’s Day themed table. On Friday we went on a field trip to Pottery Barn to see all the wonderful tables they have created for the spring season. The day I visited Pottery Barn, I also visited Williams-Sonoma a few doors down. I was surprised and delighted to see they had a pretty spring table set there, too.

Williams-Sonoma Spring Garden Table Setting


This table would be perfect anytime for spring or summer, the pattern is so beautiful!

Spring Dishware from Williams-Sonoma



Spring Garden Plates, Williams Sonoma


I love the little chick…so sweet! This dishware is available here: Spring Dishware

Easter Spring Plates Dishware. Williams-Sonoma


Remember the bunny napkin rings we saw over at Pottery Barn in this post: Huge Spring Shopping Trip to Pottery Barn? They had bunny napkin rings in Williams-Sonoma, too! These are a little different from those in PB. Bunny Napkin Rings are available here: Bunny Napkin Rings

Bunny Napkin Rings, Williams-Sonoma


The napkins they designed to go with this table/dishware are heart-melting, aren’t they. Killing me! Napkins are available here: Bunny Napkins

Williams-Sonoma Garden Bunny Napkins


I also adore these cute bunny plates! They are available here: Sweet Bunny Plates

Bunny Plates


After I drooled over the spring table setting, I walked around the rest of the store. I love how WS creates seasonal spatulas each year. I came really close to buying some of these! I think I need a couple for the spring season. Spatulas are available here: Spring Easter Spatulas and here: Peter Rabbit Spatula

Easter Spatulas, Williams-Sonoma


You may remember the ones I shared in this post: Bringing Home a Bit of Tuscany To My Kitchen. Those were from Williams Sonoma for fall and Thanksgiving. I also bought some of their fun Christmas spatulas, but never got around to sharing those this past year.

Hand-Crafted Olive Wood Spatulas & Spoons


I get quite a few comments from folks asking about the bunny I use in so many of my tablescapes. Unfortunately, I purchased him many years ago and he is no longer available. However, I saw this guy at Williams Sonoma and he appears to be about the same size. The dimensions online state that he is 14 1/2 inches high. He’s around the same cost as what I paid for my bunny, too. You’ll find him available here: Bunny with Basket


Bunny with Basket

I thought these sassy, plump little bunnies were super cute. They make me laugh, they are so cute! Two of these would look great filled with flowers in a spring or Easter table setting. They would also be cute to display candies or other goodies in for spring/Easter. They are available here: Bunny Vase

Bunny with Basket for Flowers


Remember the heart cakes I’ve made a few times over the years for Valentine’s Day? Nordic Ware is doing it again, only this time it’s bunnies!

Easter Bunny Cake Pan, Nordic Ware


This is how the bunnies turn out. 🙂 Adorable!

I’ve linked below to all the cute things I saw that day while in Williams-Sonoma, including the bunny pans needed to make the large bunny and the smaller bunnies. Bunny pan is available here: Bunny Cake Pan and here: 3D Bunny Pan

Bunny Made with Nordic Ware Bunny Pan


I love this Backyard Bugs pan I found here: Backyard Bugs Nordic Ware creates the cutest seasonal pans!

Backyard Bugs Baking Pan

Happy Spring! I’m off to do a little spring shopping!

The Kitchenaid Mixers are on sale right now at Williams Sonoma so I’ve linked to them below, too. I love the spring colors they come in!

Click any picture below to see more about that item.

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  1. When I am all out of ideas or wishing for something new I love to go looking at my favorite stores. It’s hard to come out without buying anything.

  2. I always enjoy visiting Pottery Barn and WS for holiday decorations. Pier 1 has really stepped up their game too. Thanks for the shopping tour and for the party too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. Thanks for all the bunny fun today Susan, the cakes are adorable!

  4. Thanks for the field trip Susan! So much eye candy between PB and WS for Easter and Spring! I wish I had room for another NW pan, those bunnies are too cute 🙂

  5. Susan, I drive 60 miles for the nearest PB and WS, but I love seeing their seasonal tablescapes! Thanks for hosting! Pam @ Everyday Living

  6. Susan, Thank you for hosting Tablescape Thursday. It has been so long since I linked a tablescape that I almost forgot how. I like the retro look of the WS bunny plates – very cute indeed! I have not been to a Pottery Barn store, I am in hopes that they will open one near by in the near future. But until then I spend a lot of time (looking and pinning) at their store on the internet.

  7. I enjoy the field trips–thanks for another. The splash of spring really hits the spot right now!

  8. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    I was in W-S just last week, but they didn’t have any of those products in yet. Drats!

    Do you know this (from Wiki): “Originally founded in 1956, Williams-Sonoma Inc. operates more than 600 retail stores internationally under a portfolio of brands including Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, PBteen, Williams-Sonoma, Williams-Sonoma Home, West Elm, Mark and Graham, and Rejuvenation….Williams-Sonoma Inc. also operates through eight corresponding websites and gift registries.”

    Our W-S and P B are right next door to each other and one of these days I wouldn’t be surprised to see a connecting door.

    • I know, I was surprised when I learned they owned West Elm. Forgotten they also own Mark and Graham. Ours are a little too far apart for that connecting door, but I like that idea! lol Not sure if it’s still this way, but there used to be only two PB Teens (or was it PB Kids…can’t remember) in the whole United States, and we were fortunate to have one of those here in Atlanta. I visited it once and it’s a good thing it didn’t exist when my son was little or I would have gone broke buying furniture for his room when he was little and then as a teen. They have the CUTEST stuff for kids and teens!

  9. It’s probably best that I don’t have PB or WS close to home. I could do some serious damage in those places! Thank you, always, for hosting us, and sharing so many inspiring (ahem, tempting) ideas. 😉

  10. So many wonderful ideas here for setting a beautiful table….


  11. Just when I thought I would be able to resist buying anymore cake pans these bunnies tempt me! Thanks for hosting and for the beautiful pictures.

  12. Thank you for hosting, Susan. I saw several things in this post that I would like to have, but until I get rid of some of my stuff, I’m not buying another tablescaping or holiday décor item!

  13. I am finally off on a Thursday so I can comment on Thursday!! I have that the new napkins aren’t closer in color to the damask bunny plates. However I am still getting them because they bring a nice brightness to the table.

    Don’t we all wish we had the money and the room for Kitchen Aid stand mixers to match all the different tablescapes/seasons? I want a new one but only because I am looking for a beachy color instead of the kelly green I have now. I’d love the yellow or seagrass color. Oh well I will live that life through old reruns of Sandra Lee cooking shows

  14. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan. I still love doing tables and sharing them. Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s day!

  15. I love the Spring plates and napkins. I wish I could go shopping for them.
    Thank you for the great party.
    Have a happy and fun Valentine’s week.

  16. Thanks for hosting, Susan. I love all the Easter inspiration.

    I’m ready for Spring!

  17. Oh, this post is killing me. I loved everything! I kept thinking, “Oh, those are the best dishes,” and then I’d see the next ones which became the new favorite. Fabulous!!!

    Thanks for hosting, Susan.

  18. Susan, you’re driving me crazy! More sweet bunnies………oh, no!! And are those glass charger plates or dinner plates? I would love some chargers like that with the candlewick border! I’ve got to get to PB now. Thank you for sharing, I think….. Rosie

  19. Spring IS coming…right??!!?? franki

  20. I enjoyed seeing all the new Spring things, and the tablescape is adorable, I love the baby chick too! Thank you for hosting!


  21. I have my eyes on those spring garden plates from WS but I’d like to get a sale on them. Lots of eye candy here!

  22. I missed yesterday’s post until today, but want to congratulate you. How exciting to have another grandchild on the way! Each one is truly precious!
    Spring is my favorite time of year, so I enjoyed the lovely tables and spring wares. Thank you.

  23. Had to go back to read the great news. Congrats to you! I cannot wait until I get to be a grand one day. Lots of spring pretties are out everywhere this year. I saw a ton of desirable choices at Home Goods just yesterday. Rejoining your party today after taking a break from blogging. So fun to share this tablescape. Thank you for hosting!

  24. Finally donated all my “scenery&holiday etc.” dishes….I could have filled a Home Goods store I had such a load. I have chosen white dishes from Wm.Sono. Now I will concentrate my shopping on napkins & rings, which are much easier to store. Keep your fingers crossed for me Grammy!

  25. Congratulations on the new grandbaby-to-be! I succumbed to the W-S
    Garden Party linens and salad plates immediately when I saw them. I need a large round tablecloth for my tables and they are rarely available. I was delighted to find that the blue in the plates matches perfectly the blue band on the dinner plates from last year and I like that they can be used throughout spring and summer, not just at Easter. Sadly, the dinner plates don’t seem to be available this year.

  26. Oh, I forgot to say that I made the small individual bunny cakes last year and used them as the centerpiece/dessert on our Easter table. If you butter and flour the pan really thoroughly, the cakes come out perfectly.

  27. Dang you!!! Now I am going to be searching for that Nordic bunny pan!! That is just too adorable. I have got to get that. Woman, your dang posts keep costing me $$$!! lol And I love the cute bunny face plates! So adorable. I ordered the small bowls from Pier 1 for Sophie the Bunny. I got the salad plates last year. Now they have the dinner plate and soup bowls but they can only be ordered online. I am going to pass on the dinner plates but my soup bowls and salad plates really look cute together. Happy Valentine’s Day !!

    • lol Sorry! Hey, if I have to suffer, you do, too! 😉 It is adorable! That link I put to Amazon is the best price I could find it. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! ♥

  28. The white rabbit in your center piece has plenty of cousins at Home Sense (Canada version of Home Goods) this week…Lots to choose from one almost
    exactly like yours. I purchased the cutest bunny lying on his back with a hollow in his tummy for “candies”….Love your blog

  29. Love the photos. You have no idea how many times I have looked at those bunny plates and napkin rings online. So often, they email my favorites every day to tempt me. I have to settle for the splurge at Home Goods, along with some awesome Easter towels from there, and some pieces from Michael’s. Michael’s had assorted moss covered blocks to add height to my displays. World Market/Cost Plus had large moss mats, but I had already blown my budget.

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