Found: Not One, But 3 Bunnies with Baskets!

Each time I set a table and use Mr. Bunny in the centerpiece, I get lots of emails and comments from folks asking where I found him. He was designed by artist, Marjolein Bastin and I found him several years ago in a small gift shop in Marietta, Georgia called The Whimsical Nest. I’ve heard from several readers who have called the shop and were told that they no longer carry him. I think they only had him for that one season.

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Bunny Centerpiece


He has appeared in a St. Patrick’s Day table with shamrocks. (Tablescape can be viewed here: St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tablescape


One Easter, he brought us a basket full of Debutante Camellias. (Table setting can be viewed here:  Easter Table Setting.)

Easter Spring Tablescape Table Setting


For summer he helped himself to carrots from Mr. McGregor’s garden, narrowly escaping!  (Tablescape can be viewed here: Peter Rabbit Raids McGregor’s Garden)

Bunny and Vegetable Centerpiece_wm


He even made an appearance for Christmas one year when the dishware I used featured a cute bunny alongside a Christmas tree. (Tablescape can be viewed here: A Christmas Table Setting Inspired by Nature)

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers 09_wm


Good news! For everyone who has been seeking a tall bunny with a basket, I have found three! Last night I noticed Pottery Barn has a similar bunny for sale. He has a basket on his back and is 13 inches tall, which is about the same height as my bunny. You’ll find him here: Bunny with Basket  By the way, Pottery Barn is having a sitewide sale right now, 20% off everything with the code: FRIENDS. I think it includes everything but furniture.

Standing Bunny from Pottery Barn


Williams-Sonoma has a bunny that has two baskets! He is 13 1/4 inches tall, so again around the same height as my bunny. I’m so tempted to get him, I love that second basket!  Update: I just ordered this guy, couldn’t resist the double baskets. 🙂

Bunny with Two Baskets


You can see how tall he is in this photo where he’s being used in a table setting. He is around the same price as what I paid for my bunny, and he’s available here: Bunny With Two Baskets

Bunny with two baskets


Williams-Sonoma has yet another bunny and he is 14 1/2 inches tall. He’s available here: Bunny with Basket.

So, if you were one of the folks trying to find a bunny with a basket, this is the year! There’s a plethora of them available right now! I’m sure they’ll all sell out because the cute spring/Easter pieces always do. So if you want one, don’t wait too long!

Bunny with Basket


Update: Thanks to Anita for sharing another source for bunnies with baskets. You’ll find the bunny you see in the centerpiece of this table below, here: Bunny with Basket

Bunny with Basket


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  1. You are so amazing with your posts!! I love the way you put links in for easier shopping!! XOXOX

  2. Those are some honeys!! franki

  3. Susan, thank you for this research. I’m going to stop by WS tomorrow. Love the last one you show. Would love to bring him home. ‘-)

    • Hopefully they will have him in. I called the WS that’s 2 miles from my home this evening to see if they had the double basket bunny. At first she said they did have him but then she went to check before I drove over, and she couldn’t find any. So I ended up ordering him online. She told me that they always go quickly, but I knew that from past experience.

  4. Susan, We have a small shop in my hometown that was changing locations. I asked when they had a big sale right before Christmas about a bunny they once had on display. They found it in the back, and it’s just like the one you have had in several posts. I was so happy!! Never thought about using it for Valentines. I’ve got to get busy!! Love your posts!! Congratulations on another grand baby.

  5. So cute, aren’t they?
    I like how you incorporated the bunnies in other occasions and settings – besides Easter.

  6. I only see the sitting bunny listed from Pottery barn. I really like the standing one you talked about but do not see it or the price for that one. Thanks for the links they are so helpful and thanks for the research you’ve done, Pier 1 has some adorable Easter décor too!

    • I see what you mean. I wonder if that means they have sold out of him. They have this standing one at Pottery Barn, but he doesn’t have a basket and he isn’t quite as tall:
      They sell out of their Spring Easter pieces so fast every year. I called the Williams-Sonoma near my house this evening to see if they have the bunny with two baskets in the store since I live so close. She said they did, but then when she checked they were all gone. So I had to order it online tonight. Lindsey, you may want to call a few Pottery Barns to see if they have that one in stock. Even though it appears to be sold out online, maybe some of the stores will still have it.

  7. Thanks for all the bunny choices!! Love all the ideas from your previous tablescapes with the basket bunny. I will be going to WS soon to see them and hopefully make a purchase. Also, such happy news of another grandchild…congratulations!

  8. Oh thanks for the great info…love the last bunny, I’m off to the mall tomorrow so I’ll drop by and take peek at the cute bunny….

    Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day~

  9. Susan, I know they aren’t quite the quality of PB or WS but the Home Goods stores in my area are getting in their Easter items and there were quite a few bunnies of different heights with various baskets among their items. I almost brought one home today, but fell in love with a few other items and had to refrain. The Spring items are just so appealing after all he snow and cold, and there is just something about bunnies!

    • I know, so many cute things this time of year! I can never resist the bunnies. You are so right, we are all so looking forward to spring by this point in winter, that it feels good to bring some into our home this time of year.

  10. Your bunny has been busy! Love all the tablescapes you feature him in, and love the Debutante camellias. Thanks for the update about where we can look for a similar one.
    On a separate note, I want to send my congratulations to you on expecting a new grand baby in June. Your Court is so precious! These grand babies are one of life’s greatest blessings, don’t you think? We will be welcoming our third in July. Doesn’t get any better, does it!

  11. Susan, completely forgot to say Congratulations on your exciting Grandmother news. Grandchildren are just pure joy and now your joy will be doubled. Thank you for sharing such wonderful news! MM

  12. Great blog! Pottery Barn Kids has some adorable felted wool bunnies.

  13. Love the bunnies. I would like to bring to your attention. When I click on your blog from gmail. McAfee give a warning that it has blocked content from potentially or suspicious sites. Not sure why this is popping up, but might be something to check on. I love your blog and I have purchased several things that you have recommended ( pillows, travel purse, etc.) You always have such great ideas. Thanks, Kay

  14. Hi, Susan,
    You are so sweet to do the leg work and find those things that we drool over in your posts! I hope you know how much you are appreciated by your followers. Just sayin’……..Many thanks for all you do.

  15. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    Susan, regarding the “Pottery Barn ‘mercury eggs'” that you featured awhile back?…I got the largest mercury egg and it was HUGE!…so huge that I sent it back because I couldn’t use it in any of my places. I am still awaiting the small purple one..hope it is not over-sized. They did not show it in relation to other items. I just assumed…and you know how THAT goes.

  16. Marlene Stephenson says

    I am a bunny person,i like them. Have a few for Easter and then a few in my flower beds,but would like to have a big one like yours so thanks for the information.Have a great day.

  17. Linda Louise S. says

    Love the bunnies. I’m heading to the mall tomorrow so will look to see if I can find one. I love the way you put a ribbon around his neck. It helps to make him seem part of the theme (not just Easter). This year I will not be hosting Easter as my son is getting married that Saturday. But, there is always next year! Happy Valentin’s Day.

  18. Eowana Jordan says

    Just ordered the bunny w a basket from Williams Sonoma.. the one w/ one basket.. I liked the deeper basket so could put flowers on longer stems in it. It was 44$ as opposed the the less pricey one from PotteryBarn but that one had a shallow basket on his back. A head’s up: World Market has some darling bunny items for the table top. They never have a large stock so you’d better get in now ! I got a couple bunny plates and a darling bunny in a sports car carrot for decoration.

  19. I got an e-mail on Wed.l morning from a small gift shop nearby and THE bunny I wanted was in the e-mail! I drove over quickly, and when I got there NO BUNNIES at all???? I asked the lady and she said, “oh I haven’t unpacked any yet”. What??? I told her about the e-mail and she said Oh I’m sorry I used last years picture on that e-mail. GRRRR I was so upset. BUT, she took my name and number and will call me if they get any in. The WS one is too pricey for me right now. Happy Valentine’s day!!!

  20. I have a fabulous concrete bunny with a basket that I bought at a local concrete business many years ago. I have never used it in a tablecape but I might just do it now.

  21. I purchased the bunny with one basket from WS, too for the same reason as Eowana! Williams Sonoma owes you some commission!!

    Thanks for the links!!

  22. A whole post on Mr. Bunny–fun! All the various accessories are cute, but the camellias are my favorite. I did realize with this post that I need a bow-tying tutorial. So next time you prep Mr. Bunny, include a step or two?

  23. I love my bunny with the basket. Remember after I saw yours last year, when we got ours in I snagged him up! I’m still going to be on the look out for the clover plant for St. Patty’s Day. Can you believe we SOLD out of all our bunnies yesterday!?! We are in the process of putting up the new visuals for spring. But we are getting in new stuff this week so hopefully I can snag some other smaller bunnies as well.

    Did you know the Damask Bunny now comes in dinner plate size? I think that I will just stick with the salad and just try to find some springy dinner plates or just get the ones we carry. I especially like the butterfly ones the best.

    Oh and if you didn’t see them before, we now have blue glad chargers. Last year there were some pastel ones but there are some pretty baby blue ones too.

  24. Anita Oliver says

    I wanted to share another source for a tall bunny with basket. I thought of your Mr. Bunny as I was shopping in Dillards yesterday( February 13th). He had a basket on his back, and online it is listed as 13 inches tall. The cost is $40. There were other gorgeous spring tablescape items too. Another source is at Big Lots where I purchased a 20 inch bunny holding a 9 inch carrot. He is made of a burlap like fabric. I think he would look quite handsome on a rustic and or neutral table. He only cost $ 12. Of course he came home with me. I hope this information is beneficial to some readers. As always I really enjoy your emails.

    • Thanks, Anita for sharing that. I think this is the year of the bunny. lol They are popping in lots of places this year. Thanks again for those sources!

  25. I actually bought the Williams-Sonoma bunny/basket a few weeks ago. I was inspired by how often you’ve used your bunny for so many holidays {and in a variety of different ways}. So fun! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Oh boy now I have something else I want! I’m going to have to check all these ideas out!

    • Shane Candy Company in Philadelphia is the oldest candy company in the USA. Their website, Shane Candy Company, has about 96 images or pictures of their 100 year old shop with the wood floors, old candy cases, and even their old cash register. About image 56 or so their is a glass candy case with molted poured bunnies. Their is a bold pink on with a basket on its back amid other bunnies. They have 1200 molds and pour the old way of yesteryear. These bunnies are priced from $7.00 to $40.00 according to the bunny you order. They begin shipping Easter items March 1. I am ordering the basket bunny in an amber color for $12.00. They are edible but I will use it in an Easter and spring décor. you can designate the color you want. This company was featured on the Cooking channel and caught my interest. I googled their website and talked with one of the fellows there. Very interesting. Love your blogs and can’t wait for Mon. and Thurs. Hope you look up this company and would love to see what you think.

  27. Shane Candy Company is the oldest candy store in Philadelphia,over 100 years old. You can go to their website, Shane Candy Company, and see about 96 pictures of their old fashioned original store with the original cash register. About image picture #56 is a picture of a glass case with all sorts of rabbits in it. These rabbits are poured from molten sugar into old candy molds. They can be ordered in different colors. There is a bold pink bunny with the basket on the back that I am ordering in an amber color. They have over 1200 molds. It is a treat looking at all of the images. Their bunnies range from $7.00 to $40.oo. The pink bunny is only $12.00. I talked with one of the fellows and they ship and begin their shipping March 1 altho oltho orders can be made before then. This shop was featured on a cooking channel that caught my interest and I googled them. Hope you enjoy. Love your blogs and can hardly wait for Mon. and Thurs.

  28. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, as always, you are a love for thinking about your readers. I have been wanting a bunny with basket ever since I saw all the adorable ways you use yours in table settings and, now, because you are such a dear, I finally got to order my own. I got the Pottery Barn standing and sitting pair–thought the combo would make a nice centerpiece. Can’t wait to make a nice little Easter arrangement with this cute duo. Thank you soooo much! Hugs.

  29. Cyndi Raines says

    Hi Susan – thanks so much for the information on all the sweet bunnies. I’m mother sitting my 89 year old mother as she is down with that horrible upper respiratory yuck and so I’m getting caught up on your blog. I was SO excited when I called Pottery Barn and they still had the tall bunny with the basket. I liked him the best because his body shows the curly hair whereas the other one was sleek. I know someone mentioned the basket isn’t as deep, but I love his sweet face too, so he was my choice. Thanks again, can’t wait for his arrival!

  30. Susan, just wanted to let you know: I found my bunny! I found him at Home Goods for only, $12.99!!!!!!!!!!! Then I found another with a basket in front at TJMaxx and got him too! I am so excited to have both of them and wanted to thank you for your help in tracking some down.

  31. I really like the way you use your bunny to decorate your table for different occasions. I would have associated a bunny with Easter only, until I saw your table decorations. So today I went to Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma. At Pottery Barn I found the 13″ bunny with a basket that you pictured and bought it as a gift for my daughter. At Williams-Sonoma I got their very last bunny! It’s the 14.5″ tall one in your 2nd to last picture. This one is for me! They gave me 20% off when I asked for a discount, so it pays to ask. Now I can dress him up for St. Patrick’s day!

    • Oh, you are so smart to ask…good going! You are going to find so many ways to use him. I had no idea how much I’d use mine when I first brought him home. So glad you snagged one before they were all gone!

  32. I adore the different way you use your bunny with a basket for different seasons and different holidays. You rock!

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