Springtime Table for Two, A Celebration of Beautiful Spring Flowers

Welcome to the 709th Tablescape Thursday!

The geraniums on my deck are really starting to bloom. They inspired this week’s table setting that’s all about beautiful spring flowers. I love this time of year when everything is waking up and coming back to life!

Spring Dining Outdoors


Just a cozy table for two…

Between Naps On The Porch, Tablescape Thursday


Happy, happy geraniums…

Happy Geraniums



Floral Themed Table, Outdoor Dinner for Two


You may remember this bunny vase from previous tables I’ve set for Tablescape Thursday. He (along with his sister) was a find in Tuesday Morning one year. I’m only using one of the vases in today’s table.

Bunny Vase, Geraniums


I love layering fabrics and patterns in table settings, especially in a spring table setting. The chargers are from Kim Parker Home and the pattern is Emma’s Garland.

Floral Table Setting, Velvet Tablecloth


One geranium blossom grew right out over the table, giving us a little more decoration for our table.

Tablescape Thursday, Between Naps On The Porch


The beaded butterfly napkin rings were from Pier 1 many years ago.

Floral Table Setting, Between Naps On The Porch


A view from overhead…

Geraniums in Bloom, Outdoor Table Setting


The late afternoon sun was making picture-taking a bit of a challenge. lol

Dining with Flowers


The west sun lit up the flowers and parts of the table as it slowly sank below the horizon.

Spring Dining for Two, Outdoor Dining


I’m using my favorite spring-summer dinnerware for our table today. It’s Ma Maison, designed by Dario Farrucci. I love this pattern so, so much! I want to live in the house depicted on the salad plate.

Ma Maison Dinnerware, Dario Farrucci


The dinner plate carries a different design. Love it, too!

Dario Farrucci, Ma Maison Dinner Plate


Starting to get dark so I replaced our bunny vase with a lantern.

Table Setting by Candlelight


It’s not that dark out yet, but it will be soon.

Candlelit Table, Tablescape Thursday


Much darker now…love dining by candlelight!

Candlelight Dining, Between Naps On The Porch


We’re having a little wine with our dinner this evening.

Romantic Dinner for Two, Between Naps On The Porch


It was starting to get a bit chilly as the sun went down. We would definitely need a sweater and maybe a warm throw when dining outside at night right now, but it would be worth it.

Candlelit Dining, Between Naps On The Porch


Hope you enjoyed this cozy table for two.

Romantic Dinner on the Porch



Dining via Candlelight for Tablescape Thursday


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Candlelight Dining for Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Susan, I love your table for two set among the gorgeous geraniums. I am a big fan of dining alfresco and your table hits all the high notes. I agree that the Ma Maison salad plate’s house design is so lovely as is the dinner plate. The beaded napkin ring adds the perfect bling, I sure miss Pier 1 stores. Wishing you a lovely Thursday!

    • Thanks so much, Pam! Me, too–wish they would open back up. I used to love browsing through the one that was only a mile or so from my home. It was so relaxing, shopping there.
      Happy weekend to you, hope you have a great one!

  2. Claire S Hallman says

    I lover your flatware, could you please share the source. Thanks

    • Thanks, Claire! I’ve had it for so many years, I can’t remember where I found it or the brand name now, but I mostly likely found it in eitherHome Goods, Marshalls or Tuesday Morning. I just found a similar set in a slightly different green color that’s by The Pioneer Woman here
      If I come across it online, I will let you know. Not sure it’s being made anymore since I’ve had it so long now.

  3. Antoinette says

    What a cozy and lovely space! Love the setting!

  4. Beautiful Susan! I just bought some pink and white geraniums, so pretty, I need to set a table on the patio this weekend!

    • Oh, pink and white sounds beautiful! I need to make a trip to the garden center for some terracotta saucers, not sure if I’ll be able to resist buying a few more flowers. lol Enjoy your outdoor dining this weekend. We have to do it now before the mosquitoes arrive!
      Happy spring, Jenna!

  5. Susan, what a lovely place to have a meal!

  6. Jean Sprimont says

    Hi Susan.
    Love both the color of your gorgeous geraniums and the use of your china
    (I do wish they would “bring this back” for purchase today), but missed mention of the flatware. Did I overlook it?

    • I do, too! I would love a few more dinner plates. Whenever I see it on eBay (which is rare) the prices are crazy.
      I can’t remember where I purchased the flatware now, it was so long ago. I bet it was either Marshalls, HomeGoods, or Tuesday Morning since I used to shop a lot in those stores for tablescaping goodies.
      Maybe I can find an earlier table I’ve set back in the day and see if I mentioned the brand name. I’ll let you know if I find that in one of my older posts. I should go back through my old posts and make a list of the names/brands and where I bought stuff back, then I could answer these questions today. My memory is not the greatest.

  7. The only thing better than your springtime table for two is the candlelight version!

  8. My favorite chargers (oh I wish I could find some!) are the perfect foundation for this lovely table celebrating spring! Your geraniums are beautiful and make the perfect backdrop for this intimate table.

    • Thanks so much, Joy! Those are from Kim Parker Home and the pattern is Emma’s Garland. I lucked out finding those in Marshalls one spring. I do occasionally come across them on eBay but the prices are always ridiculous. They need to bring that lovely pattern back for us, Joy!

  9. biodynamic barb says

    Oh! I LOVE this table! Every iteration. The tablecloth is the perfect shade for outdoor dining. Will you share where you got it? Also, what size is your table? I love that the cloth goes all the way to the floor….

    • Thanks so much, Barb! I found the tablecloth in A Classy Flea several years back. Unfortunately, they closed a few years ago, really miss them! There’s a tag on the tablecoth indicating it came from Ballard Designs. I think it’s quite old.
      It’s 90 inches around, so a little big for the table which measure 28-1/2 inches across. I’m pretty sure I’ve used 70″ tablecloths on that table before. The table is a “bistro” set that I found in Home Depot (I think) many years ago. It’s rusting so I’m going to need to replace it. I repainted it with Rustoleum paint a couple of years ago, but it’s still rusting away. I’ve had it a long time, though…so just time to replace it.

  10. Beautiful, Susan! I’d love sitting at that table in your gorgeous garden, especially with the cute bunny and glass of wine! 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting, and Happy Thursday!

  11. Your table is absolutely darling! I love every single detail. Happy Spring to you.

  12. Anne Stevenson says

    Susan, this has to be one of your loveliest table settings. It’s all so beautiful and the colors are divine.
    Your geraniums are gorgeous! You did a great job keeping them happy over the winter. I think they will repay you with beautiful blooms all summer.
    I think the flatware is from Horchow. I remember you had them on a table once years ago and I went searching. Bought several colors. Was especially happy I lucked out and bought a place setting for 12 in the black for Halloween. If memory serves me right I think the pattern was Napoleon. I don’t think they carry them anymore. Maybe your readers could search on eBay.
    Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

    • Thanks so much, Anne! I’m truly in shock about the geraniums, I’ve enver started off spring with them this size before. Hope they don’t outgrow their pots before the end of summer. lol
      I think the Napoleon is slightly different…but very similar. Yeah, I don’t think it’s available anymore. I couldn’t find it anywhere when I looked online.

  13. I’m sooo jealous of your geraniums. They are beautiful. The weather here at the Jersey Shore is still very chilly!!

  14. Oh I so love this table setting among the geraniums Susan!!! The atmosphere is just perfect for a table for two. Love the dishware, and yes, that house is perfect and I would love to live there too! lol Love the little bunny, but really love the lantern as dining by candle light outside is just so romantic. And yes, you gotta have wine! The geraniums are the perfect back drop and they are drop dead gorgeous, love how a bloom grew out on top of the table! It would be so worth it to dine outside by candle light with a blanket/throw. lol I love it! Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! I know, that one bloom grew straight out and has been there for a couple of weeks. I love it, though–couldn’t bring myself to trim it back. I so agree, dining outside by candlelight is my fave!

  15. Elena Wortman says

    Susan, this table is so beautiful! I love the napkins, can you tell me more about them? Because of you, I was inspired to find eight Emma’s Garland salad and dinner plates—maybe I should go hunting for the charger plates LOL! Because of you, I was also inspired to collect 8 place settings of Ma Maison, the round plate versions AND the square plate versions. I had to hunt like a true apex predator nearly every day, but I was able to find these two sets of 8 Ma Maison plates on EBay, Mercari and Poshmark. Thank you for another beautiful Tablescape Thursday XO!

    • Thanks so much, Elena! I don’t remember now where I found those…may have been HomeGoods or Tuesday Morning. I used to buy a lot of napkins in those places. So amazing that you were able to collect those pieces…that took real dedication! I love how you don’t give up when you are trying to find something, Elena! I should probably try to collect more dinner plates, I think I have 7.

  16. Tina W Reynolds says

    I just love everything about it!

  17. Your table was lovely, but those geraniums – WOW!!

  18. What a beautiful tablescape. Those plates are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I love all the layers of pretty florals. Thanks for sharing the table at the different light settings. Especially like it by candlelight. Have a good Friday and weekend!

  20. Love your cozy table. So pretty!!!

  21. Susan, your table is gorgeous and what a lovely setting you chose. The geraniums are nothing less than stunning – they are definitely one of my favorite flowers. And those butterfly napkin rings are so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

    • Thanks so much, Kim! I’m amazed how well they wintered over, never had them this large at the start of spring. Hope they don’t outgrow their pots. lol

  22. I love this spot of yours for intimate dining, Susan. Beautiful china and table setting. Your geraniums are gorgeous.

  23. Such a pretty table in an utterly delightful setting! You should take great pride in those geraniums! I just love that you so successfully over-wintered them! I take great joy in gardening triumphs, & your geraniums are a triumph, for sure!

    • Thanks so much, MerriJo! Appreciate that so much! I’m so amazed how big they are since I’ve never tried to winter them over until this past year. Definitely like this wintering over stuff, just hope they don’t outgrow their pots! lol

  24. Tammy Cash says

    Can you tell me ab the floral napkins? They are lovely, and this table is gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Tammy! I’ve had those so long, I don’t remember now where I found them. It may have been HomeGoods or Tuesday Morning. I used to buy a lot of napkins in those two stores…and in Pier 1.

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