It’s Almost Time to Go Sailing With The Scotts!

Well, it’s almost that time! Very soon I’ll be heading down to Florida to hop on a big ol ship to go “Sailing with the Scotts.” I’m not sure what type of wifi connection I’ll have available during the trip, but whenever I do have one, I’ll be sharing the fun with you on Instagram. If you’re not already following on Instagram, you’ll find BNOTP here: BNOTP on Instagram

Sail With the Scott Brothers



Anyone a fan of Snapchat? Snapchat is a free social app that you can add to your phone. Currently it has more than 100 million monthly users! Wow, I had no idea it was that popular until I looked up the stats this evening.

I joined several months back but never really used it. Recently, I checked it out again and I think I’m gradually starting to figure it out. One thing that has been a bit of a stumbling block for me is you have to specifically know a person’s user name in order to follow them. Some are obvious, but some are not.

If you’re on Snapchat and would be interested in following me there, my user name is: susanbnotp. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll start posting there but this upcoming trip may be a fun time to start. If you’re on Snapchat, give me your user name so I can look you up!

If you’re looking for someone fun to follow, you gotta check out Jillian Harris! Jillian, one of the hosts on HGTV’s Vancouver Love it or List It show, will also be on the upcoming cruise. She is so much fun on Snapchat! She totally keeps me laughing and enthralled with all she does and shares there.

Jillian Harris


Recently she took us along with her while she went through a procedure called Dermaplaning. It was fascinating but not sure I’d have the nerve to do it! As you might imagine, Jillian has quite an exciting life as one of the hosts of Love It or List It, so you never know where she’s going to take you next on her Snapchat. I loved it when one night she took us to a secret party…so fun!

Today she was making pasta from scratch. She keeps it totally real, sharing the ups and also the downs–like the recent hacking of her Instagram account. If you would like to follow her, I think she’s listed on Snapchat under her actual name: Jillian Harris.

Who do you like to follow on Snapchat? (Take a tour of Jillian’s beautiful home here: Tour Jillian’s Beautiful Vancouver Home)

Back to the Cruise…

So about that upcoming trip, just got this in my email yesterday and thought you might enjoy seeing the schedule. It’s look pretty wild, doesn’t it?!




I’m not sure how many things I’ll participate in because I’m pretty set on visiting Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West. I want to see and love on those six-toed kitties I’ve been hearing about all my life. lol

Bucket List Goal: Pet a Six-Toed Kitty at Ernest Hemingways Home in Key West 🙂

Ernest Hemingway Six-Toed Kitty


I’d also like to spend a little time walking along one of these.  If I can figure this Snapchat thing out, I’ll take you with me! 🙂

Florida Keys



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  1. That sounds like SO much fun! I cannot wait to hear all about it! By the way, I used to have a six toed kitty. He lived to be almost 20 years orange tabby and his name was Junior. He always looked like he was wearing fluffy slippers. Miss that kitty! Anyway, have a fabulous trip!

  2. Susan, have a wonderful cruise, it sounds like so much fun. I don’t have instgram, but will be looking forward to your terrific posts. Enjoy your self and have a ball.
    Phyllis, from Around the House has a 6 toe kitty named Paws. He is the neighborhood cat that someone left, but he hangs out with Phyllis most of the time. He is a great cat and loves to talk to you.

  3. When visiting Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West our attention was very focused on those cute 6 toed kitties…make sure to give some attention to the tour guide as ours was a little miffed as he was a bit ignored by most of us!

  4. Think you can sneak one of those kittens into a pocket and bring it back with you? Just a thought! I’ll have bail money handy in case you get caught! Say Hello to the Scott brothers for me! Have fun!

  5. Dear Susan, know you want to see your cats and all, but you do realize that Jason Cameron from Desperate Landscapes is on your cruise, right? If you can somehow make your way to the Starlight Room and get a photo, I will be forever in your debt. Remember, I am living vicariously through you!

  6. Did not realize at least one of the Scott bros was an actor or maybe they both are! Ha ha! not sure which I was watching a couple nights ago on Hallmark Channel…Only am familiar with them on their HGTV series…maybe I am living under a rock…

  7. My goodness you are quite the world traveler! I forgot you were doing this too! I’m sure you’ll have a great time although I can’t speak about cruising since I’ve never gone on one. I bet seeing those kittens will be lots of fun and the famous Hemingway home!

    • Yeah, I’ve been trying to make up for lost time! lol It’s been over 35 years since I went on a cruise so I’m sure they are very different now. I hope they will let me take pics inside the house. If they do, I’ll share them here.

  8. Susan,
    Have a wonderful cruise! Remember there are many of us that continue to travel vicariously through you. It sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing Jillians home. It’s so like her!
    Happy travels….Pam

  9. I spent 20 years in the Navy. I never wanted to see another ship ever again. But I might be changing my mind really soon if I can land on a beach like that.

    • lol Don’t blame you! I don’t care for being out on the ocean, so I’m going to try and not think to much about that. I think the movie, The Poseidon Adventure, seen when I was quite young, left a permanent bad impression on my mind about ships.

  10. Susan ~ Wow! I hope you have a great time. You deserve it, got for it! By the way, I married into a family that has six digits. ( ;

  11. Hi, Susan,
    What a fun trip you’ve got planned!! You picked the perfect time of year to go to the Caribbean. Enjoy! Rosie

  12. Susan,
    Enjoy your cruise- I would be dazzled by that agenda. I have snapchat. Might be fun to receive something other than my daughter’s ‘duck’ faces for once!

  13. Oh, I forgot you signed up for that cruise!!! You are a gypsy!!! But look at you, having so much fun after so many years of not traveling… go girl!!!

    • lol I’ve become one lately! Yep, trying to make up for lost time. This will be my last trip for a while though…not planned after this for now.

  14. Have fun and be inspired and we shall learn about it all!

  15. Susan, with all due respect, don’t waste your Key West time at the beach. Instead, visit Harry Truman’s “Little White House”. It is fascinating and you learn so much you never knew about Truman. Highly recommend.
    Have fun!

    • Thanks for the tidbit about Truman’s Little White House!! We’ve cruised all over the Caribbean and Mexico, but haven’t cruised to Key West, yet. How did that happen? Anyway, my last visit there was 46 years ago on a family trip when I was 12 and a return trip is on my Bucket List and I’m adding this stop to it!! Thanks!!

  16. Oh, what fun! I’d for sure go see the Junk Gypsies, I loved their shows. Never see them anymore, except for reruns…anyway, have a great time!

  17. P.S. to my earlier comment. I’d totally stay on the ship in Cozumel, I was not at all impressed with it. Go see the sights and kitties in Key West, though.

  18. The cruise sounds like fun, it is nice to have so many fun activities planned. I wanted to answer Sharon, Drew Scott was in the Hallmark Christmas movie, I can’t recall the name of the movie right now.
    Have a fun trip and tell us all about it!

  19. Marlene Stephenson says

    Sounds like you are going to have fun, such a cute kitty and love those toes. Be safe and have lots of fun!!!

  20. I love Snapchat! It’s how I get regular tidbits from friends and family!

  21. Susan, so glad you’re making Ernest Hemingway’s home a priority! You will love the home itself as well as all those kitties with extra toes. There’s a great gift shop, also. Have a wonderful time.

  22. peggy spencer says

    Susan, I had forgotten you had another trip planned.I cannot imagine traveling like you have recently.I haven’t been more than twenty miles from my home in over ten years. I could not be away from my husband,kids,or grandchildren.I do enjoy hearing about your trips so much though.I have always thought it would be nice to go to Italy or Ireland . My husband does not like to travel so I guess that’s out. We were married in 1967 and he was in the Navy stationed in Key West,so I know you will love it.We lived three blocks from Hemingway home.
    I really enjoy your blog and all the recommendations you give us,especially for the wonderful flannel sheets! Thanks for all you do to give us insight into things we might not know about.Have a wonderful tip

  23. Watching “The Property Bro.” right now!!! Luv those two!! Gaaa…did you see them in “COWBOY gear?!!??” You are going to have SO MUCH FUN!! We’ve been to the Hemingway home several times…you will enJOY it!! franki

  24. Susan, have a wonderful trip. Look forward to the photos. Key West is our travel list too.

  25. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    BoyHowdy, Woman: You have really become the traveling fiend! Have a wonderful time.

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