The Perfect Mother’s Day Sale & A Special Spring-Summer Dress

Time to spoil yourself for summer–Talbots is having a wonderful Mother’s Day Sale and I found sooo many cute things! I’m in love with this skirt! It reminds me so much of my trip to Positano, Italy. It makes me want to travel there right now!


Here’s a close up this beautiful skirt…love! It’s on sale 40% off with the code MOM at checkout here: Beautiful Skirt.


I’ve always liked a square neck shirt, I find this style neckline to be so flattering.


I especially love the ruffle around the neckline and the pretty embroidered flowers. With the current sale, you get 40% off any single item with the code MOM, and 30% off everything else. This top is on sale here: Pink Embroidered Top.


I’ve been eyeing these jeans for a while now. I have a pair of slacks that are very similar except the blue toile design on my slacks is quite pale. I think I may go for these because I love the design and I’ve discovered over the years that this all-over pattern is very slimming. Not sure why, just have found that to be the case. These are on sale here: Blue & White Toile Garden Jeans. Again, don’t forget to use the code, MOM to get 40% off any one item and 30% off everything else.


I love hats for summer and this is a cute one. It looks like it would be so cool with the cut-out, open design. It’s on sale here: Summer “ranch” hat.


I love, love, love the color and the eyelet design of this dress!


Such a beautiful design! It’s currently on sale here: Embroidered Dress.


These floral drop earrings would be so cute for spring. I love a drop earring since my hair tends to hide stud earrings. Such a cute floral design! These are on sale here: Floral Drop Earrings.


If you like a top that comes down nice and long in back, this “boyfriend” shirt is on sale in three different colors here: Linen Shirt in 3 Colors. I love the length!


I just purchased this shirt recently. I already have it in four colors and love them all! I’ve been hoping they would come out with it in an aqua color so snapped it up as soon as I saw it. Love it! It’s on sale here: Linen Tunic in 5 Colors.

Aqua Linen Top for Summer


I really like the look of this soft, all-cotton tee. It’s available in 11 different colors and on sale here: Cotton Tee.


Cute, cute sandals! I really like the look of the large, accent buckle This sandal is on sale in 5 different colors here: Cute Leather Sandals in 5 Colors.


I’ve been searching online this weekend for cotton maxi dresses. So many long dresses are made of acrylic, polyester, spandex or some type of synthetic fabric, and I just don’t care for dresses like that. I don’t find them flattering on since they have a tendency to cling to the body and show every little bump or bulge. This one caught my eye since it is made of natural cotton–love that! Also, it has excellent reviews!


The design is so pretty! I really like the contrasting green accent where it buttons down the front. It almost has a vintage feel, doesn’t it? I love it! Just wanted to share it with you in case you’re looking for an adorable, maxi dress for vacation, a party, or just for everyday wear. You’ll find this dress available here: Floral Maxi Dress. Update: While looking at this dress, a coupon appeared that offered me 10% off with the code: 10FORYOU.


Have a wonderful weekend! Looking forward to sharing some dramatic lighting changes in three different areas of my home for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Such great summer tops…going to Talbots now!

  2. Susan, I had a “vintage” flashback with that dress and feedbag clothes. For those who are young, those feedsacks were made out of pretty fabric that was reused. I wish I had one of my mother’s feedbag aprons.
    I notice two of items, they had a different type half sleeve. Is this a new style?

    • Myrna, that dress also reminded me of the feedbag clothes! lol All I could think of was early 1900’s. 🙂

    • I’m not sure. I found the dress by doing a Google search for “summer maxi dresses.” I think that site is mostly known for beautiful nightwear/pajamas, I’ve seen them advertising those on Instagram a lot. I’ve never seen the feedbags but I remember hearing about those and how people would save them to make aprons and such. That was the original recycling, wasn’t it? 🙂

  3. Hi, Susan. This has nothing to do w/ this post. I know you’ve addressed this problem before. I purchased a top at a resale shop. It looks brand new. I couldn’t read the care tag at the shop but tonight I see that it states about color transfer on lighter clothes and upholstery. I know you’ve had that w/ some jeans before. Once you’ve washed them did you still have that problem later? I’m washing it right now by itself w/ one of those color catcher sheets in some special soap I bought at a yarn shop but am not planning to dry it as I hardly dry anything but towels. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • With the dark denim jeans that I’ve purchased, the color transfer continued despite many, many washings. Even those that have been washed a lot, still transfer some dye to my car seats. So I put a cover on my car seat to save it from color transfer when I wear darker jeans in the winter.
      I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a top that caused color transfer, but I will watch for that now that you’ve made me aware of it. I thought it was just denim jeans that did that.
      I read an article once that said the way to test to see if something will transfer is to take a white rag or white washcloth, wet it with water and then rub it firmly against the item–like a pair of jeans. If you see blue on the cloth, you know it’s still capable of transferring dye to something it rubs against. You may want to test your shirt (in an inconspicuous spot) after it’s dry to see if it will transfer color/dye.
      I’ve tried washing my jeans with vinegar and that didn’t make any difference–they still will transfer color. I wish I knew a good way to “set” the color. Someone needs to invent a product that does that.

  4. I love the linen popovers, too and just ordered three. Then I had to order one more thing to get the $50 off $200 flash sale! I’m glad I waited until the last day for that bonus. Ha! procrastination can pay.

    I have a question for you as well – have you ever purchased tops (linen or cotton) from Talbot’s that were really scratchy? I bought a paisley blouse a few weeks ago and it’s too stiff/scratchy to wear – even after several washings. I’m going to try to return it, but I wondered if anyone else has had this issue. I have several of the linen popovers purchased the last two summers and one of those is noticeable different, stiffer, than the others, but it’s still comfortable.

    And, I didn’t comment earlier, but I enjoyed your post about the vintage linens. They always make a table special and the layering on the tables you featured was a super idea. Thanks!

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