Critters on My Feet, Part II

Recently I shared a photo of some adorable scuffs I had purchased for my daughter-in-law and for myself. I got the raccoon version for myself and the kitty version for her.

L.L. Bean Raccoon Scuffs


I’ve enjoyed these scuffs so much, I couldn’t resist buying one more pair. This time I went for the moose! I took this photo outside because they are a subtle forest green that’s hard to capture inside. I love wearing these scuffs when I’m home, they go on pretty much the minute I walk in the door.

If you’ve started your Christmas shopping, I can’t recommend these highly enough. They even have built-in arch support, so super comfy! You’ll find them here: Comfy Critter Scuffs.

L.L. Bean Moose Scuffs, Adorable


After I published about the scuffs in an earlier post titled, “Critters on my Feet, I got an email from Nancy who often has REAL critters on her feet! Nancy and her hubby, Frank, have made friends with the adorable chipmunks living in their yard. They are so trusting, they will come right up and perch on top of their feet to retrieve the peanuts Nancy hides in her pants cuff and shoes. Is this not the cutest thing!

Wild Chipmunk Enjoying Peanuts


I love this photo where he’s trying to stuff the entire peanut into his mouth! lol

Wild Chipmunk Eating Peanuts


The chipmunks will even eat right from Nancy and Frank’s hands! The chipmunks in my yard scatter the second I open my front door. I would love it if they would trust me enough to do this!

Chipmunk Eating Peanuts



Wild Chipmunch eating from hand


Nancy and Frank have a fabulous porch. Nancy shared these photos of how it looked this past summer. I could spend the whole day right here!

Summer Porch


Or, here enjoying a book in this cozy swing!

Thanks so much to Nancy for sharing these wonderful pictures! Now I’m wondering, if I take a book out onto my front porch to read, and sit very still with some peanuts in my pant’s cuff, do you think the chipmunks living in my yard will come near? Do you have such friendly, trusting chipmunks in your yard?

Beautiful Porch with swing


Outfit of the Day

For those who enjoy fashion, thought I’d share my “Outfit of the Day” aka OOTD. Today, before I left to run errands, I paired my recently purchased Frye boots available HERE, with jeggings available HERE, a Fisherman Sweater available HERE and a plaid “Princess Mary” shirt available HERE. This outfit was super comfy and warm for the cooler temps that have finally arrived in Georgia.

Frye Boots, Jeans, L.L. Bean Plaid Shirt, L.L. Fisherman Sweater


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  1. Love the chipmunk photos! We see them come to the rabbit bar for food, but they run from us too. Would adore having a chipmunk eat out of hand. Cute slippers.

  2. Nancy’s porch is beautiful and so neat! Love the bright red geraniums!

    Super cute outfit! I love hiw you have the shirt and sweater styled.. It must be cooler in GA than in VA. I’m just starting to wear jeans. It’s too hot for me!
    Looking forward to Sweater Weather!

    • Yeah, it’s been getting down in the 40’s. I think it was in the low 50’s this morning when I left. It feels good though, I’m really enjoying pulling out the fall/winter clothes.

  3. Cute outfit.

    I would never get that close to a chipmunk. In California they carry bubonic plague.

    • Thanks!
      Yikes! I just googled and read about that and it appears it’s mostly in the California area and some of the mid west. I saw they tested a flea from a chipmunk at Lake Tahoe and it had the plague. That is scary!

  4. Ann Seigman says

    We have a chipmunk at our cabin that sits on the porch rail and watches us at our dining table. I may have to try giving him some treats!

    I love your outfit of the day and the critter scuffs are so cute. I am thinking about the moose scuffs…hmm

  5. Do you have a special trick for keeping jeggings etc. in boots. The suspender like things get low ratings for comfort.

    • Do folks have trouble with them staying inside? So far, I haven’t had that problem, they stay all the way down really well. Maybe it’s different material or something. The jeggings I have are the ones from Talbot and they don’t ride up at all.

    • kddomingue says

      I pull my socks on after I put on the leggings/jeggings and pull the socks up over the bottom of the leggings and then put on the boots. I have skinny ankles and calves and that’s the only way that I can keep them tucked in!

  6. How is it possible that something sooo cute can carrie such a dreaful disease? Your outfit looks so comfy. Did you roll up the plaid sleeves over the sweater?

    • I know! In the video I watched, they said they found it on a flea on a chipmunk, so I guess it’s carried via fleas.
      Not this time, although I LOVE that look. It was really cold this morning when I left, so I kept the sleeves down and just turned up the cuffs on the sweater so you could see the plaid shirt cuffs. This particular Fisherman sweater has long cuffs, so it looks as if they designed it that way so the cuffs could be turned up for the shirt underneath to show. I love that pushed-up/rolled up sleeve look, though!

  7. LUV THE BOOTS!!!! franki

  8. With 4 dogs, even if there would be chipmunks in my neighborhood they wouldn’t come near me. Those geraniums on that porch are glorious.

  9. That chipmunk is so cute. I have them scurrying around my patio. One likes to sit on the windowsill and look in. He’s so tiny and sweet. I like to imagine he’s looking at me drinking my morning coffee and wants a sip.
    Darling critter scuffs. The moose is cool. Love your outfit today. Looks so pretty and cozy.

  10. Don’t be fooled by those cute little chipmunks. I picked one up trying to save it from my dog and it bit me. I ended up having to get a tetinus shot. I learned my lesson. Love your porch.

    • Oh, nooo! It may have been freaking out and thought the dog had it or something. I remember when we lived in our first house, a cat used to come up on the deck and peer in through out bay window that went right down to the floor. Our cats would all sit and watch it and one of our cats would get totally bent out of shape. He would growl and act like the world was coming to an end. A couple of times, it was like he forgot where he was and he turned and attacked another one of our cats, like he thought it was the cat outside. It was as if he temporarily lost his mind!
      A similar thing happened to an Aunt of ours. Her cat saw another cat outside the front door and was growling at it. She reached down to pick up her normally sweet, docile, loving cat and got severely bit by her. She must have thought the cat outside had gotten inside and had grabbed her. So that may have been what happened to the chipmunk. That was so sweet of you to save it!

  11. Whenever I visit friends in Illinois, we share breakfast time with the chipmunks. If you start out putting the peanuts at a distance and shortening the space over time, some will eventually come to you. They are so funny to watch!

  12. I read the comments about the porch and chippys. I don’t worry much about the plague. Maybe I should but only a few are close and personal. They don’t bite in fact they test to make sure our fingers are not peanuts and they won’t bite down…..maybe there is something to The hand that feeds them…..but squirrels are another thing…..they knock on the back door and if you hand them peanuts flat in your hands they mistake fingers for peanuts and will bite…..ouch in fact …..I think they need glasses. We name the chippys..Scruffy takes peanuts from hands, Incognito likes to play peanut hunt on my shoes, Tip will only take them off the deck by the shoes…we have 9 last count. Notch was the one in my hand….he disappeared…probably a hawk….crows protect chippys and squirrels from hawks by attempting to encircle the hawk in air and the chipmunks cluck to warn of danger. If we don’t feed them early enough and they are hungry they tap on the bedroom wall and windows. They watch to see when we pull up the shades in the bedroom and when we do, the titmice, chippys and squirrels come running. Bambis naps in the back corner of the yard until we take them their snack….but not in rutting season. They did stop by for a snack yesterday though. The chippys and crows have learned to sip from our pond spitter like a drinking fountain. This is a peaceable kingdom. I use the chipmunks antics in some of my children’s stories….and poems…..our dog used to love to watch them…..they would check on her if she slept on the deck to make sure she was ok. One day a deer checked on her when she slept on the driveway. But Doodlebug has passed now. I planted giant begonias in the porch pots this year…..they are four feet tall. Unfortunately, we will get a freeze this weekend and I have no place for five ft ferns and four foot begonias. There is always next year. But, I really love chipmunks and if we don’t go out back to sit they seem to miss us and ck the front porch to come and say hello even if we leave food for them out back. They also look in the sliding door. They seem to get attached. Anyway, that is the latest chipmunk news from Nancy and Franks house….like the outfit Susan..I have the same plaid shirt….

  13. Thanks for sharing Susan. We used to live on 3/4 of an acre. I was a huge lover of birdhouses and had four giant ones on stands in our gardens in our back yard. We had a little red squirrel take up residence in the house that looked like three houses facing different directions on one stand. inside it was one large two story house. She had babies and we got to watch them grow. We would leave food on the houses porch several times a day. I took tons of pictures of the babies playing on the roof of their house and on the Eucalyptus tree which was right beside the house. Was a sad day when we came home and they were all gone.

  14. Nancye Tuttle says

    In Maine, the chipmunks carry Lyme-bearing ticks and wreak havoc on our gardens. We catch them in Have a Heart traps and move them far away. Cute but disastrous.

  15. lynn hummer says

    I am looking to order the boots. Do they fit pretty true to size or run bigger/smaller

    I wear a 7 1/2 and was going to order that size.

    Last question what kind of socks do you wear with the boots?

    • I ordered them 1/2 size bigger and they fit well. I always order my boots at 1/2 size bigger since I like to wear socks with them. I can’t wear a thick sock with the Frye boots, too hard to get them on with a thick sock, so I wear a trouser sock which is not too thick. So, unless you have super narrow feet, I would order 1/2 size up.

  16. Diseased creatures! Be careful! Yes they are cute but beware!

  17. I love those slippers so much, and with 400 reviews and 4.5 stars, they are proven winners! I may have to get the owls or the moose, lol. Each time we visited Maine and Canada, we kept looking for Bullwinkle, but never spotted him. Our never-ending chant soon became, “here, moosey, moosey”.
    Love your OOTD. That’s definitely my style, my ‘uniform’ since retirement. I went to a luncheon the other day and forgot how to dress for that occasion, esp in transitional weather! Sure don’t miss that wardrobe, though. I feel like I get a lot more accomplished in today’s….:)

  18. LOVE your new Frye’s – they’re awesome. My sister lived in Casper, Wyoming for a few years and she fell in love with Frye boots back then – it’s just what everyone wore – and they’re still so classic and timeless.

    But oh my word, Susan – those fox slippers were ADORABLE – I actually squealed out loud when I saw them. THEN I squealed again – but not with a smile – with that lady and the real critters near her. I would freak. Only critters near me are embroidered, period. : – ) Chipmunks are just cute rodents, haha.

    Your porch and all it’s greenery looks so inviting! We got a very heavy frost overnight, and may get snow on Monday. Guess it’s time.

    Have a wonderful day.

  19. You have been chosen by the Universe, Nancy, to be a liaison between the human and animal kingdom. I truly believe some of us are – and it’s a gift those who aren’t, cannot understand. I live in the middle of a medium-sized city with a large yard and a narrow treeline behind my home, but it has become a special area and safe place for a variety of birds, chipmunks, squirrels, possums (who I dearly love and appreciate), raccoons, community cats and others that I’m sure are there after I go to bed. They all seem to co-exist at the food bowl and under the deck where many of them retreat – a lesson for us all – and even my dog will calmly watch the menagerie from behind her glass door and I’ve seen nose to nose interest with the glass in between on occasion. It’s a joy to be so close to nature and I feel blessed to be able to do so.

    • Well, I don’t know that I was chosen, but we had deer when we had property in Kendalia and I had 30 deer that followed me everywhere. Once, a yearling was caught on a fence of barbed wire on the boundary between our property and a ranch and my husband cut it down and put it in my lap as I sat in the back of our truck. He placed his head on my chest and I softly baby talked him until we got It to the wildlife refuge. My neighbor saw us going down the road with me cuddled to the deer and she called me the deer whisperer. Stuck like glue. I saw Betty White one episode of golden girls talking about special people that can talk to animals….they are chosen she told the girls when she was caught talking to a mouse. It is a gift she said… husband calls me Betty White…… or Rose…..her name on the show. Pretty funny….but you never know…..

  20. Ann Butler says

    Very cute outfit! I had squirrels that would eat from my hands when I lived in Washington. I miss them.

  21. We once had a colony of chipmunks, however sadly a few have drowned in our in-ground swimming pool so the number has dwindled over the years. Couldn’t figure out why at first as they are clever little things and we do have water stations placed in various locations for them, however they are very territorial among themselves and it is not unusual to see one aggressively put ‘the run’ on another. To conclude; for the few that do visit now they do provide amusing entertainment as they are very friendly like Nancy’s and yes they do love their peanuts as well. -Brenda-

  22. Oh my Nancy is brave!…I love those slippers..and your outfit?…adorable…I have a black pair of Frye boots and love them…looking for a brown pair similar to yours…We have just recently spotted chipmunks in the yard…we mainly have squirrels and lots of deer.

  23. Sheila Morgan says


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