Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

Yesterday I shared my friend, Marie’s whimsical Valentine’s Day tablescape, HERE featuring lots of cute little froggies.  Just off to the right, tucked backed into the corner, is a large white tree Marie decorates for various holidays.  I realized later, I probably should have taken pics when I first arrived, but I was hungry, hungry and had lunch on my mind.  We had so much fun shopping, it was starting to get dark out when we returned.   So these pics aren’t quite as bright as I would have liked but I think you’ll enjoy and be inspired with ideas for your Valentine’s Day decorating.

Valentine's Day Decorating Tree

Sweet Teddy Bears with Valentines and heart boxes surrounded the bottom of the tree.

Valentine's Day Decorating Tree

Remember the cute froggies on Marie’s Valentine’s Day table setting?

Valentine's Day Table Setting (Tablescape)

They hopped onto her tree, too!

Valentine's Day Decorating Tree

Marie strung lights with large, red bulbs for this Valentine’s Day themed tree.

Valentine's Day Decorating Tree

The lights give the tree a soft, red glow.  Maybe it’s a good idea I didn’t take pics when I first arrived.  I’m not sure the lights would have shown up with the sun streaming in through the windows.

Valentine's Day Decorating Tree

The cabinet on the other side of the breakfast table was decorated with white garland, mischievous little frogs and beautiful heart ribbon.

Valentine's Day Decorations

Don’t you know Marie’s six grandchildren LOVE all this whimsical fun!

Valentine's Day Decorations


Do you remember that old cartoon with the singing/dancing frog?  Every time I see Marie’s cute froggies, I think of of that frog and have to laugh.  It’s a classic!  I embedded it here in case you’ve never seen it.   It’s only 6-7 minutes long and will give you a giggle. 🙂


The island in the kitchen was decorated for Valentine’s Day, too.  (See Marie’s kitchen decorated for Christmas in this post:  Tour a Beautiful Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas, Part III)

Valentine's Day Decorating

Sooo beautiful and romantic!

Valentine's Day Decorating

The hutch that was filled with Santas at Christmas time, was all decked out for Valentine’s Day, too.  ♥

Hutch Decorated fro Valentine's Day


As I was leaving that evening, I snagged some wonderful Blue Hour pics of the exterior lit up at night.  I’ll be posting those soon.

In the meantime, you can view the exterior decorations by daylight in this post: Porch Decorated for Valentine’s Day


Happy Friday!

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  1. What a delightful decorator you friend is! May I ask the source of the cute little frogs. Thank you.

    • marie barnes says

      Jeannie they came from Pier 1. they had little one for tree ornaments, but i prefered the bigger ones so i tied a what we used to call a pipe cleaner around the hat and tied them to the tree.
      thanks for you comments.

  2. I love it… I just don’t think I would have the energy to decorate for Valentine’s so close to Christmas…

  3. I like this! Your house is so…festive!

  4. merle turner says

    I must say those frogs are very cute.

  5. What a beautiful and inventive Valentine’s Day tree! The kitchen is just stunning as well… Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Oooh! Susan, what a lovely kitchen your friend has. I love her hutch! Does she cook as well as she decorates? 🙂
    Hope you’re doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • She does! She had a yummy roast going in the crock pot and the house smelled delicious!

    • marie barnes says

      Susan is being kind, I am not that good of a cook. I wish I had listened better in home economics . My mother was a wonderful cook, but I am afraid it skipped a generation when it came to me. I was a very messy cook so mother would banish me from her kitchen, I was a Daddy’s girl so I worked on cars and handy man projects with him around the house. Believe me Roy has been very patient with my cooking through the 42 years we have been married. But I keep his cars serviced and make sure things are fixed around the house in return.

  7. Spectacular!

  8. OMG, so beautifully decorated and great for the little ones to see, it must be great fun to visit Gram’s place. Especially love that cartoon! It’s my all time favourite, thanks for sharing it. Patty/BC

  9. Love Marie’s kitchen Valentine tree as much as I did when it was her kitchen Christmas tree. Oh my goodness all the red hearts! I watched and loved seeing the dancing frog video. I remember seeing that years ago 🙂 Looking forward to the next installment of Valentines at “Barnes Castle.”

  10. It just makes one smile…and that’s a GOOD THING!! 🙂 franki

  11. I hope you can keep going back to Marie’s, I LOVE all these posts. She is amazing. Love all the V’s decorations. It is the ONE holiday I don’t decorate for…..don’t know why. Maybe I need to think about that….. XO, Pinky

  12. Glad to see someone decorating for Valentines Day. So pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love everything about your friends Valentine decorations. Do you know where the frogs came from? Also
    if you were a guest for lunch there what do you do with the frog? Is it something your take home or just a decoration
    and if it is just a decoration what do you do with it when the food is served.

    Judy West

    • marie barnes says

      The frogs are from Pier 1, they had small ornament sized one, but I liked the bigger ones better. I tied what they used to call pipe cleaners around the hat and tied them to the tree and garland.

      I would just remove the froggies and maybe use them on the kitchen island, if the lunch or dinner was a buffet I would use them where the food was being served. Cross their legs and sit some sort of Votive candle on them for glitzie lighting.

  14. Really cute! I like the island a lot! Her grand kids must adore coming there!

  15. Hi lovely lady.
    This home is Beautiful Susan!!!
    The kitchen hutch is to die for with all the Valentines day decorations with in..
    I am coming back to my Tablescapes blog this weekend with a table for my son’s birthday.. hope you come see me !!
    XXOO Diane

  16. Lovely,whimsical…just plain fun! Marie’s home is just so warm and inviting! Really crushing on all the flirty little hens and chicks here and there! If any of those chicky girls want to join their South Georgia sisters, just fly south past Macon until you get to Deep South Georgia! Am sure they would feel right at home! Susan and Marie…thanks for sharing!

  17. Another charming room Marie. I love all the tulips in the kitchen and I like your backs plash Marie.
    Thank you for hosting Susan, you know this is my favourite pastime, looking at people’s houses. This one is so special.

  18. Fantastic Valentine’s Day decorations!! I do several V Day trees!!


  19. Marsha Cowan says

    What’s not to love about Marie’s gorgeous home and her amazing gift for decorating!! Thank you, Marie for sharing your home with us and thank you, Susan for taking us with you. You ladies are amazing and always inspiring!!!

  20. So cute! I don’t usually decorate for Valentine’s day but maybe next year I will! I have a couple of pink Christmas trees and think they will look great for Valentine’s day with a bunch of handmade vintage valentine ornaments. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. I have one of those Pier 1 frogs but hadn’t decided where to use him yet.

  22. Hi Susan….WOW, Marie is a decorator extraordinaire! Love all the Valentine’s Day decor. The little froggie video was cute, too. Thanks for always sharing such great posts with us! Susan

  23. Omigosh, some people really do go all out with holiday/seasonal decor! I’ll get my fix looking at everyone else’s creativity as I am a bit lazy when it comes to all the theme occasions. I’m slow on comments this week, but I loved your friend’s whimsical and very fun table. I would smile all the way through a meal there.

  24. I have been looking for valentine inspiration….. most of my valentine thoughts center around being a third grade teacher with paper valentines… This is elevated my thoughts considerably!

  25. Kathy Roloff says

    the valentine decorations are adorable, but I , of course, have to focus in on something else. I have been searching for a narrow glass cupboard, like your red one. It looks like it has sliding doors, even better. Do you have a source for this cabinet? Very much appreciated!

  26. How fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. sooo sweet!! 🙂 love it. i didnt decorate so much, but after all thats really good inspiration! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  28. I simply love this take on valentine’s day. This lady is awsome. I would have never done a Valentine tree. JUST PLAIN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Absolutely loved the pictures. What a beautiful idea and love the froggies.

  30. Liz Mayberry says

    I absolutely love the idea. That is one stunning piece of art!! I’m a big fan of all holiday decor and crafts & love to decorate for each holiday. So fun!! Wonderfully done!!

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