A Whimsical Spring Table Setting with a Floral Centerpiece

Welcome to the 242nd Tablescape Thursday!

Thanks so much for your generous comments yesterday regarding the live interview I participated in with Bekah and Lynne from the Mid-Morning show at WBCL. You are so supportive, always got my back.  Thank you! It’s good to stretch our wings and try new things and I feel so blessed by the wonderful dearhearts I’ve met via blogging. That includes YOU! ♥

After yesterday’s interview, I got busy out on the porch putting together a tablescape for Tablescape Thursday.

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers and Twig Flatware


I had initially planned on using the greenhouse previously seen in this garden party table setting as my centerpiece since it’s been ages since I used it in a table setting.

Spring Table Setting with Greenhouse Centerpiece


But I changed my mind when I noticed I had beautiful, purple iris blooming out in my perennial garden.  I thought I had enough for an arrangement but once I started cutting them from the garden, I realized there weren’t quite as many blooming as I had initially thought. Time to go with Plan B.

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers and Twig Flatware


Instead of one big arrangement, I gathered together some clear bottles I’ve been saving for another tablescape idea I have brewing.  I created a slightly different centerpiece, placing each iris in its own bottle/vase. Does this idea seem somewhat familiar?

Mother's Day Table with Iris Floral Centerpiece


You may remember this spring tablescape from May 2011 when I created a similar centerpiece with green bottles and pink Gerbera Daisies.  If you don’t have enough flowers blooming in your garden for a full centerpiece, gather a few jars or bottles together and showcase each flower in its own vase.  Have a round table?  Just cluster the bottles in the center of the table.



Just as I began taking photos, the wind picked up and the sheers billowed out in the breeze.  Love that! πŸ™‚

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers and Twig Flatware


Susie, e-mailed me a few weeks ago to let me know Grandinroad had twig chargers on sale.  Instead of the usual price of $49 for 4 chargers, they were only $12 for a set of four!  Awesome!  I have been hoping to find twig chargers forever so I was super excited to find them on sale for such a great price.  I ordered 2 sets and once they arrived and I saw how nice they were, I hopped onto Facebook and shared this amazing deal with the BNOTP FB fans. I try to share great finds with you when I can and usually the fastest way to do that is via FB or Twitter.

I just checked and they are still on sale.  You’ll find them here: Twig Chargers   Pssst: That’s not an affiliate link, I’m just including it here in case you’ve been looking for twig chargers, too.  Update: Looks like they are sold out.  Hopefully they will get them back in again this spring.

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers and Twig Flatware


I left the iris nice and tall for this table setting.  They add a touch of drama and elegance to this nature-themed table setting.  Stemware was a bargain from Dollar Tree!

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers and Twig Flatware


What goes better with twig chargers than twig flatware!  There’s a story behind this flatware.  I ordered it four months ago from West Elm…that was in early January.  It was on sale, they were offering free shipping AND I got a 10% discount for signing up for their e-mails.  At check out I was disappointed to see it was on back-order and wouldn’t be arriving for 4 months! It finally arrived this month and two sets were missing pieces and had double salad forks.  Fortunately, West Elm replaced the missing pieces.  I couldn’t wait to use it in a spring setting after the long wait to get it.

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers, Ma Maison Dishware and Twig Flatware


I’m pretty sure when you look up the word “whimsy” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of this twig flatware.  It doesn’t get much more whimsical than eating with twigs! πŸ™‚

You may remember this Dario Farrucci dishware called Ma Maison from previous table settings.  It’s my fave china for porch dining and it worked well with my iris centerpiece since it has touches of purple in the pattern.  This is the salad plate…

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers, Ma Maison Dishware and Twig Flatware


…and here’s the dinner plate.

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers, Ma Maison Dishware and Twig Flatware


Are your iris up and blooming, yet?   I love bringing them into the house, they smell heavenly!

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers, Ma Maison Dishware and Twig Flatware

Happy Spring!

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Iris Centerpiece, Twig Chargers and Twig Flatware


Looking forward to the beautiful tablescapes posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

Mother's Day Table with Iris Floral Centerpiece



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  1. Hi Susan! The tall iris in the clear bottles is genius!! What a great table! I am curious…will it work to leave them on the table while you are seated for dinner or not?
    Hope Max is doing well today and best wishes for An Extraordinary Day!

    p.s. I’d be delighted if you’d pop over and help me celebrate my first blogiversary…there are even lovely giveaways each day! Thanks! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Diane! These probably would work okay because the bottles are so skinny, as are the stems, so they are easy to see through and around. I love using tall centerpieces so when they are “fatter” and would interfere with my guests seeing across the table, I just move the centerpiece to the sideboard (or in the case of the porch…the china cabinet) once dinner begins. They make a great display for the sideboard, too so enjoy those big centerpieces! πŸ™‚ Congrats on your first blogoversary…awesome! πŸ™‚

  2. Bottles or vessels for single stems are my absolute favorite way of presenting flowers so I am very happy to seem them on your table. They certainly eliminate the need for an elaborate centerpiece and are so simple everyone thinks they can do it. I like that!

  3. This is really lovely. Those twig chargers are amazing, and you’ve created such a serene and beautiful setting, as usual.

  4. Susan – I love those beautiful purple iris! Also, how lucky you were to snag those great chargers – they look wonderful with your china. Every time I see your sheers blowing in the breeze, I want to add them to my porch. However, I think they would interfere with our view of the lake behind our house. Yours are just too lovely, though!

  5. How lovely! I love the colors of the iris. I hope they still have those twig chargers, so pretty…..Christine

  6. Hi Susan, I love this table!! It’s so springlike in color and feeling and those dishes are so much fun. The twig flatware is the perfect choice for the setting too. I really enjoyed seeing your perennial garden. Can you show us an update of that? Thanks for hosting. Have a wonderful day. Linda

    • Linda, it’s in pretty sad shape right now. One end of the bed as sort of sunk down. I need to fully rework it since it’s going on 15 years old now. When I get that done, I’ll definitely, definitely share it! πŸ™‚

  7. Those beautiful tall iris really do look elegant displayed like that! My mother loved iris and had over 200 planted in her yard! We can’t grow iris here in FL where I live πŸ™

    Beautiful ‘scape! Thanks for hosting!


    • Wow! 200, that’s amazing, Katherine! I bet they were stunning!
      Years ago when I worked in my son’s elementary school, a teacher there, Mrs. Abraham, grew the most amazing iris you’ve ever seen. They were gorgeous exotic colors, just beautiful! She brought some to school for me and I planted them alongside my front walkway with some of my purple iris. Over the years the gorgeous exotic looking iris she had given me begin to vanish and all that was left were the standard purple ones I had initially. I don’t know if they cross pollinated or what happened. πŸ™ I’ve had the same thing happening with my daffodils. I planted a gazillion in all colors and now I have almost nothing left but a very bland, white/yellow color…no more orange or gold centers like I had when I posted this table setting on the porch: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/a-st-patricks-day-teascape-welcome-to-the-81st-tablescape-thursday/ It’s kind of disheartening to see that happening. I need to check further into why that happens before I plant anymore daffodils or iris.

      • Sorry to be late with my reply to you about the iris/daffodil conversation. I would be interested to hear why your flowers changed colors. Let us know if you find out. I also wanted to tell you what happened to my mother’s 200 iris plants – after she died, my sister moved into her house and got tired of all the maintenance on them (digging up bulbs, separating them, etc.) and finally dug all of them up!! She did give them away to family members and probably kept a few. I’m wondering if any of those changed colors. Sure would hate for daffodils to fade out, the bright yellows are so beautiful to me since yellow is my favorite color! I still miss the bulb flowers, we can’t grow them here in FL πŸ™


  8. Susan, those beautiful Irises caught my eye right away and then I was happy to see that beautiful china. I really love how it looks every time you use it. I had one Iris bloom this year. It might have something to do with Father Frost! Another freeze in the morning. 8 Tulips, 1 Iris, 4 Wisteria blooms, yep that was it. No daffodils at all. It’s been getting hot then freezing since the first of March! Love the DT glasses – I think they are just about the best buy ever. Beautiful table. I’ll have to go back to yesterday’s post. xo marlis

    • Marlis, I hate it when that happens…the weather shifting back and forth and confusing the poor plants. I hope they surprise you and have a rebound with flowers. Good eye! Yep, love the DT stemware…can’t beat it. I should add where it came from to the post…forgot to mention that.

  9. Susan, your spring tablescape is lovely! I have about 8 inches of green leaves of iris – can’t wait till they bloom. It’s a great idea how you used them for your centerpiece!
    Congrats on your interview, that’s awesome news!
    Thank you for hosting TT!!

  10. I so love the Way you mix everything.spring-y.

    So sad I could’t join as I forgot my laptopΓ₯t home. I am in Copenhagen n using my Tab. Terrible for a bloger.

    Tab is new and not friended with it, yet.

    Enjoy ur week End.
    /CC girl

    • pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

      Hi Chubby, πŸ™‚

      I wonder if you’d be willing to correspond with me by email? I have some questions about Denmark, if you wouldn’t mind talking to me. I don’t know how to do it, but if you agree, I’m sure Susan would be kind enough to pass on my email address to you.

      Susan, I hope I’m not breaking any site rules by making this request. If I am, I apologize and please just remove this post.



  11. pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    I love Irises! Lilies and Irises are my favorite flowers. So graceful and beautiful. And I have always loved the color combination of purple and green, so I think this table scape is lovely. And I like that it encompasses both elements of elegance and nature. It’s funny that even your dishes have a yellow house with a red door! Hee. Funny how things like that work out.

  12. Love the iris! There’s always something special in the dramatic single flowers marching down the table. Beautiful!

  13. And happy Spring to you too!!! What a fun table you have set!!! Love the purple and green combo, and always love to see that china set……….and the glasses, what a great buy!!! The twig chargers and flatware are amazing and only you could have put this all together so perfectly!!! Missed your interview, will go back to see……….

  14. I love your irises and your beautiful place setting! I have the most wonderfully beautiful iris myself this year, some blooming for the first time – not sure what it is that is causing this explosion. Also, I just LOVE that china. Is it a discontinued pattern? I had never heard of it. I used to work in a store with lots of different china patterns lots of brides came in.

    • Thanks, Mary! I’m sad to say, this dishware is very hard to find, now. I bought it in HomeGoods around 4 years ago and they had very little of it then. I ended up driving around to 3-4 HomeGoods that day to put together enough for 6-8 place settings. I’ve seen one or two pieces of it on eBay but that was years ago. I never will understand why the manufacturers don’t make more of the patterns that sell so well. This pattern would sell like hotcakes if they would bring it back again. It’s called Ma Maison and it’s by Tabletops Unlimited, designed by Dario Farrucci. You may want to check on eBay in case there is some available.

  15. Once again Susan you are an inspiration. I don’t really set up a tablescape since it’s just my daughter and I currently at home but I love my Irises and am always looking for a unique way to display them, the bottles are a great idea to make each one as special as they are and you can keep the stems long and elegent, mine aren’t blooming yet but I noticed buds just yesterday so it shouldn’t be much longer.

  16. Lovely, Susan! Good buy on the chargers, but they are sold out! They are very much like the ones I got at PB, they must be closing them out as they were 2.00! Even though I had them, I had to go look, lol

    I hope my iris bloom soon, we are very late this year with all the flowers. The azaleas are just starting.

    Thanks for hosting and sharing your lovely table. I will come back later to listen to your interview.

  17. What a lovely table setting! I just love irises (which we can’t grow here in FL – just the African iris, which is a wimpy version of REAL irises!) and love the purple/green together. I just bought some china at an online auction which is call Petite French Violets by Mikasa Japan; it is the light green with tiny violets. Tried to see about the chargers but, unfortunately, they are no longer available! Wonder if BNOTP had anything to do with that sellout??!! Thanks for making my day a happy day with this gorgeous tablescape! Hi & love to Max and have a wonderful day!

    • Drat! I’m not sure when they sold out. I thought they were still available this morn. Hope they get them back in again. Thanks, Faith…gave Max a kiss for you. πŸ™‚

  18. What a lovely table. I adore the iris in the simple bottles. Your china is perfect for the porch setting and the twig silverware. I really like the twig chargers, they complete your look. Great table-elegant but fun. Kentucky Derby this weekend. Thinking of something to put together. Get your big beautiful hats out and pick your horse!

  19. Susan, your iris are lovely. What few blooms I had this year are long gone. What is your secret? Do you feel your iris?
    Love the twig flatware and the whimsy it brings to the table. I’m all about whimsy! ‘-)

    • Sarah, I don’t do anything at all to them. Maybe it’s the Osmocote I’ve tossed out into the perennial garden over past years. I think they love the rich soil in that bed too, although iris typically do not like to get their feet wet or too deep into the soil.

  20. I love the table, it is beautiful, the Iris are stunning. We used to have them but a strong winter a few years ago killed them. I will plant them again when we are in the new house. I love the twig flatware so pretty and perfect for the setting. I also think the dishes are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all this beauty.


  21. Oh Susan, the iris look stunning! Simple and elegant, the tall stems fill the porch with color and almost seem like an arbor over the table. Your Ma Maison china is perfect with the flowers and those new chargers and twig stemware. Looks wonderful!

  22. Susan, We are in the midst of a full blown blizzard in NE Ks and the poor flowers look really sad, so your lovely springscape was a reminder we will have spring someday. On Tuesday we had 91 and then it dropped 40 degrees and has been going down since then.

    Wishing you and Max a beautiful day.

    • What crazy weather! It’s been colder here than normal but nothing like what you guys are seeing. I’m really tired of all these cloudy days, we’re having. Hope you get some warmer weather soon!

  23. Susan, your irises are beautiful! Sometimes I think they do better with less attention. Mine are going crazy since I quit moving them every year! I love your twig flatware, especially with the chargers. The salad plate reminds me of your header. πŸ˜‰ Love the butterfly napkin rings, too. Perfectly lovely!

    • I hadn’t thought about that but it does look a little like the header. I’m predictable, for sure. lol Thanks, Kim! Napkin rings are from Pier 1…they may still have them since I purchased them in early spring.

  24. Susan!

    I had no idea you were on TV. How did I miss this??? That’s neat! πŸ™‚

    And second, I was reading along and saw the word, “SALE”” and went flying, think greased lightening, over to Grandin Road, but they were out. Bummer! There are other places to get them, but that was a great sale! I’m so glad you got them. I was going to get a set of 16. I have eight already that I got on sale in Florida, but I will just keep my eyes peeled for others on sale. πŸ™‚ It’s like finding gold. The gold rush probably happened last night when you posted. LOL

    It’s raining, and I am stuck inside. I need to be cleaning, but I’m blogging instead.

    Oh, and I love your china, iris (or is that irises?) and the new chargers and the twig flatware. Love!



    • Sheila, I’m sorry they are sold out. I know several folks ordered them when I mentioned them on Facebook. I hope they get them in again. I wasn’t on tv…just a short interview on the radio. πŸ™‚ It was fun and a tad scary. lol

  25. Sandi Lee says

    Iris are one of my favorites and one of my friends gave me some bulbs that produce huge, very dark purple ones. I’m afraid the rain has beat all the blooms off but if I can find a good one I’ll send a picture. Lovely on your table in the bottles.

  26. Such a pretty table. I think the Iris look better in individual bottles than they would have in an arrangement. I’ve always loved this china, and you have two things I’ve been coveting on other blogs. The chargers (which are now sold out) and the twig flatware. laurie

    • I can’t believe how fast it sold out, Laurie. West Elm probably still has the twig flatware. If you buy any, google “coupon for West Elm.” There’s almost always one available online somewhere.

  27. I love your Iris Susan, it’s such a gorgeous flower to make just this in tall and slim vases…beautiful tablescape in your lovely porch. The china is also gorgeous and so special too. Thank you for having me..I posted my first 5 de Mayo tablescape, ever! I blame it on been from NY, as I never learned in my day anything Mexican, lol.. Big hugs,

  28. Hi Susan,
    As always your porch is one of the prettiest places to visit in blogland and you inspire us all to clean up and make our porches a place of beauty too.
    I wonder if you could help me with a decision I am trying to make on my blog. Please come visit and bring your all your lovely tablescapers with you.

  29. I LOVE the tablescape Susan. It’s beautiful as usual! I especially love the dishware… oh me, oh my! I jumped at the chance to get the chargers, but you are correct, they are sold out for now. Thanks again for the inspiration you create for us!

  30. Linda Page says

    I love the iris. That is my most favorite flower. This is a beautiful table setting. I love the chargers and cutlery. I especially like the picture with the sheer curtain coming across. I can just feel the gentle breeze. Can I come live on your porch?????

  31. Sandi Reagan says

    Oh Miss Susan!
    These are just stunning!!! I LOVE the evening shot, so very romantic!
    I finally got my silly computer to work so I could listen to your broadcast. Great job lady! You were so professional and knowledgeable. I have to admit I felt a little pride, if was if my girl friend was on the radio…Now I can say I knew her when…… I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  32. Susan, I absolutely love the Purple Iris. That has always been my favorite flower. Alas, it does not thrive well in Savannah. I have tried and failed for the last 30+ years. I brought all my iris from Atlanta when we moved and friends have given me rhizomes but they don’t live. UGA has a horticultural annex here and they have a large test garden with iris for our area. Not ready for sale yet but I hear the will be $100.00 and up the first few years. I am enjoying your so much and you are right they do smell heavenly.
    Wow, the chargers are the twig flatware were special, special deals. Atta girl!
    Blessings, Ginger

    • Wow, Ginger I had no idea they were so picky to grow. Do they not like the heat? I know several folks said they don’t do well in FL. Maybe that’s what happened to all the really exotic unusual colored ones I used to have. I thought the purple ones pollinated them and changed them but maybe they just croaked on me and didn’t come back. Guess I’ll appreciate my purple ones a little more hearing how hard they are to grow. Hope they get some going that will work in your area and hope the price comes down soon!

      • Susan, I do think the heat, the soil and the lack of cold weather in the dormant season is the problem. At least that’s what I have been told. Tulips don’t do well here either. We ordered some tulips from Breck’s that were rated for our zone. When they didn’t bloom, barely coming out of the ground, we called Breck’s. Rather than send us additional bulbs, which is the usual process, their Master Gardner said it would be better to return our money.
        Then, I do get to grow things that wouldn’t grow when I was in Atlanta. Just enjoy those beautiful iris and know I am pining for bearded iris.

  33. What a pretty table this is. Here in Kentucky we are getting ready for the Derby on Sat. Our weather this week has been fab-u-lous! But they are predicting rain on Sat. Boo, hiss! We live close to Churchill Downs and love to ‘people watch’, especially all the ladies going by in their beautiful big hats! Hats here sell for thousands….. not to all of us, but to those who can afford them! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    • Wow, that’s amazing, had no idea the hats could go for that much. I would love seeing all those hats! I wonder if the ladies ever wear them again or if they try to wear a new hat each year. For that price, I would hope they would wear them again! I hope the rain holds off, Vicki.

  34. OlÑ! Linda a decoração de sua mesa, as flores dão um toque natural e charmoso!!

  35. Love the iris and green. Love the napkins and napkin rings. I bet everyone wants to come to your house. I will be interested to see what you do with your flower beds. I have such limited space that I have to get my fix from blogger friends.

  36. Cherry Goodson says

    Susan, heard your radio spot. It was nice to put a voice with a face. You did such a good job.
    Today, looking at all of the tablescapes made me want to sit down at each table and talk with each lady. Lots of pretty tables. Loved your irises. Mine have already come and gone. Wished they lasted longer.
    My husband and I will be in the Atlanta area around the 15th of this month and he said we will go by the Classy Flea. Since I learned about it from you was wondering if you could tell me if it is actually in Atlanta or one of the small towns around Atlanta. Don’t want to miss going there. Thanks, Cherry

  37. What a beautiful table. Love the Irises!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  38. SO GLAD you went with Plan B…those irisssss are splendid! This time of the year I get lavendar lust anyway! franki

  39. What a Lovey table..I sure hope you get to have friends over some times to enjoy getting together for a bite..I love iris too..I have my mom’s white ones blooming…I missed yesterdays post…I’ll have to go back and take a look…the Derby is Saturday…I’ll be pulling out my Julep cups and takin it easy all day…hope you get to watch this year…the race is around 6.20…hope you and Max have a nice evening.

    • Wende, I must be a Kentucky Derby wannabe. I bought my son and his wife and some friends Mint Julep cups for Christmas last year and didn’t buy myself any…now what’s up with that! Drink a Mint Julep for me! I’ll try to remember to watch! I want to see all the fabulous hats!

      • Yes they’ll show the hats…funny how they’re just as popular as the horses…one year they had a contest showing some hats the girls made themselves…now that’s the way to go…I’d love to make a Derby…I’ll be sure to have a drink for you too =^)

  40. Hi Susan,
    I came across your blog a few months ago and LOVE it!! Especially the wonderful tablescapes you have a knack for putting together! This tablescape is no different…..beautiful!! I love the purple iris (purple is my favorite color) and the twig silverware!! I have yellow iris that are just starting to bloom and that gives me a great idea! Thanks for sharing – keep the great ideas coming!
    P.S. LOVED your “Morning Room” post earlier this week, too!!

    • Thanks so much, Lanita! So happy to hear that! I love yellow iris. I have some yellow flag iris…the kind you often see around ponds. I hope those return again this year. Yay, spring…love this time of year! πŸ™‚

  41. Rosie Moreno says

    Dear Susan: A beautiful table, as always. I have one question, though: is the twig flatware comfortable to use (handling, etc.) and how about caring for it (washing in the dishwasher, etc)? It seems so fragile.

    • Rosie, that is a good question. I haven’t actually eaten with it yet since it just finally arrive about a week or so ago. It’s definitely not fragile…it’s made out of brass and stainless steel so it’s really sturdy. I’ll have to use it sometime soon, then I’ll be able to answer. Or, maybe someone will see this comment who has some and can tell us.

  42. Your irises are beautiful, Susan! That’s one perennial that actually grows worth a darn here in the Midwest, but we don’t happen to have any growing in our landscape. I need to remedy that! The simple beauty they convey on this table is so striking! Congrats on your score of the chargers! That’s one heck of a deal!!! Congrats, also, on your radio show appearance! Way to go!!!

  43. Margo Kuhn says

    Susan, as usual, you did a wonderful job on your tablescape. It made me want a screened in porch to do something like that, but I don’t have the room for one. Love the purple iris and your twig flatware and twig chargers go so well together. I thought oh my, I bet one of these days she’ll add birds nests on her table too. πŸ™‚

  44. Cecilia says

    OMG Susan,
    be honest! Is there anything you can’t do? πŸ™‚ I had no idea you’re a good gardener, too!
    I love those iris and I sooo love your spring tablescape! Brown, white and green is my absolutely favorite color combo! Actually I just used all of those colors myself today, for a dinner I had with friends.
    (Unfortunately I don’t have a green thumb like you do, or maybe German temps are too “crazy” for gardening, who knows? ;-)… but… fortunately I have my favorite Dutch florist very close to my home, so I bought beautiful white tulips from the Netherlands for my centerpiece. lol)
    Susan, those butterfly napkin rings are too cute and that twig flatware is unrivaled in its beauty!
    Great purchase!
    ~Hugs to you~

    • Cecilia, you are a sweetie, but don’t be too impressed. Those iris pretty much grow themselves. lol I don’t do a thing and they just graciously keep coming back each year. I used to be a gardener but haven’t really done much in the last few years due to how overgrown all the trees in my yard have become. They’ve shaded everything out. I hope this year to get some things done out there so I can once again get back to playing in the dirt! πŸ™‚ I bet your table was beautiful! I love tulips…great choice! Thanks Cecilia! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  45. Susan, what a great table..I love the way you did the irises. I have been in love with them this year..my purple ones aren’t blooming yet…only white and yellow…you have such a fabulous porch for tablesetting.
    thanks for hosting this party..
    Love, Mona

  46. Cheryl Thomas says

    Hi Susan, I just loved your table and went to the web site for the twig chargers and they were all gone. Boo Hoo. I have wanted some for a long time but did not want to pay Pottery Barn prices. Please let us know if they go on sale again. Hugs

  47. Susan this is such a pretty table. Love the twig chargers and the twig flatware! Whimsical and fun! I love how you can take a few flowers and make such a stunning centerpiece!

  48. Beautiful table!! I love that twig flatware. Congrats on your media event!! Pretty exciting! thanks for hosting another wonderful party.

  49. Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    Hey Susan, I just thought about this. We recently got a pool and it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever had one, so I’m really excited. I know you’re not supposed to use breakable dishware in the pool area, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a pretty pattern in an unbreakable material. So far no luck. Since you have so much dish know how, maybe you know of something? Thanks. πŸ™‚

    • HomeGoods has some really pretty sets that look like china/glass but aren’t…saw them a few days ago when I was in there.

      • Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

        Thanks, Susan. I’ve seen you refer to Home Goods several times on the blog. We don’t have them in my area (at least, I don’t think so – never heard of them before I saw you mention them) but I can probably find them on line. Thanks for the tip!

        • Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

          Scratch that. I searched and there is one in a town not tooo terribly far away. I don’t know why I’ve never heard of them before! Anyway, thanks again for the tip. I’ll plan a trip. No rhyme intended, lol.

  50. Elaine in Laguna says

    I love everything about this tablescape since purple is my favorite color. Thank you for putting it together and for inspiring me to plant some Iris this fall in my garden. Have a great weekend!

  51. I rushed over to Grandin Road to order some of the twig chargers and they are sold out. If anyone hears of them being on sale again would they be so kind to let me know.

    Thanks a bunch!

  52. Susan, I always love it when I see those beautiful Ma Maison dishes set on your table….gorgeous table and the flatware was worth the wait…they look amazing with the twig chargers. My irises just started blooming…I love it when they bloom and can enjoy them as the deer won’t eat them!…The drapes billowing in the breeze is just so romantic…love the way you captured it….

  53. Flossie Sweger says

    Love the iris! Mine are blooming here in Philly. Can’t wait for my Japanese iris to bloom!
    Love the table setting!

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