Easter Table Setting with Floral Centerpiece

Welcome to the 191st Tablescape Thursday!

Thanks so  much for all the wonderful comments left on yesterday’s post.   I so appreciate each and every one.  Your encouragement is giving me the perseverance I need to finish the project.

I know Easter has long since past but I’m still not quite done with bunnies.

This time the bunnies are in a springtime breakfast table setting. Lately, I’ve been drawn to floral centerpieces and great ways for displaying flowers like this vase within a vase arrangement.

Spring or Easter Table Setting on Screened Porch with Kim Parker, Emma's Garland Dishware


I hopped in the car today to head over to the market for flowers for my tablescape.  As I reached the end of the driveway, the honeysuckle growing around the mailbox caught my eye.

Spring or Easter Table Setting on Screened Porch with Kim Parker, Emma's Garland Dishware


The color of the honeysuckle was just right for the tablescape waiting on the porch.  So I put the car back in the garage, grabbed the gardening shears and got busy snipping lots of the fragrant blossoms.

Easter Spring Table Settings with Floral Centerpiece

I found these cute cloche egg cups in Pottery Barn several months ago.

Easter Spring Table Settings with Floral Centerpiece


They are perfect for breakfast any time of the year, especially on a spring morning.

Spring or Easter Table Setting on Screened Porch with Kim Parker, Emma's Garland Dishware

For this breakfast table setting, we’ll imagine our salad plate is there to hold a salad of fresh fruit. Flatware is by Gourmet Settings and is available here: Gourmet Settings Treble Clef, available HERE.

Spring or Easter Table Setting on Screened Porch with Kim Parker, Emma's Garland Dishware

Just for fun, I placed a painted, pastel egg that’s fallen from my Easter wreath inside one of the egg cloches.  I noticed this year the eggs on that old wreath have really faded.  I’m thinking about taking them all off to paint them, then reassembling the wreath.  Ummm, I’ll have to get right on that just as soon as I finish gluing forty-eleven, billion shells on 5 more chargers. 😉

Spring or Easter Table Setting on Screened Porch with Kim Parker, Emma's Garland Dishware

I love the scent of honeysuckle.  I first ran across this variety of honeysuckle on a garden tour of Ryan Gainey’s garden 12+ years ago.  I asked Mr. Gainey what type it was, he told me and I bought some to plant alongside my mailbox.  I can’t remember the name now.  Anyone recognize it?

This is the second time I’ve used it in a table setting.  The first time was for this romantic, “Faerie Ball” dinner for two on the deck.  It may not be a “fancy” flower but I it offers its humble fragrance, color and beauty to the table.

Spring or Easter Table Setting on Screened Porch with Kim Parker, Emma's Garland Dishware

Mr. Gainey graciously opens his garden each year on Mother’s Day weekend for the Atlanta Botanical “Gardens for Connoisseurs” tour.  It’s a great tour with usually 9-11 beautiful gardens.

Spring or Easter Table Setting on Screened Porch with Kim Parker, Emma's Garland Dishware

Remember when I took that little shopping trip to Home Decorators Collection in Alpharetta, Georgia? While there I spotted this wire basket that’s perfect for a pretty floral arrangement.  I pulled the flowers out of one of the three containers so you can see how it’s designed.

Jar for Floral Arranging


The metal cap just sits on top of the glass jar and makes creating a floral arrangement so easy.  I have a feeling I’ll be looking for excuses to use this again and again.  Just checked and they are available online, too.

Spring or Easter Table Setting on Screened Porch with Kim Parker, Emma's Garland Dishware


Easter Spring Table Settings with Floral Centerpiece


Dragonflies have landed on the napkins.

Easter Spring Table Settings with Floral Centerpiece


They must have been lured here by the sweet smell of honeysuckle.

Spring or Easter Table Setting with Honeysuckle Centerpiece

You’ll find other table settings with the Pottery Barn bunny dishware in these posts below:

Spring/Easter table setting with a tulip centerpiece and PB bunny cupcake stands
Spring/Easter table setting with a wisteria centerpiece and PB bunny plates.

Chargers and Salad Plates: Marshalls, Kim Parker Home Collection, Pattern is Emma, 2-3 years ago
Dinner Plate: Clarendon, Big Lots, 3 years ago
Egg Cup: Pottery Barn, this spring
Stemware: Gorham, received as a gift 2 years ago
Flatware: HomeGoods, Gourmet Setting, Treble Clef, 3 years ago
Napkins: Found antiquing, 2 years ago
Napkin Sheaths: Local gift/antique store, 1-2 years ago
Dragonflies: Pier 1, 1-2 years ago
Centerpiece Wire Basket: Home Decorators Collection, this season

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  1. ❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ says

    I’m in love…again. I may have to order the Somerset glass jars…those are just too cute! Your honeysuckle blossoms are huge! I love the smell of honeysuckle wafting across the way. We don’t have any in our new place. I may have to plant some though 🙂

  2. Gorgeous. We have this same variety/color of honeysuckle in our yard, but it’s not blooming yet. A few years after we planted it it was covered with blooms. In recent years, not so much. I’m tempted to cut it way back this year… Any thoughts?

  3. I really like that strain of honeysuckle — I think it might be an old variety. I looked all over for some, but could not find it, and would up planting some that is bright yellow. Really pretty feminine table — and I love your pink stemware and centerpiece.

  4. Beautiful dishes and I love the cloche eggs! Love honeysuckle as well… Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful day! Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  5. Pam - @diy says

    Your tablescape is lovely Susan. The honeysuckle centerpiece is beautiful and must smell heavenly. Thanks for hosting.

  6. allisamazing says

    The honeysuckle is beautiful as is your table. Thanks for hosting!

  7. So lovely! I have never seen honeysuckle that color, only white. I would love to know the name too! The aroma of honey suckle is wonderful, here it usually blooms as school is ending, late June. You Southerners are so advanced! 🙂 The plates are lovely, such a great pop of color! I don’t blame you for using your bunnies! I saw them in the Outlet, and they are adorable! Thanks so much for hosting, Susan, and sharing this creation with us. Now get your glue gun on and hit those shells!

  8. AshTreeCottage says

    What a lovely table and I am sure that the honeysuckle adds the perfect fragrant top note. Thanks for hosting Susan! Hugs, Susan and Bentley

  9. Susan … As always you inspire us with wonderful table settings! Love that the honey-suckle came from your very own garden… can’t wait for our gardens to come into bloom (southwestern Canada)!! Happy Thursday ..xo HHL

  10. Susan – I love that honeysuckle plant. I do not know the name, as I am sure that I have never seen it before. Your centerpiece is very creative and those jars are just right for making the flowers look perfect. Thank you for sharing your beautiful porch, once again!

  11. You couldn’t have found a prettier flower than the honeysuckle for your tablescape! Gorgeous! I love the dragonflies too!

  12. Cottage and Broome says

    Beautiful table setting. I love the plant, it has a nice light airy feel. Thanks for hosting, Laura

  13. Pat's Pink Apron says

    Susan, Your table is wonderful. I adore the dragonflies and the floral center piece goes so nicely with the dishes. Those are the prettiest napkins. Thanks for hosting. Pat

  14. crystal woolever says

    Beautiful tablescape, don’t you just love the soft colors of spring time??

  15. Susan, this is a table full of inspiration. Love the honey suckle idea! Your plates make me feel like I’m in a beautiful garden. Thanks for hosting. ~ Sarah

  16. lulumusing says

    I am absolutely charmed by your table this week and find myself wondering how you do such incredible things week after week, and it always seems you have new things with which to work.

  17. Little Bit says

    I love those flowers on your table, the pink mixed with orange on the same bloom is stunning. I wonder if we can grow those here in a zone 3? probably not. Thanks for hosting!

  18. Jacqueline says

    I love your comment on your Party Pooper machine! Why bother to take the time and make nasty comments. I had some anonymous person comment on my Cabo Barbie posts – duh, the picture and the title tell you it is going to be about Barbie dolls!!!! Don’t waste more time to tell me you wasted 2 minutes that you can never have back. I need a Party Pooper Machine too. I love your table. It is so fun and filled with the colors of Spring!

  19. A Cottage in the Clouds says

    Such a pretty table! Just the right blend of vibrant colors and pure white. Love the pink goblets. And you were able to use your new dragonfly napkin rings again! What a clever vase, perfect for holding your honeysuckle. I love seeing all your Southern flowers in your tablescapes – magnolias, wisteria, honeysuckle – plants we don’t have on the West Coast. I bet the porch smells divine.

  20. sweet violets says

    Wow, the flowers are perfect with those dishes….good eye!!! And the glass ware and dragonflies are wonderful….fresh and so pretty!!!

  21. Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) says

    Hi Susan, This is really one of my favorite tables ever of all your beautiful tables. First, the dragonflies. The first time I saw you use them I had to search for some and I love using them. And the honeysuckle–I can almost smell its lovely aroma. I have never seen that color! Ours won’t be out until maybe early July. I think I must be a southern gal deep inside because I think having all your flowers in bloom so early would be just heaven on earth. I can imagine using that centerpiece in so many ways! I may have to look for one myself. And your dishes are so feminine but not too too sweet. Just love it all. Now get back to your hot glue gun because you know I love beachy tables too and can’t wait to see what you do with those chargers! Linda

  22. I love honeysuckle; they are a childhood memory. I have never seen this color; how gorgeous. I love those jar lids. I will be on the lookout for those. They make ideal frogs to help secure the flowers.

  23. Lovely, lovely table!! The honeysuckle is Lonicera sempervirens…sp. Mine is “Blanche Sandman” Mine grows up and over a white arbor that leads from our deck to the backyard. When we sit in our gazebo on a warm evening, it provides an intoxicating fragrance! In Chicagoland, where we had such a mild winter and early spring, mine bloomed through November, and has been blooming once again since mid-March~~unprecedented in zone 5!! I LOVE it, and often tuck it into little vases in unexpected corners of my house.

  24. …..the cultivar ‘Sweet Tea’ would be so pretty and appropriate growing near your beautiful porch! I LOVE that one, too. =)

  25. Nancy @ The Headmistress says

    Thank you for, once again, a fabulous post! And…I’m the newest owner of the jars. Thank you so much for adding that! Nancy

  26. Lovely tablescape Susan, I have a honeysuckle of the same shade waiting to flower. I have fallen in love the the Bunny Egg Cloches, so I went over to PotteryBarn.com to see if they had any. Alas, no. As they deliver worldwide I was hoping. Have you any other suggestions where I might find these? Even though I am in Canada, I do have a U.S. shipping address I use. MMMm, I can smell the Honeysuckle from here!! 🙂

  27. Chari at Happy To Design says

    Hi Susan… My friend, your Honeysuckle table is just GORGEOUS! I love all the fresh, spring colors! The Emma pattern of dishes is one of my favorite…it sets a most beautiful table! The dragonfly napkin rings are another one of my favorite elements on your table. Love, love, LOVE the honeysuckle floral arrangment. I can just imagine the scent! Love your floral jars and wire basket too! Thank you, once again, for sharing another fabulous tablescape with us, dear friend…and thank you for hosting TT! Love ya, Chari

  28. Whimsical Wonders Nursery says

    I LOVE it!! We were just in the area last weekend and the smell of the honeysuckle in the air was intoxicating!!!! I can’t wait to get back there again!!!! Your table is beautiful!

  29. Creations By Cindy says

    DROOL! Pinning again! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  30. Oh, those colors are just divine. I just love your honeysuckle. I have only seen the white here (I live in AZ) but yours is just so full of color. I love the way you paired the color with the white on your table. I have been kicking myself over the PB bunny things! I am so out of room for anything but they are so adorable, I should have tried harder. Just love each and every detail!

  31. Sewconsult says

    Wonderful! I have never seen those colors in Honeysuckle. I am only familiar with the wild white version. Love the whole tablescape. Beckie

  32. Very sweet table. The egg cups are darling. Thanks for hosting.

  33. Hi Susan: Nothing on P.B. so I googled P.B. EBay and also egg cloches. No Luck. Thank you anyway.

  34. Beautiful!

  35. SwedishCorner-DownUnder...Pernilla says

    Lovely! Such a pretty table. Thanks for hosting:) Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  36. I am always so taken with your tablescapes, just gorgeous. There are a couple of things that I am curious about. Could you do a post on that sweet birdhouse I see in the background and the table and chairs used to display your tablescapes? Could you tell where these items where purchased? Thank you kindly.

  37. LaurieAnna's Vintage Home says

    Gorgeous tablescape! I planted this in the garden of one of our previous homes, it is called Pink Lemonade Honeysuckle. I’ve not been able to find it again and would love to have some for our farmhouse. Treasure it!

  38. Susan, this is an absolutely gorgeous table utilizing that coral color and the honeysuckle was the perfect foil to the dinnerware pattern . Luv those cloche egg cups and the dragonfly napkin rings. You always inspire!

  39. Beautiful centerpiece! The coloring is really pretty and perfect with your plates! Love the jars and canning lid “frogs” A little info on honeysuckle. The more sun it receives the more flowers it produces. It is tolerant of drought and dry conditions once it is established, just be sure to mulch around the plant. It blooms on previous year’s growth and new growth, so it isn’t necessary to cut back. If you would like to cut it back it can be done when it is actively growing. Don’t prune it past the middle of October for the south. It can be cut back to the ground in late winter if you need to get in under control. Your follower who mentioned she wasn’t getting a lot of blooms might need to move her plant if isn’t getting at least 6 hrs of sunlight or her soil might be high in nitrogen; which gives more leaves, than flowers. Honeysuckles don’t like a lot of fertilizer, so a good balanced fertilizer (10-10-10) at the beginning of the season is plenty.

  40. Susan, How beautiful. This is really so pretty. One of my fav things are the beautiful napkin rings. D

  41. Debra Howard says

    Gorgeous table and I am thinking I need to plant some of that Pink Lemonade honeysuckle (read the name in a comment) in my yard. It is so beautiful. I think I have the perfect spot for it too. Debbie

  42. Phyllis@Around the House says

    Hi Susan…love the table it is stunning…i just knew you would be loving those little egg domes…that Pottery Barn should have hazard signs out front blinking Beware “Will surely become addictive”. I love the flowers for the centerpiece…sooo pretty…thanks for sharing..phyllis

  43. Nann from At Nann's Table says

    Susan Your table is so charming. Love every bit of it. And the honeysuckle may be ‘humble’ I LOVE to be around smelling it. Only wish I had some. I’m going to go to the nursery and get me some. I can smell it through the page and its heavenly. Thanks for another wonderful link party. You have come up with so very many gorgeous tablescapes. I honestly don’t know how you do it. Nann

  44. The House at Bluebird Lane says

    Your tablescape is just lovely! I especially like the gorgeous honeysuckle arrangement and the cute dragonfly napkin rings. Thank you for hosting!

  45. Hi Susan, I enjoy this same honeysuckle in my garden. I have never thought to use them this way! Lovely! Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  46. Lizabeth @ Infuse With Liz says

    Beautiful tablescape! The honeysuckle looks so pretty there and I bet it smells good! I really love those jars and the wire basket! I’ll check out the link! Love the Emma charger and dishes! Your soft pink stemware is perfect with the honeysuckle! Love the dragonfly napkin rings and those egg cloches are adorable!

  47. Beautiful, delightful, inviting setting – also wish I had those egg cloches! I went to Pier 1 when you first showed the dragonfly napkin rings and purchased 4 – love them. I once had a honeysuckle plant (unfortunately it didn’t survive) like the one you show – it was called Bubblegum – don’t know if it’s the same species but maybe you can research it. Judy – Texas

  48. The Corner Zoo says

    I love every one of your tablescapes, such lovly colors and so inspiring. I’m new to all this, is there some place I can get a tutorial as to how to start? Seeing all these lovely tables lifts me up.

  49. Nellie's Cozy place says

    Hi susan, wonderful tablescape, and your are so right that honeysuckle looked awesome, love that color!! Looked wonderful with your plates and made a sweet smelling savory incense type centerpiece. Everything looks marvelous as always, Blessings, Nellie

  50. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    So beautiful! I could almost smell the gorgeous honeysuckle even though I haven’t seen any in a very long time! I loved them when growing up in Alabama! Thanks for hosting! Katherine

  51. Lovely post! And I am mounting a search in the Dallas area for that Pink Lemonade Honeysuckle! I MUST HAVE SOME FOR MY YARD!!! Thank you!!

  52. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    Susan, I don’t think I ever recall seeing a honeysuckle tablescape. Yours is beautiful!

  53. So I’m looking through your tablescape for honeysuckle. On the napkin rings? No. Behind the gorgeous floral arrangement? No. Finally it dawns on me your honeysuckle isn’t small and white. Well done.

  54. Hi Susan, the Honeysuckle have a great color and you made as always a beautiful table. All ist so pretty, especially the dragonflies. Thank you for hosting this great event. Best greetings, Johanna on The Lure of Honeysuckle: Welcome to the 191st Tablescape Thursday!
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  55. The honeysuckle growing on the side of our house smells heavenly too. I’ve had your variety before but I don’t remember the name either. Your centerpiece is beautiful with those dishes and the bunny cups are really cute. Thanks for hosting.

  56. Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) says

    usan, “Oh my word” as a Southerner would say… I LOVE Honeysuckle, and yours are GORGEOUS! I have never seen honeysuckle in such gorgeous colors! Yours are deep pink/light pink/peach… What????!! I truly only thought that honeysuckle came in yellow. I guess I am a naive Greenhorn gardener. 😉 I love honeysuckle SO much (I even buy candles in that fragrance!) and I finally bought a tiny honeysuckle bush last year from ebay to try growing it. This year, the little bush is coming up nicely (no fragrance yet!) but I don’t know how it will fare here in CT (plus I do NOT have a green thumb). I hope it grows nicely with fragrant flowers! I will let you know what colors I get — like you care… you got your own honeysuckle to worry about!! LOL! Anyway, you are blessed with such a beautiful bush. So pretty. Best, Gloria P.S. I also LOVE your attractive charger plates… lovely colors!

  57. Wsprsweetly Of Cottages says

    I feel better now. I still have my bunnies out too. Spring calls for bunnies..but then so does summer..I have them everywhere and it’s nice. As always, your porch is stunning! The dragonfly napkin rings. I found some once and loved them..but..didn’t buy them and now wish I had. I never get tired of looking at your porch! NEVER!! 🙂

  58. Italian Luxury Furniture says

    Love it! the table setting alone can make you feel no hungry. Each tiny details depicts with luxury and elegance.

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