A Few of My Favorite Halloween Decorating Ideas & Detailed Tutorials for Creating Them

Happy weekend to you! Are you busy decorating for fall or Halloween? I’m not doing any decorating right now because I’m having the whole house and both porches pressure washed early next week, hopefully on Tuesday if it doesn’t rain. After that, the front porch will be getting a fresh coat of paint.

So the most I’ve done so far is hang a wreath on the front door, but I thought it would be fun to share a few ideas from previous years. Before I get into today’s post, I had some folks asking about the napkins I used in yesterday’s table.

Halloween Napkins with Beaded Spider Napkin Rings


I purchased those over two years ago, but amazingly they are still available, although it looks like the supply is getting low now. You’ll find them here: Halloween Napkins.

Halloween Napkins


Hope you enjoy this little round-up featuring some fun Halloween decorating ideas!

Fun ideas for decorating a screened porch for Halloween…find this post here: Decorate a Screened Porch for Halloween


Porch Decorated with Crows for Halloween


Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat.

Will your trick or treaters brave your front porch if it looks like this? lol


You’ll find a tutorial for creating this look here: Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat.


A spooky hutch transformation…find it here: A Spooky Halloween Hutch.


Of all the Halloween tables I’ve created over the years, I think this one is still my favorite. You’ll find it here: Quoth the Raven, Nevermore.


This was a fun, fun look to create! I saved the pots so I can do it again sometime. I love the looked of pumpkin topiaries! You’ll find this porch here: Decorate with Pumpkin Topiaries for an Autumn Porch.


Eeek! It’s an invasion! See more about creating this look here: Decorate a Staircase for Halloween.

You’ll find mice similar to the ones I used available here: Mice for Decorating a Staircase.

Halloween Staircase with Mice and Pumpkins and Rats



Hope you enjoyed this little roundup! Happy Halloween to you!

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  1. Wow – love the birds on the front porch! I might brave the swarm, but I might carry a magic wand to make double sure I could get through! 🙂 Thanks for all the great Halloween inspiration Susan, and good luck with the pressure washing!

  2. Susan, I adore your front porch with all of the bats! What a clever lady you are! I especially love the upside down one just at the top of the door. We haven’t had trick or treaters in years, or I would go whole hog and decorate my front door this way. I was re-reading your Halloween decor posts – the mice on the stair risers – wonderful! And what about those ravens…Hmmm. Ravens are very smart cookies, (I mean birds), you know. I bet if you put those big boys outside, they would attract the real thing. I’m not really a big celebrator of Halloween, and there are no young ones in the house anymore, but your decorations are just over the top fabulous! Thank you for a most enjoyable post… and Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh my goodness Susan, I pick the front door the winner. Not into skeletons and creepy critters, but I’m so glad you are.
    Everything looks fundarntastic.
    I hope you will have fun with the kids. My give away this year is Capri Sun.
    Too many allergies, and they get enough candy from the other neighbors.
    Too bad fresh fruit is out.
    You scored big with your decorations.


    Love your website!
    You are very talented.
    Where did you buy the wreath with the face of a witch?
    It’s hanging on the front door. Or did you make it?
    Thank you.

  5. Raven in a cloche–that image comes to mind every Halloween. It’s a favorite.

  6. My favorite table is your “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore”! Love everything on the table. The bat covered porch is amazing. I remember seeing it on your posts and shared it with friends. That must have taken some time to decorate, but the result was memorable and Halloween perfect.

  7. Bats!!! The Ring doorbell sometimes catches a real bat trying to visit during the night — they fly right up and peer at it for a split second, and then fly away. Very creepy, especially with “night” vision! I don’t know what attracts them; maybe it’s the little red lights under the ring?
    “Once upon a midnight dreary, a bat flew in for a little peer-y…..” (Bad.)

  8. I remember all these posts of yours, Susan, and I love them all.
    Re-reading what you wrote even several years ago is like re-reading a good book that we love and cherish and take from the shelf now and then, to revive memories and revisit the most beautiful or meaningful passages… ♥
    I especially loved seeing those pumpkin topiaries and Mr. Scarecrow again.
    You know I love his hair… 🙂
    BTW and FYI Susan, it seems, something’s wrong with the link about those topiaries: it leads to the post titled “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!”? Not sure if this is happening only to me, though.

  9. Such over the top inspirations, Susan! A few years ago and as a craft project with my Grand Daughter did do the mice and they looked so cute on their H/W spiral staircase. As for the bats; since my Halloween theme is always witches did that as well for our front porch however used ‘craft foam’ for the bats (that with a warm iron you can crease/shape their wings as if in flight), suspended some with clear fishing line and attached them and the others with pieces of removable poster mounts. -Brenda-
    P.S.: For those interested I have since seen both sold in a kit as laser cut-outs done in lightweight poster board.

  10. Susan, I’ve been reading your blog for several years and that bat front porch is the idea that sticks in my “want to do” list most of all! I haven’t found the time to cut out all those bats yet – but the first Halloween after I retire in a couple of years will find my front porch full of bats! My daughter-in-law has one of those laser cutters and I think I’m going to team up with her to get the bats cut. Have a great weekend!

  11. I’ve always loved your bats…er…I don’t mean you are bats…er….

    Oh, and the staircase mice are a hoot (squeak?).

  12. Teresa Heaney says

    Susan, just wondering what color of red is on your beautiful door?

    • Thanks, Teresa! It’s Benjamin Moore, Heritage Red which is only available in their Aura line, I believe. It’s one of their heritage colors. I hope they never quit making it available.

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