A Patriotic Tea Party with American Grown Tea from the Charleston Tea Garden

Welcome to the 617th Tablescape Thursday!

Recently, Deonna, a BNOTP reader, hosted a wonderful patriotic tea in her home. Deonna loves American history so her beautiful Liberty Blue is a favorite, especially around patriotic holidays like we just celebrated recently.

Beautiful Liberty Blue China, Tea Set


Is this not stunning?! Wow!

Tea Party, Patriotic in Red, White and Blue


I love this pattern, so perfect for a 4th of July celebration or tea party!

Liberty Blue Dinnerware in Patriotic Setting


Deonna found her stemware in Dollar Tree. You all know how much I love using my DT wine glasses in table settings. I purchased a dozen for my daughter-in-law a while back and bought a few more last time I was there. We use it every time I visit.

It’s so pretty and you can’t beat the price! Occasionally, I find it in stock in a beautiful muted green, as well. So check your local Dollar Tree if you are in need of a lot of wine glasses for a party or gathering, but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Deonna served chilled strawberry soup at the start of this lovely dinner. Sooo perfect for hot summer weather!

Patriotic Tea Party with Liberty Blue China


Deonna said, “The toile centerpiece is a cloth “Williamsburg Toile” napkin from Colonial Williamsburg, fitting for Independence Day! My 16-year-old daughter made chicken salad croissants, tomato sandwiches with tomatoes from her garden, white chocolate raspberry scones with homemade Devonshire Cream, chilled strawberry soup, and iced peach tea with freshly pureed South Carolina peaches. My other daughter made a coffee cake. We purchased the lemon cake and mini quiche.

Tea Party in Red, White and Blue


This is just sooo pretty and can you believe Deonna said that they cut some corners this time. This is cutting corners?! lol I don’t see any corner-cutting going on here! It’s perfect!

Tea Party in Red, White and Blue


Regarding the tea Deonna served, she said, “Only American tea for today because we threw the rest in the harbor. 🙂 With the Minute Men, Betsy, & Paul Revere watching. Have you ever been here? It is the only tea “garden” where tea is grown in America. I love going to visit!”

Deonna was referring to the Charleston Tea Garden. I’ve never been there but I would love to visit one day! Thanks so much, Deonna, for telling me about it!

Have you ever been to the Charleston Tea Garden?

Beautiful Liberty Blue China, Tea Set


Thanks to Deonna for sharing this wonderful 4th of July celebration tea party! This was such a treat to see and share! I hope Deonna will share more of her special tables in the future so I can share them here with you!

Tea Party, Patriotic in Red, White and Blue


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked below for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. What a lovely tea idea, and a starter of strawberry soup is brilliant! Thanks Susan and Deonna!

  2. franki parde says

    That was just teamendous!! FANtastic thoughtful menu, too!! Another cuppa, please…franki

  3. Selma Kessler says

    Oh my gosh, I so love a tea table! Love, love, LOVE the blue and white toile with the red! Beautifully set, Deonna! And the chilled strawberry soup sounds divine! Thank you for sharing, Susan!!

  4. Brenda Bodnar says

    There is nothing like a lovely tea! My husband and I visited a place called the Charleston Tea Plantation a few years back. I’m wondering if it is the same place — the Plantation was delightful and the teas were delicious. I’m getting thirsty for a cuppa! I’ll have to see if I can order the tea online.

  5. Regality3 says

    I never thought about it before, but this is enlightening: https://specialtyteaalliance.org/world-of-tea/us-grown-tea/

  6. Donna’s table is beautiful, and the food looks and sounds wonderful. I love transferware, blue most of all, and that Liberty Blue is just gorgeous and so perfect for Independence Day. I haven’t visited Charleston Tea Plantation yet but I’ve enjoyed their tea and have it on my list to visit one day.

  7. Everything is lovely and the food looks delicious, especially the strawberry soup. Gorgeous china! Funny that you shared these pictures! I’ve been searching antique stores, eBay, and Etsy all summer to collect a set of these dishes! The only reason I haven’t acquired a complete set so far are the shipping charges and condition. Silly me I want them in perfect condition and I hate paying more in shipping than the dishes cost. Besides I love having something to search for and a reason to visit antique stores and flea markets. I’m looking forward to getting a set and inviting a few of my DAR friends for lunch. Wish we could visit the Charleston Tea Plantation. Thanks Susan and Deonna for sharing.

  8. Deonna and Susan, I have the Liberty Blue dishes too and love to use them for patriotic holidays — including Presidents Day. But, I don’t have the wonderful teapot or sugar. My sistah lives in Charleston, and I have had the pleasure of visiting the plantation and enjoying those teas. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I’ve often shared those settings here on Tablescape Thursdays

  9. Deonna’s patriotic table setting is so very pretty. I love transferware the best and the teaset is gorgeous !
    I have the rest of the dinnerware, but for tea time I have a complete red transferware with 12 teacups and saucers, 12 cake plates, 2 teapots, sugar bowl and two creamers, plus a beautiful oval tray and two bowls. I did fix my patriotic table with some transferware too.
    Thank you for sharing and for hosting for us.
    Keep safe, and happy.

  10. Christine Anderson says

    I have some of those dishes as they were available at a local market when I was young married, probably in the seventies! Bless her for recognizing our wonderful and valuable history!

  11. I highly recommend a visit to Charming Charleston, although I had no idea they had a tea garden. We went last fall and really enjoyed the downtown and a plantation tour.

  12. Mary Lou Holland says

    Too fun to read in your blog another place near where I live… Dorothy Lane Market, in Ohio, and now, Charleston Tea Plantation near me
    on Wadmalaw Island just south of Charleston!!

    Very patriotic table setting! I’m going to look for those DT wine glasses!! Thanks for sharing, Susan! I always enjoy your posts!
    Mary Lou
    Kiawah Island, SC

  13. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Wow, Deonna’s home looks like a tea room with that table setting! Those dishes are stunning and perfect for patriotic holidays. I’m in love with them. My co-workers and I always went to tea rooms at different times and they don’t have anything on the food that Deanna and her daughters made. It all looks so yummy and well executed. I bet that strawberry soup was amazing as I’m sure was the fresh peach ice tea. Yeah, I don’t know about cutting corners, as I don’t see anything that was cute either. Wow, I’d love to go to the Charleston Tea Garden myself! Didn’t even know it existed. How cool and fun! Thanks for sharing this with us Susan. I can imagine Deonna and her girls had a great time getting this tea feast together! Hugs, Brenda

  14. I enjoyed seeing this tea so very much! The food looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing with us!


  15. What a funny coincidence – my tea society “sisters” and I were group texting only yesterday about that very thing. One of us lives in SC and has always wanted us to meet up there (teaplantation) and do a visit of Charleston.

    We promised one another that as soon as it is truly safe to travel we would do so. We are tired of the “maybe one day” chats and want to put in some action soon as we are able.

    Her tablescape is absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful collection.

    Oh, and I use my DT green stemware all year long. I had blue but sold them when I sold all my red white and blue stuff a few years ago. It was nice to have but we are almost always at the lake house on the patriotic holidays and I needed the space for more teacups LOL.

    Stay safe, stay well. Hugs.

    • Michele, let me know when you guys do that and if I can, I’ll meet you there. I’m not a hot tea fan but I do love iced tea.

  16. Jenny Young says

    Oh my goodness…The Dollar Tree! Was this recently? I’d love to find some.

    • Jenny, I purchased some additional ones for my daughter-in-law while I was in Ohio (after I broke one–oops) and that was just a couple of months ago. Dollar Tree seems to stock them quite regularly. I have them in both blue and green and LOVE them. So if you don’t find them in one DT location, check another one.

  17. BOBBI DUNCAN says

    I’ve never been, even though I’ve visited nearby Charleston many times. Debbee’s Buzz blog turned me on to this lovely Liberty Blue china. I only have 4 of the DPs & 5 of the Betsy Ross bowls thus far. I think they are so perfect for any patriotic tablescape. Deonna’s tea party looks fabulous! I’m looking into why your emails to me get thrown back. We do have high security on our computers, so that may be the issue. Hugs!

    • lol I know it’s such a mystery. It doesn’t like me for some reason. Thank goodness my replies here get to you, just not when I try to reply from my gmail. There may be a way you can add [email protected] to your address/contacts so that it won’t do that.

  18. Helene Reid says

    I have found beautiful wine glasses, some vintage, for under a dollar at yard sales. A weakness of mine. Several sets of 8 and 12. Running out of room

  19. Helene Reid says

    Beautiful setting and love the transfer wear dishes. I find vintage wine glasses at yard sales For under $1 and some are vintage sets if 8 or 12. A real weakness.

  20. Vicki R Mihm says

    Loved the Patriotic tea party. My husband and I visited the Charleston Tea Garden 2 years ago. We take have been making an annual trip to Charleston for 12 years. There is so much to see and we have no trouble finding interesting places to visit. We enjoyed our tour of the Charleston Tea Garden taking both the trolley tour of the fields and the factory tour. We had no idea that this is the only tea company in the US. It is worth the trip. Say hello to Waddy the Frog when you visit.

  21. Thank You ladies for sharing this delightful post. Everything is beautiful. The food looks delicious.

  22. This is beautiful.I really enjoy going through all your beautiful posts.Thank you

  23. I guess my invitation was lost in the mail (again!). Would have loved to be there. Beautiful setting as well as lovely presentation of foods. And a delectable menu, it was. Thanks for sharing, Deonna.

  24. Emily Ann Mayer says

    This is a gorgeous table setting! I have a few Liberty Blue pieces I like to mix and match with different dinnerware, but Deonna designed a lovely table-and those tea treats look so good!!

    One of my goals is to visit South Carolina and visit the Charleston Tea Plantation. I am a die-hard loose leaf tea drinker, but when it comes to bagged tea, I buy Bigelow because it’s an American company, or Twinings (hey, if it’d good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for me! LOL!).

  25. This is beautiful and all the food looks yummy. Any possibility of getting a recipe for the chilled strawberry soup? I love anything strawberry!!

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