Bringing Home The Birkin

So last night and this morning I’ve been working on a “Favorites” post. That was one of the posts requested in the comments on my “Questions” post earlier in the week. It’s been a while since I wrote a Favorites post and I had so many things I wanted to share, I finally realized I needed to divide it up into two posts. So, this will be Part 1 and on either Monday or Tuesday, I’ll share Part II.

Recently I shared some hilarious moose mugs that are replicas of the ones Clark and Eddie drank from in the funny Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation.

Moose Mugs Scene in Movie, Christmas Vacation


They come in a glass style here: Glass Moose MugsChristmas Vacation Moose Mugs


And an acrylic style seen here: Moose Mugs

Moose Mugs non-breakable


I ordered 6 in the glass form: 4 for myself and 2 for my son and dil. I also ordered 2 acrylic ones for my two grandsons. Here’s an example of each below. The one on the left is acrylic and the one on the right is glass. I’m not sure if we’ll use them for eggnog or some other drink, but I’m sure we’ll have to drink a little eggnog out of them for nostalgic reasons since that’s what Clark and Eddie are drinking in the movie. πŸ™‚

So, I have this dilemma: the acrylic size on the left comes in a bigger 8 oz size, which I really like. The glass ones (shown on the right) are only available in the 4 oz. size. If you’re only drinking eggnog from them, that’s probably big enough since eggnog is so rich.



You can really see the dramatic size difference in this photo. There’s a big difference between 4 ounces and 8 ounces, isn’t there?



Another big difference between the glass mugs and the acrylic mugs is that the smaller, 4 oz size on the right is very heavy, you definitely wouldn’t want to drop one on your foot!

The larger acrylic mug (seen on the left) is much lighter and probably more comfortable to hold, but I don’t like the moose face on the acrylic as much as I do on the glass mugs. I wish they had made the moose face on the acrylic mug more like the face on the right, but they are made by two different companies. The smaller, heavier, glass version on the right (with the cuter moose face) is the “Officially Licensed National Lampoon” mug, where the larger acrylic mugs are not. The cost of each glass is very similar, so that’s not really a factor.

So, should I stick with the heavy glass, 4 oz version for the adults, which will mean a lot of refills since they are so small. Or should I go with the bigger, acrylic mugs for the adults (like I’m doing for the kids) which hold a lot more and are a bit easier to hold since they’ve not as heavy, but don’t have as cute a moose face? What would you do? I hate decisions like this, feels like there’s no right answer. Drat!



Pretty Garden Stool

I was in Home Depot recently and saw these really cute garden stools. Wouldn’t they be great outdoors beside a table or lounge chair? So pretty for a small outdoor side table.



Pretty Pebbles and Gems

Sometimes when I’ve used pebbles in my table setting centerpieces, folks ask where I found them. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Candlelit Dinner on the Porch with DIY Candle Holders)

Romantic Candlelight Tablescape in Silver and White


I noticed Home Depot had containers of pebbles, stones, gems, etc… in case you’re looking for those for your centerpieces and such.



For the Handbag Lover

Are you a purse or handbag lover? Ever heard of a Birkin? I had never heard of one until a couple of years ago. They are made by Hermes and are apparently the “it” bag for celebrities and serious bag aficionados. I don’t currently have plans to buy one because they are very, very expensive, but I love reading about them as I do all types of handbags.




A Birkin handbag is completely handmade by one artist from start to finish. I’ve read that a Birkin takes 20+ hours to make, depending on the size of the bag. Larger bags can take 30-40 hours to make! Consequently, new Birkin bags are not in tremendous supply. Often folks wait years and years to get a new one, if they ever get one at all.

If you were to walk into a Hermes store, you wouldn’t even know they existed because they don’t display them in the stores. From what I’ve read, there used to be a waiting list to get a new one, but supposedly Hermes did away with that.

Since Birkin handbags are so hard to come by, many folks pay several thousand dollars more to buy them on the preloved market. This is one of those rare handbags that costs more to buy used than to buy new, if it’s in great condition. If you are fortunate enough to be offered one while shopping in Hermes, you will probably have to take whatever color they have in stock since they are so hard to find.


Source: LA


One day I came across a book called, Bringing Home the Birkin. Have you read it? It sounded really good so I ordered it. Oh my gosh, I could not put it down! I literally read it in one weekend. It’s one of those stories where you can’t help but root for the underdog.

So without giving away too much about the book in case you want to read it, the author shares how he accidentally cracked the code and could buy as many Birkin handbags as he could carry on his shopping excursions to Hermes stores around the world. The books feels very personal as he shares what was happening in his own life at that time, too.



It’s an awesome book if you’re into handbags, love travel (the author does a lot of that) or just love seeing a mere mortal take on a big company and beat them at their own game. The book is very well-written and the author has a wicked, dry sense of humor, which I always love. You’ll find the book here: Bringing Home the Birkin, My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World’s Most Coveted Handbag

Need a Travel Mirror?

Recently, I was watching a YouTube video where the YouTuber was raving about a mirror like this one. I just ordered it so it hasn’t come yet, but I think it will be great for those times when I need some extra lighting and to get a closer view. Since it folds up, it should be great for travel, too.  I purchased it here: Lighted LED Travel Mirror

Update: My mirror arrived and it was just what I needed–very pleased. The little lights down the side shine through heart-shaped cut-outs. So cute!travel-mirror


Have a fabulous weekend, Friends! See you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Too much!! I cracked up…again…over the “moose mugs”…was that just the craziest movie evah!! And…I use pebbles “all the time” on the table…on the pathway to the boathouse…have you seen the ones that “stay lit at night??” I just luv em!! franki

  2. I was delighted to see the moose cups post. I had no idea they existed. I ordered the glass ones for my son for his birthday funny gift. I would only want the authentic 4oz. Glass mugs personally. Otherwise, in my opinion, the whole point would be lost.

  3. Susan, have you read how the Birkin got its name? Named after the actress Jane Birkin. I had a friend who waited for years and never got a Birkin bag! Loved this post

    • That is such an interesting story! I think what I read was the actress Jane Birkin was on a plane and everything spilled out of the straw bag she was carrying. Apparently, someone from Hermes was sitting beside her on the flight, was it the CEO? Anyway, she voiced how much she wished someone would make a better bag where things wouldn’t spill out and he decided to take up the challenge. I’m sorry your friend never got one. If I were to ever actually go so far as to want to buy one, I’m sure I would never get one either because I would want to choose my color. Most folks that get them seem to take whatever color is offered in the store, if they are lucky enough to be offered one. If I was paying that much for a bag, I’d definitely want to have a choice in the color. It just amazes me that you have to pay several thousand more to get them pre-loved, especially if you’re going for one of the more popular colors. I guess it’s all about supply and demand…and the supply is very limited!

  4. Kathy Roloff says

    Cute post Susan! Add more acrylic mugs and keep the glass ones. You can choose which one to use based on the drink you are serving. The larger one for a mxed drink with ice, the smaller for a hot drink like a Tom and Jerry. As far as the expensive handbags, I cannot share your enthusiasm. So much money! If you are tempted, buy a more reasonable bag and put the difference in your grandsons’ education account.

    • No, as I mentioned in the post, I don’t have any plans to buy one, but I do love reading about them, as well as other handbags/fashion. And loved the book! πŸ™‚

  5. I would go for more acrylic mugs. Other people would not realize the glass one had a different design. It would be easier to hold a beverage and you would not have to worry about it breaking. I have seen pebbles, stones, and a limited color assortment of gems at Dollar Tree.

  6. I think Rory received a Birkin bag as a gift from Logan in The Gilmore Girls TV show. I had never heard of them but Rory’s grandmother Emily Gilmore went on and on about the gift. I love your posts and follow you faithfully!

    • Pam, I wish I had watched that show when it was on, I think I saw just one or two episodes. That sounds like a hilarious one! That would have been me, I just became aware of them a couple of years ago.

    • Carol Hooper says

      That’s the first thing I thought of too Pam, when I saw the words Birkin bag!

  7. Would love to have the travel mirror with magnification, for we ladies “of a certain age”. Let us know if you locate one.

    • Brenda, if I see the travel style with magnification, I’ll let you know. I was in Marshalls this evening and they had the round kind that are on stand that flip around to a magnified side. I bought one since I could use one in my bathroom. It was around $12.

  8. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says

    No Birkin, but I do have a Hermes and I love it. So perfect for travel. It will fit cross body and holds a ton. It can almost be a one day travel bag.

    • Which one do you have and recommend, Marty? I was just thinking, they are probably a better investment than the stock market or sticking money ins a savings account that draws almost nothing because the bags keep going up in price. πŸ™‚

  9. You want the glasses for the cute factor, right? And the movie look. So why consider acrylic ones? Plus lots of acrylic can scratch worse than glass over time. Let the kids drink out of plastic! Use the adorable glass ones for adults, and pass the refills. They wouldnt be an everyday use, so go for class. Just my opinion…….

    • Yup, pretty much. πŸ™‚ I think I’ve decided to stick with the glass because it dawned on me as I reading all the comments, they are really more like “punch cups” than mugs (even though they are called Moose Mugs) because in the movie, the eggnog they drink is in a punch bowl. So that’s probably why they are so small, they are meant to serve like a punch or eggnog, and most likely one that’s been dosed up with something. lol I’ll keep the two acrylic for my grandkids because the others are just way too heavy for a child to manage. They would probably knock their front teeth out or drop it on their foot.

  10. Oh, please go for the glass, they are nicer in every way. They will be sturdier and won’t tip over. They will hold up being washed over and over again and last for years, plus they will really look pretty on one of you special tablescapes. The candle and Christmas lights will reflect and glisten like magic.

    • I agree, I’m going to stick with those. The acrylic are surprisingly sturdy and well made, not light-weight at all. But I do like the glass ones best for the adults. Oh, that sounds so pretty, Barbara…like that about the Christmas lights. πŸ™‚

  11. Diane Anderson-Edwards says

    I’m not a woman who cares one whit about handbags/purses. For me, they’re functional only, to carry keys, wallet etc. I live in California, have relatives who are in the acting profession, who have friends who have multiple Birkins. Supposedly, the Birkin was named after a French actress with that name. I had an idea to make a handbag in the honor of Ellen Barkin and call it the “Barkin.” It would have a lining with doggie paws on the fabric. Instead of being made in Paris, France, it would come from Perris, California, a small town in an area referred to as the “Inland Empire” (jokingly), about 90 miles or so from Los Angeles, and made by Herman, not Hermes. I do appreciate craftsmanship; however, paying thousands of dollars for a purse is ridiculous, IMO.

    • I love it! I would buy a ‘Barkin’ bag … could it have one of those embedded sound devices that makes a barking sound when pressed? You might make a mint off this idea πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚

    • Sandy Balogh says

      Diane you’re a hoot! You put a smile on my face this morning. LOVE your Barkin bag idea, I want one too. Your humor reminds me of a dear friend who moved away years ago, her Christmas letters mirror her humor, always a holiday treat.
      Susan, Thanks for the fun reads tip, ordered both on Amazon, when the weather turns chilly it will be perfect for curling up with a warm throw, hot drink and several good books. And….I vote for the glass Moose Mugs, there’s always refills:)

  12. I use the sea glass pebbles in my gardens. Looks cute!

  13. Oh yes, as a purse collector, Birkin would be nirvana. Did you know Christie’s sold one in May (2016) for $300,168?! It was expected to bring between $194,000 – $259,000. Cray cray!! I need to check out that book.
    I say go with the glass mugs. You’ll be glad you went with the official merchandise, I think. Happy Saturday.

    • Wow! It must have been crocodile and previously belonged to someone famous or something. I’ll have to google that to read more about it. I’m sure there are some folks who look at $300 thousand as chump change. It all depends on your means.
      You will love the book Rita, it is a hoot! I was sad to see it end. Unfortunately, the author hasn’t written any others. I wish they would make a movie out of it. It could be a really great comedy with some really intense moments like when he’s in the stores attempting to score some Birkins. Then there would be all the gorgeous scenery in Italy and France and Spain, etc… the places he travel to buy the Birkins. There would be fashion because he’s a dapper dresser and the parties/places he goes, folks would be dressed in high fashion. He also stays in some really amazing hotels and dines very well, so there would be that aspect. I can not imagine why no one has turned it into a movie by now.

  14. Handbags and shoes hold no lure for me, but if someone else loves them and has the money to spend on a fancy bag, why shouldn’t they? Different strokes for different folks. And I say set your dreams high, Susan, and get one some day!

    Also, I am a traditionalist and agree that I would only want the authentic, licensed moose mugs (and am the proud new owner of two, thanks to your post about them!)

    And really, 2 moose mugs for $40 is probably more foolish than a $20,000 purse; the purse will no doubt go up in value!

  15. Simple: if you are old enough for spiked eggnog, then you get a glass moose mug. Otherwise acrylic. Therefore you need more glass ones πŸ˜‰

  16. I vote glass, that other stuff scratches.

    The pocketbook, wow oh wow. That’s amazing! I had heard the name but really never got into handbags. I worked in accessories at Miller & Rhoads for two years and lost the enchanted feeling for handbags. Even their top of the line, very expensive bags were shipped in with repair kits! The sales people were expected to repair rather than ship back to the manufacturer. I won’t tell you what kind of handbag I carry!

    I like that travel mirror. I used to have a nice vanity mirror, I think I should get another. Have you ever done a post of makeup for gals over 50? Just curious what brands you prefer.

    Fun post!

    • Hi Mary,

      I’m from Viginia too and remember Miller & Rhoads! My family did not have the $$ to shop there but my parents took my sister and I to sit on Santa’s lap for a picture. M & R had a great Santa! My neighbor has a table cloth from the tearoom and uses it when she has her gal friends for tea.

    • Mary, you know what’s funny, I’m currently reading a book called Retail Hell and the author talks about that very thing. He had never worked in a dept selling handbags but that’s the dept. he got thrown into at Nordstrom. He mentions how the bags are shipped in with repair kits! Can you imagine paying thousands for a brand new bag that unbenownst to you was just repaired by the sales associate who is ringing you up. I would die if I found that out!
      My travel mirror came yesterday and I do like it! I think I may buy one to give my dil at Christmas as part of Christmas gifts.
      Thanks for sharing that story about your experience. Amazing!

    • Mary, forgot to answer your other question. No, I’ve never done a makeup post. This is probably going to sound crazy, but I just use drug store makeup because I’ve found over the years I like it as much (if not more) than the expensive brands. I don’t wear very much–just a bit of moisturizer, some mascara, sometimes a touch of blush and a little lipstick or lip gloss. Once in a blue moon, I’ll wear eye-shadow, but not very often. I also try to remember to wear sunscreen on my face (preferably the kind made for faces) and a hat if I’m going to be out in the sun for a while, like on a garden tour.

  17. eowana jordan says

    The photo of this alligator Birkin is pretty spectacular… I have an orange ostrich one I bought in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul… It wasn’t cheap.. but not THAT much so am sure it must b a knock off… I don’t care… I love it.. Grace Kelly is who made the Birkin famous.. when she got pregnant on the first night of her honeymoon and was a bit sensitive about it.. she hid her baby bump behind the Birkin.. Times are different now , eh?

    • Liz Rice-Sosne says

      Jane Birkin made the Birkin bag famous. Grace Kelly made the Kelly bag famous – the next Hermes bag to have.

    • I love the pattern of the ostrich ones. I didn’t realize she got pregnant on her honeymoon…that would be a little awkward, especially back in the day.

  18. It’s an easy choice for me between the acrylic and glass tumblers. I would pick the glass, because I personally don’t like drinking from acrylic tumblers and wouldn’t gift them to anyone. Just me.
    I am not a handbag afficianado, but have always known about the Birkin. It made me chuckle when watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, when the young snit, Rory, got a pink one as a gift from her rich boyfriend and she didn’t have a clue what it was. Hee.

    • Yep, I decided to stay with the glass because I realized they are probably small because folks normally drink rich eggnog or something spiked from them, so 4 oz is probably big enough.
      I do need the two acrylic for my grandsons until they are a little bigger. The glass ones are so heavy, you would knock your front teeth out if you were careless.
      Too funny about that episode, would love to see that one! πŸ™‚

  19. Forgot to add – love your blog – your posts are always entertaining as well as informative. πŸ™‚

  20. Susan…I just love your blog…so educational. To think I have been living in this world yea this number of years without a proper Birkin bag! Where have I been?! Guess I shall just have to stop shopping for my handbags in WalMart and move on up a bit! LOL! I think I will take a poll amongst my friends and find out how many DON”T have this valuable info. Just kidding! I do love your blog and look forward to all you share each day.

  21. Glad to see that Home Depot is carrying “pebbles and gems” … a one stop shop for many things….I love “window shopping” at the Hermes stores. Love the “moose mugs” Pros and cons with glass vs. acrylic….now if my granddaughter was still little, I would go for the acrylic!…Adults…glass πŸ™‚ but then again, I guess it all hinges on the size you prefer…

    • I know, that’s about all I do, window shop and drool. πŸ™‚ I do have a couple of their enamel bracelets which I love since H is my monogram, but that’s all my budget will afford from their. I love their wool/cashmere blankets, may have to save for one of those.
      Thanks, Shirley…so appreciate your input!

  22. I love the looks of the Kelly bag and the Berkin bag. But, I wouldn’t pay so much for it. I love purses and shoes but I won’t pay over $100 for either.

    • I have a hard time paying big $ for shoes because they take such a beating and they wear out. I could handle paying more for a handbag that’s an iconic style than for shoes, so I totally agree Marge!

  23. Go with the glass mugs, they’re authentic and refills aren’t that much trouble. If you have a mixed drink just use a “splash”. Ha!

  24. I have to say that reading your blog is very educational …who knew about handbags and shoes and travel items and the like that you have introduced me to. I am not sure about the mugs and I don’t know much about eggnog either but I thought it might have alcohol in it…so really after have a few glasses of it would anyone really know what the moose looked…just a thought.rls

    • That is so true, I started thinking about that later. Eggnog is so rich and chances are that drinks served in these glasses are going to be spiked. lol So 4 oz is probably more than enough! Good point!

  25. I googled “Birkin” when Martha Stewart was in court for her stock scandal and journalist were appalled that she was in court with her Birkin. I fell in love with it. I am not a purse person and honestly shop about twice a year for clothes because I hate shopping. Needless to say a Birkin is way out of my price range but I’d love to have one.


    • lol I remember that! That probably wasn’t the best choice of handbags for her to carry that day. Yeah, out of my range, too. Would have to save for quite a while to buy one, which would mean less traveling. Boo, hiss! πŸ˜‰

  26. Loved the post!

  27. FYI
    I got the mirror with lights… Thinking it would be great for travel
    However- the mirror is not magnify and the lights are not that strong -so it doesn’t really help at all.
    The little round mag mirrors with one light at the top that you can get in a drug store are much more powerful and cheaper. I’ve already disposed of the other mirror. Just more Chinese made junk.

    • Yup, this one isn’t a magnifying mirror. Mine just came today and the lights are pretty bright. I wonder if you got a different one or maybe one of the batteries in it was old. I love how the little LED lights down either side are heart shaped. πŸ™‚

  28. Although I love the movie “Christmas Vacation”, I don’t care for the moose cups. The garden stool is lovely, but I get such winds unless it is metal, it would not last. The pebble idea is cute, the travel mirror handy & love the Birkin, but way, way, way out of my price range. I have a vinyl knockoff, not nearly as nice, but then again I don’t carry a red bag that often.

  29. I make Martha Stewart’s eggnog recipe every Christmas, it is very stout Soooooooo, if you served that eggnog the glass smaller mugs make more sense. Try the recipe, it’s amazing. The glass moose cups are adorable.


  30. I vote glass, it’s a bit classier (yes, even in a Griswald moose cup). And having to get up for refills at a holiday party isn’t necessarily a bad thing lol! I love the acrylic for a kids table though – a lot of fun!

  31. The thing I hate about expensive bags is their weight. I refuse to carry a shoulder bag that starts out heavy and becomes unmanageable after adding a wallet and a tube of lipstick. I have a collection of Vera Bradley bags that I love…lightweight, pretty patterns and colors, and in most cases, washable. And an alligator didn’t have to die

    • Yeah, Birkin bags can be quite heavy from what I’ve read. It definitely wouldn’t be a bag that you would take out when you’re doing a lot of walking for the day. I prefer cross body bags for days like that. If it makes you feel any better, the Birkin alligator/croc bags are very rare. Most Birkin bags are made from regular leather.

  32. Susan, I am no fan of alligators. It looks like my smiley face emoji didn’t show up in my post. I live in a region where alligators are becoming a menace. I think they need to come off the endangered list. I had an alligator purse when I was young ( and it was affordable).

    • Oh, gotcha! πŸ™‚ I tell ya, after hearing about the crocs in Africa and how vicious they are to the Wilderbeest and Zebras trying to cross the Mara river, I don’t have a lot of love for those either, although I know everything has to eat. They are vicious and appear to be in plentiful supply there. I’ve heard the alligators can be quite dangerous in the Florida, also.

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