Hunter Royal Horticultural Society Garden Boots & Other Fabulous Finds

A few years ago I discovered Hunter boots and it’s been a serious love affair ever since. This obsession started off innocently with a pair of their Classic Tall Gloss Rain Boots in the color red. You may have noticed them in some of the photos I’ve shared here on the blog, like this porch scene from this past fall.



I have this uncanny talent of discovering something I really love about a year after it has been discontinued. Remember the infamous Barbour birding shirt that I mentioned many posts back. I still think about and search for it every now and then on eBay. Someone must have purchased this shirt but never wears it! lol Yes, the dream lives on! πŸ˜‰

Photo from

So, it happened again. A year or two back I discovered that Hunter had made their boots in one of my favorite colors, a pretty aqua that everyone calls, Tiffany Blue. I loved the color the moment I saw it but alas, they were sold out everywhere. Drat!

I’m not sure why but a few months ago on a lark, I decided to check eBay again. I found a seller who had it and in my size. She had excellent feedback so I decided to take a chance. They were kinda pricey but not too bad for an item that’s no longer available.

Photo from eBay where I purchased my boots


The seller I purchased my boots from is super nice and recently she emailed to let me know she had another hard-to-find Hunter boot available. She thought I might be interested because she knew I enjoyed gardening from our previous correspondence.

Oh my! It turns out that Hunter partnered with the Royal Horticultural Society and using some historic floral designs, created the most beautiful garden boot. It’s part of their “Field” collection.


I found the following information about this collection at the Hunter website:

An exclusive collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society, Hunter was granted access to their Lindley Library Archive to select historic floral paintings to create footwear that combines performance, comfort and heritage.

The only brand to use works from the RHS on footwear, Hunter has brought together a series of watercolours dating back to the 19th century, featuring wildflowers and plants that form the unique designs.

The floral print on the boot is made of different works from two artists. The first featured on the boot, is artist Lilian Snelling, from her images of wildflowers. Praised for her work, in 1955, she was awarded the Victoria Medal of Honour by the RHS, granted to those who have given outstanding service to the society.

The second artist on the design is Caroline Maria Applebee, born in London in 1799. Though little is known about this talented artist, there are over 300 of her artworks in the Lindley Library Archive, which depict many rare and exotic plants.

This is one of the lovely historic floral paintings that Hunter found in the Lindley Library and used in the design of this beautiful garden boot.


I ended up finding the boots for a much better price from another eBay seller located in Great Britain. Β She still has a few left but I think they may only be in size 7. But take heart because I found them in another place in a few more sizes.

If you wear a size 7 and would like a pair of these, you’ll find the seller I purchased them from here: Hunter Royal Horticultural Society Boots.Β I think this boot originally sold for $175, a little more than Hunter boots normally do. I guess that’s because it was a special edition. The seller I purchased them from in that link above, is actually selling them for less than the original price and even with shipping, it works out to be less.

If you don’t wear a size 7, there are still some available here in limited sizes: Hunter Royal Horticultural Society Boots.

I’m just in love with this boot! My daughter-in-law, Nancy, wears a size 7, so I snagged a pair for her, as well. The eBay seller shipped super fast. Nancy’s were just shipped on Friday and they are due to arrive via UPS on Monday…all the way from Great Britain! Mine arrived almost that quickly.


By the way, Hunter has a lot of their boots on sale right now, including this sassy, pink/fuchsia color. You’ll find these and the other colors that Hunter has available here: Hunter Boot Sale.


Spring Clothing Sale

As soon as this post goes up, I’m headed over to Talbots. They have a big sale going on, plus they have a 25% off sale on their new spring clothes with the code CA25.


It’s the spring clothes that I’m eager to see. I’m in love with everything I’ve seen in their recent catalog. Here are just a few of my faves:

This jacket is perfect for a work day, but I could see pairing it with jeans, too. It’s available here: Jacket


I LOVE this rain coat! I don’t always look great in yellow, but I’m going to try it on because I love this color! Hopefully it’s a dark enough yellow that it will work.


Look how cute it is from the back! It’s available here: Raincoat. It also comes in red and navy, both really cute!


Adorable rhinestone anchor sweater…I love anything with anchors or a nautical motif. It’s available here: Sweater.


Cute lobster shirt…great for a beach trip! It’s available here: Lobster Shirt.


These sneakers are soooo cute! They would be great with white slacks or shorts! They are available here: Sneakers.


I love these slacks. I want to try them on today. I’m so short, not sure if they’ll work for me, but I going to try them. They are available here: Button-Ankle Pant.


Also, love these sailboat pants! If it’s nautical, I can’t resist! These are available here: Sailboat Pants.

Ummm, maybe it’s time to plan a Greek Island trip, this wardrobe would be perfect for a trip like that!


This cardigan is such a pretty color and it looks so comfy. Oh my gosh, I love their spring line this year! It’s available here: Cardigan.


Happy Weekend, Friends! It’s gorgeous here and I’m headed out to enjoy it and a bit of shopping. See you on Monday!



During my visit, I bought these in both yellow and white. They fit great! They have some stretch so they are super comfortable and not ridiculously low cut in the front like some pants are made these days. Love them! They have them online in 7 different colors here: Pants.

The above pants also come in a curvy style, which I find fits better if you have more of a curvy shape. You’ll find that style here: Pants. I just ordered a couple of pair in the curvy to compare with the ones I bought in person. The yellow is such a pretty color…just love it!

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  1. Oh my…be still my heart…those Hunter Botanical boots are to die for !

    Susan, I wear a size 7.5. Should I order a size up or down?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Those button-ankle pants are too cute! I hope they worked for you and you snagged a pair. You know, for that Greek Island trip :0

  3. Be Careful with The High Gloss Rain boot by Hunter !!! My friend tripped and split open her head in a because the high gloss when they touch each other as you are walking “grabs” and will send you flying forward. She immediately called Hunter and they said they have gotten comments about this.

    • Oh, wow…I’ll be sure to watch for that. I guess their regular ones would be less prone to that. These aren’t very high gloss, they are more of a low-luster look.

  4. Marlene Stephenson says

    I thought it was a cute thing to say, have a great day.

  5. Linda Page says

    Wish I had been with you at Talbots to see the saleslady’s face!!! I know that you LUV YOU SOME TALBOTS!!!!! I found a cute hoodie cardigan at TJMaxx and immediately thought of you… was gray with medium size navy anchors all over it!!! I would have gotten one for you but they only had large and x-large sizes! Super cute. Maybe you should check out your TJMaxx. I just found out that our local Tractor Supply store sells Sloggers! OMG! I am in trouble! I love mine (got them when you did the post on Sloggers) and have been thinking about a second pair.

    • I do! lol I’m serious, I’ll be in major trouble if they ever close. They have my number, I love almost everything they come out with and the quality is almost always awesome, definitely better than a lot of places these days.
      That’s awesome! I wonder if we have a Tractor Supply anywhere around here. I’ve never seen one but surely we do.

  6. Richard (in Charlotte, NC) says

    I can just see the face on that sales lady; you are a hoot. I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. I hope we get more rain here in Charlotte, North Carolina than we did last year. My garden dried up and whithered away in the heat.

    • Thanks, Richard! πŸ™‚ I need to get out there and water my shrubs, we haven’t had any in a while either. Thanks for mentioning that, I had forgotten again.

  7. lol I, too, would be naked if Talbots went out of business!

    I am short and plus-sized, and Talbots is just about the only store who carries a large variety of petite-plus clothing so I am able to shop there and not need any alterations. My local Talbots doesn’t carry any plus sizes so I shop online.

    Ladies, if you’re like me, like a little teapot short and stout, hie thee to and order a couple of things, especially since the winter things are marked down so much you won’t be taking much of a risk. And you can return online purchases at their brick-and-mortar stores so you won’t have the hassle and extra expense of returning something if it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it.

    • Dawn, I love how they carry both the misses and petites, too. A lot of times the pants in the misses dept that are meant to be crop, are perfect for me as full length pants, with no hemming required. I don’t know if I have short arms or what, but when a misses sleeve is too long, the petite works great. So I shop on both sides. The styles are all so flattering, no matter the size.
      I like to do that too with stores that are nearby, makes it so convenient to return something. πŸ™‚

  8. I love the watering can. Can you tell more about it?

  9. Hi Susan,

    I love Hunter’s boots too. You might also look at Ilse Jacobsen and Aigle. They both have fun stylish rain boots, especially Ilse Jacobsen. I don’t believe you can order Ilse directly from their website, as they only ship to Scandinavian countries, but Nordstrom does carry them, along with other retailers. (And by the way, I am not in any way affiliated with either Ilse or Aigle. I just happen to like their products. If you give them a try, let us readers know what you think.)

  10. The navy jacket is nice, I bought a similar one last spring but it is longer. A new order from Talbots coming this tuesday…It includes two pairs of the superga tennies, I picked white and navy. They do look comfy. I love all the boots, especially the blue. Somehow did not get the gardening gene to justify them. I really admire how handy you are with gardening and repairs.

    • Thanks, Jillian! I have to look for those shoes, I don’t think I’ve seen those. They are out of my size in the cute blue and white ones. How can they be out of 7s already! lol

      • Doesn’t that just bug you? There was a cute pair of red suede flats with ankle straps and bows I really wanted…sold out immediately I guess, even though I called on the day the catalog came. I think people in the east get the catalog sooner than here in the west. Still, I was quite happy to find two jackets for $55. each that had been $159 originally, so that is nice.

    • Just realized the superga are the same ones. You were smart to order when you did!

  11. Hello again, Susan. I forgot to mention Joules has a nice selection of fun rain boots. They have a website. You can also find them at Nordstrom and other brick and mortar retailers. (Can you tell I’m a shoe girl?!)

    • Oh, I love Joules. I haven’t tried their boots yet, but I have one of their raincoats and it’s great. They do have really cute boot styles. I was amazed how fast they ship too…when I ordered my coat. Thanks for the reminder, Lisa!

  12. Those boots are lovely. Some of those boots tend to be slippery when it is wet outside.

  13. Anne Shaheen says

    Susan, I have an original pair of Hunter boots in black that I purchased eons ago. Many hours of wear while gardening, but they still clean up pretty good. i call them my firemens’ boots.

  14. Where did you get the adorable pillow on your porch?

    • I’ve had it so long, I don’t remember now…and I just checked, there no brand tag on it. I bet it came from HomeGoods, TJMax or Marshalls. They have similar type pillows throughout the year.

  15. This was such an enjoyable issue! I went to most of the merchants too and had to physically restrain myself from buying anything! It was all up my alley!

  16. Did you get the inside out umbrella yet, that you mentioned in one of your posts maybe last week or before?
    If so do you like the handle?

    • Yes, I ordered two for me and two for my son and dil. I really do like the handle. It’s super easy to open and close and it will even stand up when closed, which is pretty cool. I think it’s an amazing design. Wish I had thought of it! lol

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    Beautiful boots, love the pretty flowers! I’d be afraid to get them dirty. haha I have a very cute pair of black mid thigh boots with different colored polka dots from Tractor Supply and they work great too. I believe they were under $30.00 which is really great for my budget. Check them out Susan as you could for sure wear those in the yard and get them muddy and have no worries. Loved the rain coat and sneakers also. Happy Shopping! πŸ™‚ Oh, P.S. Saw the Lion King at the Detroit Opera House yesterday and it was WONDERFUL!!! When the giraffes walked out across the stage, I almost screamed with joy! I thought about you seeing the real ones and I was so happy for you and your wonderful Africa trip. The costumes, the music, the “moving animals” were absolutely fantastic!! If you ever get a chance to take in this awesome stage production, you need to go. Also, I think of all your trips, I have enjoyed Africa the most!

    • lol I know, I’ve been thinking the same thing. I might scratch the flowers! πŸ˜‰ They are amazing creatures, Cyndi! You need to plan a safari, it’s a trip you never, ever forget! It sounds wonderful! I need to go to the theater more, we have a new “Arts Centre” here just a few miles from my home and yet I never go. I should really make that more of a priority.
      Thanks, Cyndi! I’ll be going back to Africa next month, the northern part this time. πŸ™‚

  18. My neighbor has those sassy, pink/fuchsia color boots and they look great on her. She wears them in winter with the snow too. I hope you never stop shopping Susan! I love these posts. I just ordered the white pants with the buttons on the ankle.

    • Thanks, DC! Those white pants are sooo cute!
      I’ve gotten a bit more into fashion in the last few years and I really do love it. I’ll be doing a post sometime in the next few weeks about what I’m packing for Morocco. Have no idea right now what I should take, especially since the days are pretty warm and the nights are quite cold.

  19. Linda Nixon says

    Santa brought my 18 year old granddaughter the pink/fushia hunter boots for Christmas. I will warn her about the “danger”. I know she had asked for them but haven’t heard how she likes them. Santa found them on sale at Belk’s before Christmas.

    • I bought those for my dil for Christmas, too. She really loves Hunter boots, especially since she lives where it gets quite cold and snows off and on all winter. I love that pink color! I bet your granddaughter loves them!

  20. Linda Nixon says

    I shop at Cracker Barrel often and last summer on the way home from Cape Cod we stopped to eat and I found a darling pullover sweater navy with a large whitish color anchor on the front. Goes well with a pair of jeans that I have that have tiny anchors all over. Cute Cute. Had also found a short sleeve t shirt in navy with an anchor on it at Old Navy. They had to order it from another store and for $1.00 more they would sell me 2. Love it. Cracker Barrel also had side by side tops with lobsters on them. I love going there. The carry my style and good prices. Launder well and keep their shape.

  21. I want some hunter boots. But I haven’t found the kind where it will fit my calf but not look like fireman boots around my ankles.

    • Jeri, check the Hunter website because they have come out with boots now that are adjustable in back. I think they had a lot of requests for those. Also, they have come out with boots that have a wider leg. Check out this page and you can see the adjustable style:

  22. Girl! Once again, you are spending my money! Almost commented on one of your posts last week when someone else said exactly the same thing! I so wanted those fuschia pink Hunter boots but it was not to be! Instead, purchased the adorable blue & white Superga tennies! Can’t wait for them to arrive!

    • lol Sorry about that, Vickie! I love those tennies! Unfortunately, they are out of my size. Glad you were able to get a pair, they are sooo cute!

  23. Susan, I’m familiar with Hunter boots. They have become the latest rage in Decatur,AL. Please tell this 50 something how & when you wear yours.
    The Hunter Horticulture Society garden boots I would probably sit on a counter just to admire all day, lol.

    • Yeah, I’m wondering if I’ll actually be able to bring myself the floral ones in the rain. lol They are sooo pretty, I hate to get them dirty! I’ve worn my red ones when it was raining and I was out running around on errands. I’ve worn them with my straight leg pants (with the pants down inside the boots) and with leggings/tights when I’m wearing a casual dress or skirt. They are probably easiest to wear with skinny jeans, leggings or tights because Hunter’s classic tall boot has a somewhat slender leg. But Hunter has come out with “wider calf” boots now and another style that’s adjustable. I haven’t bought any of those yet, but they look like they would be easier to wear with pants tucked inside that are straight legged, but not a skinny leg. They are really cute worn with a summer dress (and no tights, just socks) in spring when it’s rainy, but not cold. I have a spring/summer Lilly dress that I think will be cute with the Tiffany Blue colored Hunter boots I have, on rainy days in the spring. Hunter boots are even cute with shorts on rainy days. Check out some of the photos here to see some of the ways they are worn.

  24. Shopping at Talbot’s was always a dream, loved the style and clothes. My mother-in-law has always been a Talbot’s shopper and always looks great. Lucky me – we have a Talbot’s outlet where I work. I try and buy as much as I can. They have great clothes and style. I love the new navy/white jacket in the Spring collection. I would love to splurge since it’s $159. I just got a great deal on long sleeve tshirts for $10. I could drop a boatload in a hurry with no problem.

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