These Plates Are Almost Too Beautiful For Dining!

Welcome to the 748th Tablescape Thursday! I was so in the mood this week for a winter-themed table setting. One of my favorite dinnerware patterns that I love to use during the winter months is Lenox, Winter Greetings. It works beautifully for the holidays but is wonderful to use right through winter. Back in the day, Lenox made some stunningly beautiful accent plates to go with this pattern. I once shared images of those in a previous post many years ago, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever used the accent plates in a table setting. Definitely past time for that!

Lenox Winter Greetings for Winter or Holiday Dining


It was a beautiful day yesterday, one of those that started out with rain but soon turned into a bright, sunny day.

Winter Tablescape with Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates


Since my table has a winter/bird theme, I stuck a really big bird right in the center of the table. Ha!

Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates in a Winter Table Setting


I filled this pheasant vase, a Williams Sonoma find a few years back, with clippings from my nandina shrubs. My nandinas are looking rather poorly right now. I noticed my gardenia bushes looked terrible, too. I guess it was the bitter cold we had a few weeks back. I know the nandinas will recover, they grow like weeds, but I think it will take the gardenias a lot longer. They were the biggest they had ever gotten and were so beautiful this past summer. Hurts to see them so badly damaged from the cold.

Nandina and Berries for Winter Table Setting Centerpiece


When I first came across Lenox Winter Greetings Scenie accent plates, I thought to myself–can you really eat off these? The colorful scenes depicted on the plates reminded me of decorative scenic plates that are designed for display only.

Winter Table Setting with Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Cardinal & Nuthatch


Yes, they really were designed for dining. Their generous size makes them perfect for use as salad plates, dessert plates, or even buffet plates for a holiday or winter gathering.

Winter Table Setting with Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Cardinal & Nuthatches


I forgot to take a separate picture of the charger plate I chose for this winter setting, but here’s an image from a previous post. These Woodland Berry chargers from Williams Sonoma (several years back) work beautifully with the woodland backdrop in the Winter Greetings accent plates.

Woodland Berry Charger Plate for Christmas Table


I am such a big bird lover, these images absolutely melt my heart. I love them so much! ♥ This one depicts two adorable Nuthatches and a gorgeous male cardinal.

Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Cardinal & Nuthatch


The dark red/maroon dinner plates are from Dollar Tree many years ago.

Winter Table Setting with Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Chickadee & Goldfinch Birds


This precious Goldfinch is having a little visit with his two Chickadee friends. Chickadees can be so sassy! I read the funniest quote about them many years ago. I wish I could remember the author’s name, he often wrote birding/nature articles for a magazine I read back then. In one article, he humorously said, if Chickadees were the size of Bluejays, no one would ever go for a walk in the woods. Hahaha! I love that because it’s probably true! When I go out to fill the feeders, there’s always at least one Chickadee sitting in a nearby tree, scolding me and telling me to hurry up and get those feeders filled! I guess when you’re that small, you gotta be feisty to make it in this birdie world.

Lenox, Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Chickadees & Goldfinch


I love this one depicting a Cedar Waxwing with a beautiful Eastern Bluebird.

Winter Table Setting with Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Cedar Waxwing & Eastern Bluebird


I have Eastern Bluebirds nesting in my birdhouses every spring and they come to my deck for mealworms throughout winter, but I’ve only ever seen a Cedar Waxwing in my garden once that I can remember. Their territory is much further north, I believe.

Bluebird Taking Mealworms Back To Babies


Maybe if I planted more berry-bearing shrubs and trees, I’d get Cedar Waxwings visiting more often, at least during migration. I really need to research that and add more bird-attracting plants to my yard. Do you live where you see a lot of Cedar Waxwings?

Lenox, Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Cedar Waxwing & Eastern Bluebird


We have a lot of woodpeckers here in Georgia, including the Downy Woodpecker shown in this beautiful plate. He’s having a little visit with two beautiful House Finches.

Winter Table Setting with Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Downy Woodpecker & House Finch


I see both of these birds at my feeders almost every day.

Winter Table Setting with Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Downy Woodpecker & House Finches


The woodpeckers really love the peanuts that are mixed in with the seed I buy for my feeders.

Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Downy Woodpecker & House Finch


The pinecone our Downy Woodpecker is perched on was the inspiration for the napkin rings in this table setting. Pinecone napkin rings and the red velvet-edged linen napkins were from Pier 1 many years ago. Hard to remember now where I found the paisley napkins.

Pinecone Napkin Rings, Winter Table Setting


A birds-eye view…of course! lol

Nandina Centerpiece for a Winter Tablescape


Hope you enjoyed this birdie-woodland-themed table setting. If you love these scenic plates and would love to collect a few, the best place/price that I’ve found them (since I don’t think they are still in production) is here: Winter Greetings Scenic Accent Plates. Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Winter Tablescape with Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates


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  1. Oh, I’ve never seen the Winter Greetings accent plates (that I know of)! I was lucky enough last winter to find a HUGE set of WG at an estate sale, but I talked the host into selling me just 4 place settings of dinner and salads (trying to show some restraint!). I love that pattern and your table today. Thank you for always inspiring (that’s a double edged sword, you know). 🙂

    • Girl, I don’t know how you resisted buying the whole set! I don’t think I could have left any behind. I’m glad you got 4 place settings!
      lol I know what you mean, I have the same problem when I visit the links…so much temptation!

  2. So pretty. Perfect for these gray days and the long month of January.

  3. Cowgirl Diva says

    Lovely….JUST LOVELY..!! Thanks for sharing..!!

  4. Susan, I love having special winter plates that cheer me up. I wish I had added those Woodland Berry chargers. I see lots of possibilities for those! Thanks for hosting us. My Valentine table is nontraditional. Hope you’ll stop by to visit.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I fell hard for those as soon as they came out, but wasn’t sure exactly how I would use them. I’m surprised how often they do work in table settings, though.

  5. Your table is beautiful Susan, the plates are so pretty and I love your centerpiece of nandina clippings. It is cozy and inviting with the tablecloth providing the perfect background for the place settings. Just a lovely winter spot to enjoy! Thanks for the tabletop fun today~

  6. I treated myself to a Christmas present this last year, and purchased Winter Greetings to use when my son and his family visited for the holidays. It made such a lovely table for our Christmas dinner, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy these gorgeous dishes for many years to come. Thank you for the weekly inspiration! Taking the time to set a pretty table really does add to the enjoyment of everyday life. Blessings to you.

  7. I agree with you; those plates are each one a lovely little work of art! The artful way you combine them with your other lovely pieces is just stunning! The nandina in your arrangement is enviably beautiful to this northern girl!!

    • Thanks so much, Merri Jo! Do you guys have nandina there? There are so many different varieties. I just read recently that Nandina Domestica, which is what have, is actually poisonous to birds…I had no idea. I only have two shrubs and hopefully, my birds know better than to eat the berries. Birds are usually good at knowing what not to eat. I need to plant some berry-producing shrubs that birds can eat.

  8. Love this table settiing. The bird plates are gorgeous! I also love birds and am always attracted to “bird” themed items. I live in Maryland and we get Cedar Waxwings during their migration (to/from somewhere) but only for a day or two before they are gone. They are beautiful birds!

  9. Beautiful table setting! I love Chickadee’s and wish they were our state bird here in Michigan instead of the Robin who goes south for the winter. The Chickadee’s stay and are so gorgeous in the snow….and they are tiny, which I love. Thank you for the beauty on this lovely winter’s day!

    • Oh, the Chickadee should be your state bird since the robins leave! I wonder what state has the Chickadee as its bird. Georgia’s is the Brown Thrasher, which is kinda funny because I don’t see them here that often. I had one that used to regularly come to eat mealworms. They must not frequent feeders very much, which is probably why I never see them.

  10. seeing those plates made me think that someone out there should make puzzles using those scenes. I think they would make wonderful puzzles and a joy to make. Love the plates. rls

  11. I love birds and dishes so this post is right up my alley! I have a set of WG, but I’ve never seen the accent plates. They are beautiful. I really don’t need any more dishes but sometimes I just can’t help myself! I live in a heavily wooded area and we have pileated woodpeckers. What a beautiful sight and the sounds they make are something else.

    • I love the Pileated ones! Sheree, do your Pileated woodpeckers make their calls as they are coming closer? I have a pair who visit my suet feeder and I can tell that they are on their way because they start calling out about 3-4 minutes before they arrive. It’s so funny to hear them, it’s like they are warning all the other birds to clear out because they are on the way. They say birds are our only remaining/living dinosaurs and when you see a Pileated Woodpecker, it easy to see the connection! If you’re interested, you can see one of the ones that visit my suet feeder in this previous post:

      • I hear them in the woods calling each other, and sometimes climbing trees nearby in search of insects. Beautiful sights for sure, and I’m always so happy to see them. I keep binoculars close at hand.

  12. Love, love, love this post!! Your accent plates are not only stunning, but each one is a work of art. Thank you so much for sharing this table today. Made my day!

  13. Your table is stunning. Those plates are fabulous. I love Lenox china. Our wedding china is Lenox and I love that it’s manufactured in the USA. Your centerpiece is perfection for the table. Thank you for always bringing so much inspiration to my day. XO- MaryJo

  14. Beautiful table. The accent plates are just amazing. What a way to brighten a dreary winter day. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Susan, what sweet plates! We have both red-breasted and white-breasted nuthatches here in the yard, so fun to see! And cedar waxwings too…I think I read that they eat only fruit, though I swear I saw them eating seed. But they will forever be in my memory as thieves! One year I had the most gorgeous crop of winterberries….and I waited and waited for them to turn a deep shade of red to harvest for my holiday arrangements. One morning I looked out and said, ‘today is the day’!!! I noticed ONE cedar waxwing in the trees but thought nothing of it…..took my time to get out there and you guessed it…a whole flock had descended and ate every last berry in seconds. I could not believe it. I went without the berries that year!

    • Things are only funny after. I have a Loquat or Asian Plum tree. I never get to eat them because they disappear. Last year I put a plastic bag over a cluster and finally got some to eat.

    • Oh my gosh, that is too funny! They must have been really hungry and you gave the whole flock a wonderful meal. That’s amazing how fast they wiped them out. Winterberries are so beautiful in arrangements, I hope you were able to beat them to them the following year. I don’t think we can grow those here, seems like I looked that up once. I wish we could though!

  16. Oh Susan, these accent plates are so beautiful! You are right, almost to ptretty to eat from! Thanks so much for sharing them. Hope you are staying warm this winter. Today is cold and VERY windy here but we have had a pretty mild winter and NO snow! Amazing. XO, Pinky

  17. Your table is so beautiful. It really does reflect a wonderful winter season. Alas, no snowy scenes here in Florida. We do get a lot of birds, including a variety of woodpeckers. My favorites are all of the beautiful water birds and the sandhill cranes. I would agree, those plates are way too beautiful to eat off of! Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Sandra D, Jol says

    I bought the entire set of Winter Greetings. I believe I got a set every month. Lenox did send me offers for certain add on pieces but they never sent me that or the whistling tea kettle and other items. I’m really bummed and mad at Lenox now because I would love to have a set of those. I bought a few add on pieces off E-bay like the sleigh so I would have a matching centerpiece, a mixing bowl and a platter. I love the chargers but they’re no longer available. I’m retired and can’t afford the Ebay prices any more. I love my set though.

    • I can’t remember now where I saw these, if it was online or in the store. I purchased my 12 place settings in store, so I may have seen them there. The sleigh is so pretty!

  19. What a beautiful tablescape. The plates are gorgeous. Love the tablecloth and those goblets. Thank you for sharing/
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  20. I LOVE this table! Thanks for the funny bird info.

    You might enjoy this book, “Private Lives of Garden Birds” by Calvin Simonds. It is a charming, quick read filled with interesting secrets of eleven birds common to our gardens.

    • Oh, I will look for that. Hopefully there are no sad stories inside, I a big baby when it comes to stuff like that…which is why I almost never read books about animals. I love learning about birds–they are fascinating!

  21. I love all your birds on this beautiful table Susan – and Mr Pheasant, of course! The winter has been so hard on the garden this year. I hope yours comes back healthy and you have lots of blooms and branches for your yard and table. Thanks as always for the fabulous party. I do love the Valentines tablescapes. 🙂 Take care till next time!

    • It really has! It makes me sad to see the gardenias, they were so big and beautiful and really thriving. I wish I had been here to cover them up, but not sure that would have worked since it was really cold for several days.

  22. Ahh Susan. This is gorgeous! I’ve always loved the Lenox WG but I have never seen these accent plates before. They are so pretty – how can anyone not love birds – and you have styled them so beautifully with the nandina and pheasant centerpiece. I’m sorry to hear that the nasty cold spell damaged your plants and hopefully they will come back. This is such a beautiful table and anyone would be honored to have a seat here!

  23. Bobbi Duncan says

    Your table setting is so pretty…just love the birds! Except for a 2-day cold spell, we ‘re having a pretty mild winter so far. We just had our first snow on 1/23; big fluffy flakes, but it only lasted a couple of hours and melted right away due to the ground being wet from a previous rain. We love to watch snow falling & hope we’ll get more before spring comes. Winters are much warmer here than when Michael & I were growing up. Lakes that froze over for months, thick enough for ice-skating, have only frozen over once since I moved back here 23 years ago. We have many ponds in our area & I so miss seeing folks ice-skating as I drive by. It always reminded me of a Currier & Ives painting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful winter tablescape that reminds me of those snowy times. Hugs!

  24. Those winter-birds plates are fun and so appropriate for this time of year, a difficult time for decor ideas. And…”bird’s eye view” hahahaha

  25. Susan, this is another one of your beautiful table settings. The plates (all of them) are exquisite. I love the bird vase in the center with fresh greenery and holly. So pretty.

  26. One of the prettiest tables ever. Love that combination so much. Lovely.

  27. Barbara Robinson says


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