Packing for The Netherlands & Going With a Go-Pro

Packing is definitely my least favorite thing about travel. It feels a bit overwhelming, trying to decide what to take to a far-a-way place you’ve never been, especially when the trip is occurring during the changing of the seasons.

Per The Weather Chanel, the weather is going to be quite chilly during the time I’m away. I’m leaving sunny weather that’s in 70’s for a place where the high each day is in the low 50’s. Those tulips better be really beautiful!!! πŸ˜‰

Since I think I’m freezing to death when it’s 50 degrees outside, I’m going to pack warmly for the trip. Below you’ll see a few of the things I’m thinking of taking with me.

Packing for a Vacation in the Netherlands


In the top left corner is my beloved rolling carry-on bag that will carry my laptop, camera and other assorted goodies. (Bag is available here:  Rolling Tote)

Fashion Rolling Carryon Bag by Nicole Lee

I’m definitely taking my Anti-Theft Travelon bag with RFID pockets, wouldn’t go to Europe without it. It worked great during my trip to Italy. (Available here: Anti-theft Travel Purse)  Read more about this awesome bag in this previous post: A Peek Inside My Travelon Travel Purse

Best Purse and Bag for Safe Travel


I’ll definitely be taking along my travel pillow, love that thing! (It’s available here: Travel Pillow)

Travel Pillow for Flying on Planes


I’m taking along my waterproof Teva boots that kept my feet toasty dry and warm during torrential downpours in Italy. They are sooo comfortable!  (Available here: Waterproof Boots.)

Teva Boots in Black

I’m also taking a pair of casual loafers that are comfortable for walking and maybe my Sperry Topsiders, although they don’t offer as much arch support.

Pants wise: I’m taking a pair of jeans, a pair of navy slacks (not pictured) and a somewhat dressy pair of black slacks that are currently being hemmed. I think those three pairs of pants are all I’ll take since they will go with all the tops I’ll be wearing.

The windbreaker I wore all over Italy when I walked out and left my Barbour coat on the kitchen table, will be making the trip. It has a hood so it was great for taking photos in misty rain. I never could have managed an umbrella and a camera at the same time.

Frances Mayes Beautiful Villa, Cortona


I may also take my Barbour “Forever” coat, too with all its roomy pockets. It was invaluable on all our early morning safaris in Africa last September. Will have to see how much room I have. I’d like to take both.

Some Clothes for Holland & Belgium Travel in Spring


I just purchased two long-sleeved, striped shirts (a green/navy and a red stripe with blue sequinned whale) from Talbots when they had their big “top” sale going on, the one I blogged about here: Awesome Spring Sale From One of My Favorite Stores.  I will probably take those although not sure I’ll get to wear them, unless it’s underneath a sweater. I may be wearing sweater-style tops with with all my pants since it’s going to be pretty chilly.

Packing for a Vacation in the Netherlands


The dressier green top with the black satin sash on the right (below) will be paired with nice black slacks, the one’s that are currently being hemmed. That was the outfit I wore to our farewell dinner in Italy and it was really comfortable and a lot warmer than a dress would have been. I wore the pants with heels that night, so though they were a tiny bit long, it worked out okay.  I have that same dressy top in a cream color and love it for those occasions when you want to dress up a bit.

Spring Travel Packing for Holland and Belgium


Now we get to the really important stuff, the stuff that truly matters. lol I NEVER travel without my Bestek Voltage Converter. I love this thing because I can charge my laptop, headphones, phone and Kindle all at the same time. It has been a lifesaver on other trips. It’s available here: Voltage Converter

The Kindle (available HERE) keeps me sane on the long flights and the Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones block out all the engine sounds of the plane so I can watch movies on my laptop in total quiet. (I never like the movies they have available on the flight.) They were also invaluable in one hotel in Italy and on the Property Brothers cruise where thin walls were an issue. They totally blocked out the noisy neighbors who liked to stay up really late each night.

Kindle, Bose Noise-Canceling Headphone and Power Converter for Travel


A tradition I kinda started by accident back when I booked my first trip to Africa, is purchasing an Eyewitness Travel Guide each time I schedule a trip. Even though I’m going on a tour, I will have a little free time to explore on my own, so I like learning as much as I can before it’s time to leave. The Eyewitness Travel books are detailed with little pictures all throughout, and I love how once I return, they continue to be a little reminder of the places I’ve traveled.

I just added The Netherlands and Brussels to my little collection, and I’m eyeing the one for Amsterdam. It has a cute bike on the cover which perfectly represents that city with all its bike traffic. Do you have any little traditions like that, something you always buy each time you travel abroad or plan a trip? Eyewitness Travel Guides are available here: Travel Guides)

Go Pro Hero 4 Silver for Travel Videos and Photos


While on the trip I took to Italy and the Amalfi Coast, one of the other folks on the tour had taken the “pre-trip” to Venice. One day as we were en route to another adventure, she shared some video she had shot while being serenaded during a canal ride in Venice. Oh, my gosh, it was amazing! I could have watched it over and over and over.

I was so impressed with the video she captured on her Go Pro! It uses a wide-angle lens, so in addition to wonderfully capturing the beautiful serenade, it easily took in all the surrounding scenery. It was a truly spectacular video! Between seeing that video and the one you can see at the end of THIS post that was also filmed with a Go Pro camera, I decided to purchase one of these tiny, powerful cameras some day.

I found them recently for $70 less than what they normally sell for so decided to buy one now before this trip. I have just a few days to figure out how it works. Hopefully it isn’t too complicated and I’ll have some wonderful video to share when  I return.

If you’re interested in buying one, you’ll find them here for the best price I’ve seen anywhere: Go Pro Hero 4 in Silver. I compared all three models and the Hero 4 (Silver) has all the features I most want. It also seems to be their biggest seller. Do you have a Go Pro camera? If so, would appreciate any tips you have for using it.

Go Pro Hero 4 Silver for Travel Videos and Photos


So that’s the packing plan for now. Now I just have to hope for more sunshine days than rainy ones.

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  1. Eowana Jordan says

    You can tell how old I am by this: My first trip to Europe, in 1970, to Greece.and Turkey.. I used the book Europe on Five Dollars A Day… yes! ha ha.. I can hear you laughing! The last time I went to Europe.. recently.. I didn’t even take a phone! It’s true.. The official in the US when we returned didn’t believe me tho!! ha.. Bon Voyage!! Don’t miss Anne Frank’s apt.. or Van Gogh’s museum! The cheese and the milk and the bread in Amsterdam.. oh.. sooo good!

    • I don’t think you can go for $5 a day anymore although Rachel Ray made some great shows showing how to eat while traveling on not much more than that a day. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Eowana for those tips! Hope I can see both!

  2. Well I didn’t even know you were planning to go the Netherlands! You’ve become quite the traveler! You’ll be outfitted quite nicely! Wishing you a safe and happy trip!

  3. I just finished reading your blog on travel. I saw you have traveled to Africa. We are going to Africa in May to see our son and I would love to hear how you packed for that trip. I tend to pack WAY too much so hopefully I’ll be able to pack smart
    Do you have any tips you would pass on?

  4. Have a safe trip. Enjoy!,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. YOU are SO organized!! And…I SO agree with you about 50 degrees!! πŸ™‚

  6. You have shown yourself to be a good planner traveler. I wished i had been with you in Italy! I’ve traveled in Spain, England, & France in the last few years. But never made it to where you are going. –sigh–
    A purse makes my shoulder ache–but yours purse is classy & beautiful– and you have younger shoulders than I. Also, you won’t be likely to leave it behind at all, whereas, being terribly forgetful, I would always be going back to find my missing purse….and you can imagine how that will work out…LOL….
    so, I bought a gray ScottEvest. @ It has guides for all the wires to the electronics one might carry and pockets made for each one. There’s a special lined pocket for credit cards etc that might be read by the bad guys w/o the pocket lining. There are 14 pockets in all with special places for passport, camera (though maybe not yours, which looks big), phone, money etc. I ordered one for the trip to Sicily I’ve promised myself.

    Just take it off and put it in the bin at the airport and all the travel “stuff” will go through the machine and be easy to collect at the other end. But I’m old and need to do it all the easy way……You will have a great trip and I’m looking forward to sharing it vicariously on your blog. Bon voyage!!!!

    • MJ, I’ve been thinking about one of those vests but was just worried how I would fit it under the coat I’ll need to wear when I travel to cold/chilly places. What did you do when it was cold or raining? I do love the idea of having everything on me in a vest.
      I made a rule for myself in Italy that I could not take off my purse for any reason. I only broke that rule if someone was taking a picture of me and it was safe to take it off for a few seconds, otherwise, it stayed on me (crossbody) at all times, even while I was eating. I didn’t load it down so it was very light. I do want to check out the vests, though…love that idea.

      • The scottevest is body fitting, in a nice way. You can see them at their website. I’ve bought 3 of them. One each for me, my SO, who loves loves loves his, and one as a gift for a friend.
        I’ve been fortunate that I’ve not had rain while traveling but a few times and one vest pocket is big enough to hold a rollup-and-tuck-in-its-own- bag rainproof jacket with hood (Red Ledge brand) that I carry if it looks like rain. If it’s just plain pouring for very long, I don’t go further than a quiet corner in a good pub or travel by the underground. In Paris, for example, the subways stop right at the doors of the great department stores, so you never have to get rained on. If you go someplace like Scotland in winter, or even in May (nothing like freezing your ears in an Edinburgh May), you can put a winter coat over the vest. I’ve been known to find a charity shop and buy a winter coat–or other items–if needed. I just leave them behind when I return home–unless i get attached to them.. That way, i don’t have to worry about suitcase weight. (Speaking of which, I believe i read that the carry-on bag size has shrunk. Have you heard about this?)

        Unfortunately, I stuff all sorts of things in my purse and am so absent-minded that I would most likely take it off for restaurant meals etc.
        But I’m going to keep your bag in mind, just in case I can break myself of bad habits….. Wishing you Happy Trails….MJ

        • MJ, I was just looking at them on Amazon. Is there a way to make the color lay down flat. I’ve found over the years, I absolutely don’t like a collar that sticks up. They are just always poking me in the chin and doing strange stuff with my shoulder length hair. I know, picky!

          • That’s something i never thought of. But if you go to the scottevest we site, you can ask their customer service. On each side of the inside collar–near the top of the shoulders–there are elastic loops for threading the iPod cords. Then there’s a guide for the cord down to the upper left breast pocket, which is where you stow the iPod. Might help keep the collar down, but I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be a problem to just run a warm iron over the collar that you’ve folded just the way you want it. Customer service would know. On the inside of the fronts near the zipper there are icons to show you where the pockets are for various travel items: camera, eyeglasses or shades, pen, cell, passports, IDs, RFID-wallet blocking pocket, etc.
            Check them out and if not now, then maybe another time. btw, I have 18 pockets (not 14) and am sure i won’t use them all….no iPod, for one thing…LOL I suggest buying directly from scottE as they will answer all your questions and customer service is solid gold (so far, LOL)

            • That’s a lot of pockets!
              MJ, yesterday I ordered it in a Medium and a Large on Amazon and they are supposed to arrive tomorrow. The reviews indicated that it tends to run small so that’s why I ordered it in two different sizes. I’ll just return one of them after I see how they fit. I ordered this one because it’s supposed to be very light weight, so it sounded like it would fit under a jacket or coat.
              If I can’t make the collar lay flat, I can always return it. I’m so used to using my crossbody purse but I thought I’d check this out to see how it works. I’m thinking the pocket that can hold a iPad will be big enough to hold the paperwork I’ll take with me, like my travel insurance, flight info, etc… I ordered it in the “stone” color figuring that would go with anything I have on and look good summer or winter. If I really like it, I may order it in the blue color, too. It looks like (in the photos of the group in front of the van/bus) that you can make the collar lay down, so hopefully I can. Thanks for telling me about it!

              • Hope it works for you. The document pocket on mine–left inside front–is huge. It’ll hold every document and guidebooks, too. I got grey b/c i figure it won’t attract the wrong kind of attention. But think your will be a bit different than mine. Bon voyage, gal!!!!

  7. Susan, you’re getting to be an ace at travel! You’re gonna love the Go-Pro! One of my sons-in-law bought one when we took my two daughters and their husbands to Grand Cayman. We all scuba dive, and he got some great, great videos of our dives. Love your pjs and that dressy top!! (really, I love it all, but those two especially caught me eye). Lol, those tulips better be really beautiful….. you are funny! I don’t like being cold either. Maybe you should pack some cuddl duds…..if you do any cold weather travel in the future, which doesn’t sound like you’re planning on it……:)
    We usually bring home a Christmas ornament from places traveled, and I like to get some sort of book. I like the idea of the eyewitness travel….

    • I love how it’s waterproof. I bet those pictures were wonderful! I love the PJ Savage pjs, they always make me laugh. I have a pair with owls, one with cupcakes and just bought these with the sheep dressed in sweaters. They are nice and warm, good for folks like me who are always cold. I’ve never tried to cuddl duds, I need to get some of those. I did purchase some long underwear on Amazon this past winter and I think I’ll take it with me. Love the ornament idea! Would be so fun to pull those out each year at Christmas and reminisce again about the trips. Thanks, Rita!

  8. The best part of Amsterdam was just wandering the streets and finding little canals and boats. The canal boat museum was interesting too. We sat in an out door bar having a local beer in the middle of summer and I was huddled in my leather coat. On the boat cruise you might need more than one good outfit as most people dressed up at night on our boat cruise.

    • I was wondering about that. They said the dress for most evenings is business casual. Ummm, I may be wearing those black pants every night with a nice top. lol Thanks for the Amsterdam info…looking forward to that!

  9. Looks like you have everything covered!

  10. Linda Page says

    It looks like you are ready to go. Love the GoPro camera. Can’t wait to see video. You may not have noticed when I was at your house but I bought a rolling tote like yours but it has the NY scenes on it. I love it. You will have such a wonderful time. Sorry the weather looks rainy but it may clear up some. Hope so.

  11. My 2 cents… Layer, layer,layer. Scarf. Thin sweats.

  12. You truly are organized Susan!

    I have a GoPro, but have never used it. I know. Pathetic. I think I have the silver. Maybe I should leave my canon at home and just take the GoPro to Asia instead? What do you think? Are you taking your dale also?

    • I was so disappointed when I opened this one last night and realized it takes a macro SD card. I tried to find one somewhere last night but it was too late. I think I’ll visit Best Buy today and look there. I also ordered one on Amazon but it won’t be here until tomorrow. I need some time to learn to use it before I leave so wish it had come with a card.
      I was sort of wondering the same thing…about just taking the GoPro. It’s tempting since it’s so tiny and so easy to stick in a pocket. I’ll let you know how it goes after this trip, Doreen.

  13. Are you going to the Keukenhof Gardens? We went 9 yrs ago and it was amazing!!!! We also visited a cheese shoppe and watched them make some cheese as well as a wooden shoe shoppe where we saw how those are made. I brought a pair of red wooden shoes home with me. Enjoy your trip!

    • Yep, it’s toward the end of the trip…the last day or so. I can’t wait to see it, DeAndrea! Too fun about the shoes! I saw a video on YouTube where a guy was demonstrating making them. πŸ™‚

  14. I can’t travel without a pashmina. So versatile, on the plane and for touring it’s that extra layer that can make a big difference in comfort or just be a fashion change-up. In a pinch it becomes a rain scarf if needed. A solid navy or ivory perhaps. With temps in the 50’s to 60’s I think layers will the way to go. Your new t’s are adorable by the way! So looking forward to your pictures of fields and fields of tulips!

  15. Weather looks chilly. The best advice I have is to plan on layering.
    Like you, I’ve found that 3 pairs of pants is plenty. Looks like you have the packing system down. ‘-) One thing I do is keep a running list of what I pack. Then I have an inventory if baggage is lost and also helps with packing for future trips. I’m a list person!
    Love the dressy top you show. Who makes it?
    Eyewitness Travel Guides are the best. I like the maps and layout of information. I also like having guide books before and after a trip. Before to help plan, and after to help when I scrapbook or share on the blog. They are also helpful for journaling. Do you keep travel journals? I used to for all our trips, as well as complete scrapbooks. I rarely do it anymore. Not sure why because both are fun to have to relive trips or to share when others are thining about taking a similar trip.
    I think the tulips will definitely be worth giving up the warmer temps. ‘-)

    • It says “Adrianna Papell” on the label. I found it in Dillards (I think) 3-4 years ago. I loved it so much, I purchased it in a pretty ivory color, too. They had it in several colors.
      I purchase a journal for every single trip and I do pretty well the first day or two, then I always forget or fall behind. I think it’s because I’m touring all day, then I’m usually working on going through photos and creating a post in the evening. So there just isn’t enough time. I need to at least make myself jot down a few notes, but at least I have the blog posts which is a little like journaling.

  16. Hi Susan, Remember me, the retired Delta flight attendant? I recommended you get the Kindle Paperwhite for your last trips. You are going to love Amsterdam. My husband and I were there a few years back in January. Knowing it would be cold and rainy, we took waterproof jackets with hoods and walked everywhere in those. Be sure and get some stroopwaffles, the waffle cookie with caramel filling. They are so good! They have them here but not as tasty. Looking forward to your photos and postings. Have a wonderful time!

    • Hi Kathy! I do remember you, you always give me such great tips! That’s kind of how my Italy trip was, lots of rain or misty days so I lived in my waterproof windbreaker, with lots of layers underneath. I think that’s what I’ll need to do again this time. Oh my gosh…those stroopwaffles sound decadent! lol Thanks!

  17. Susan Dyer says

    Sounds exciting and will enjoy the pictures. I really liked your rolling laptop bag and just ordered one for myself.

    • I really love mine, Susan and every time I use it, I get so many compliments on it by folks I pass or stand in line with at the airports. Folks really seem to notice it, I guess because of the cute artwork. My fellow tour-goers loved it in Italy, too. It’s a lot of fun and very functional. It’s a tad too big to fit under an airplane seat so when I get on, I usually get my laptop out of it and then put it in the overhead bin.

  18. Susan, I can see you are very well prepared. You will love the GoPro! My husband purchased one and we loved it when we went to Triple Creek Ranch in Montana! Safe travels and enjoy! Can’t wait to see pics! Pam @ Everyday Living

    • Pam, was it easy to use? I’m going to have to do a crash course since I don’t have much time to use it before leaving.
      I need to look up Triple Creek Ranch…that sounds like fun!

  19. A tradition I started years ago for my parents as they travelled the world was to buy them an Eyewitness Travel Guide for each country and place they would be traveling to as soon as they booked their trip. They have a wonderful collection and they reminisce about their trips whenever they look at the books.

    • Susan, that’s exactly how I feel about them. I love looking at them afterwards as much as before I go. What a great gift for your parents each time!

  20. I was in Holland in June of 2000. The temperature is pretty much what you have lasted 365 days a year–great for the tulips. I had to buy extra layers-jackets. It was a humid cold that chills to the bone! The people were friendly, the food was good and tulips were to die for–so the cold was worth it. We stayed in Haarlem and were able to take in the Van Gogh and Frans Hals museums–both worth seeing if you get the chance. Loved all the shops along the canals–can’t leave there without bringing home some delft blue earthenware. Would love to see a tablescape done with some delft blue! Enjoy your trip!

  21. I went to the Netherlands too years ago at this exact time. Had a great trip. Everybody speaks English which is a help. The weather was mild to cool but windy. Have something to cover your head. There is a children’s book that I bought my granddaughter and it is a Dutch classic. It is “the cow who fell in the canal”by Phyllis Krasilosky. You can find it many places but make sure you get English translation. Have fun! Also could you give me the name of your online pillow form that would be great. Thanks

  22. Have fun! I think I am going to buy that extension/surge protector. I love that for my room to plug up everything at night.

    • Jeri, this one is more a power converter for when traveling. But you can find a really good surge protector on Amazon…I’ve bought them on there before.

  23. Looks like you are all set. Keep in mind if it is shower–it is just that and will not be rain all the time. πŸ™‚ Cloudy days can produce great photos as the sun tends to bleach things out. Have a fabulous time, I have not bene there in tulip season, but have been to the Netherlands (especially Amsterdam and Haarlem) and it is wonderful–the Rijksmuseum is my favorite of all the places I’ve been–and I’ve lived in London and Paris. The handbag museum is very interesting too! Have a great time–travel is my favorite thing–even above history!

  24. The seasonal weather is probably the reason the trip was such a deal. I do hope that the weather lets up enough for you to get wonderful photographs!

    • I think the price was because they had just a few spots left and it’s hard to fill them on such short notice. I’m afraid the weather will always be this way for this tour since it’s designed around tulip blooming time. We just need to convince the tulips to bloom in late May or early June. πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Rose!

  25. You are so totally organized and such a pro at this Susan that you should write a book!…Love that adorable carry on!!!

  26. Jane Franks says

    Hi Susan: I think your wardrobe for your travel is great! I’m always in a quandary deciding and eliminating and adding! I’m doing that now, just for a family trip in the states! But at least I know when I get there, I’ll have it all figured out, and won’t have to think about it! By the way, I have that same red & white striped top with the navy whale! I love it!! Hope you have a great time, and hope for more sun than rain! Jane xo

  27. Catherine Schiele says

    I like to read a novel set in the country I am visiting, either before I leave home or for light reading on the trip. A good place to find lists of novels like this is

  28. Hi. I live where you are going. Take gloves, a scarf and a hat (beret). It is still cold here.

  29. Hi, Susan,
    Congratulations on your new adventure. I only have one thing to recommend: buy a pair of wooden shoes. Not for wearing (LOL), but I have a pair in my office next to my desk and by hanging them up nearby, they make a wonderful pen and scissor (actually any desk implement) holder. Whenever I’m at my desk, I not only have easy access to “stuff”, but I also have a memory of a wonderful trip! They pack easily, too! Rosie
    P.S. Have a wonderful time!

  30. So happy for you and the upcoming trip. I love all the collection of clothes you showed us. All of them are so cute. Praying for a safe and fun time. My granddaughter, daughter and myself will be leaving July 11th for England and France as a gift for granddaughters High School graduation. Isn’t it wonderful to be blessed with the gift of travel. Have fun sweet girl and be safe.

  31. Just returned a week ago from this same trip – another riverboat line- it was a good trip. Cold, windy (remember that wind is off the North Sea) and lovely. One word of advice would be to make sure your shoes all have heavy duty soles – the cobblestones (esp. in Belgium) are feet killers. My Sketchers did not do the trick. Ouch! Riverboats are not dressy affairs. Hat, gloves, scarf – all needed. We had a great time and saw some wonderful things and ate good chocolate and those wonderful cookies. Took the wrong jacket though – so was often chilly. Enjoy your trip

  32. Keukenhof is breathtakingly beautiful this time of year. I am so envious. A virtual Dutch Masters painting! The tulips will be like nothing you have ever seen. Hope you also see the windmills and buy some blue and white china!

  33. By all means take a coat because t will be chilly at best. I promise the tulips will be worth it. When we went I found a Northface 3 in 1 coat on sale and took it. It has their windblocking outer coat with a hood and a puffy inside coat that can be unzipped and worn separately hence you can wear the 2 coats together or each one separately. We also used a GoPro. While we were riding bikes in Amsterdam my daughter had the GoPro hooked on the front of the bicycle and even though we did not go through the “red light district” we did see a “lady of the evening” standing in the front window of a beautiful home and she appeared on our GoPro footage when we were looking at our photos! I know that you will have a great time. I’ll be following on the blog and IG!

  34. I wish you a safe journey Susan. You really have the packing thing down to an art. I am a corporate travel consultant and even though my clients spend most of their days traveling for their jobs, no one seems to like that aspect. Leisure travelers do have an advantage over corporate travelers and that is if something should happen, either the weather turns or some article of clothing was forgotten at home, if one has to make a quick substitute with whatever one can find locally, no matter how ridiculous something may look, most travelers don’t know anyone in the foreign city they are visiting so I advise travelers to live in the moment, have fun and move on.

  35. Wow, you’re going to Amsterdam?!! That’s my hometown! Don’t worry about forgetting stuff, you can buy everything you need around here, in case you forgot something. And we all speak English, so that shouldn’t be a problem, too.

    Hope you have a great time! For tips about the city or other nice places to visit in The Netherlands you can always contact me.

  36. You are a pro traveler and looks like you have everything covered.
    I expect a LOT of photos from this travel!
    Have fun and stay safe. πŸ™‚

  37. I wish I lived closer because I’m a great packer and I enjoy doing it. I do like the space bags for some things. When you luggage is selected for inspection it doesn’t get so jumbled. I also use a colored ziptie to lock my luggage. Makes me feel safe. Very excited about the go pro camera. Can’t wait to see the videos . Be safe and have a great time.

  38. Anne MacDonald says

    Having gone on the Vantage cruise last summer, I just wanted to pipe in to mention that I went prepared for dinners back on the ship wearing upscale casual…similar to cruise ships. As it turned out, I was one of the few who even changed clothes for dinner at all.

    • I’m kinda glad to hear that…really prefer to not have to pack casual and dressy clothes. The guy who booked my trip at Vantage said something about the main dining room being business/casual kind of dress and another one was more casual. So not really sure how to pack. I think my nice sweaters will probably be okay, hope so!
      Thanks, Anne!

  39. Yay! Travel is always a life changer! I encourage CuddleDuds if you always feel cold. Where I live, must buy at JCPenn. Also – and this is funny – I had a friend who took an extended trip. She packed her older underwear as well as a few older tops. As she traveled, she discarded these old things and made room in her luggage for small treasures she brought home. Clever! Have a wonderful time! Can you share the tour company’s name? I’m searching for a trip for 65yr old healthy except for bad knee πŸ™ many thanks!

  40. Anne MacDonald says

    It doesn’t look like my comment I just made got posted…but just wanted to mention that when we went on our Vantage cruise last summer, I was one of the very few who even changed clothes for dinner…and that was only smart casual. Granted, we were on board for almost 4 weeks and space was a consideration for some.

  41. Sarah Lusmann says

    Enjoy your trip! My daughter and I traveled to Belgium last fall and went to Bruge. You will LOVE that little town. I think it is a jewel in Belgium and found it to be full of chocolate shops, great little restaurants, beautiful canals and flowers. We used Rick Steves book and walked in the older section of town using his expertise to guide us. He’s right on the money. Don’t miss the little convent.

  42. I am packing for a trip too, Susan, a Mediterranean cruise but you are way ahead of me. I am not quite ready and you are right, it is overwhelming especially because I am trying to fit a 2 week trip in one bag. Have fun! Aren’t you bringing your small Sony camera? I did not see it on your list…..Christine

  43. I purchased the anti theft Travelon purse after reading your blog on your last trip. Took it to Hawaii and was thrilled with it. Loved being able to have my iPad with me for those pictures I wanted quickly, to be able to carry all I wanted with me. (I don’t have a smart phone, yet.) thanks for the recommendation and have a wonderful, safe trip. Hope it warms up while you are there.

  44. When we travel, my teenage daughter uses only a GoPro to record memories. When we return she makes wonderful movies of our trips using iMovie. One thing she recommends is buying an extra battery and a selfie stick. We have the same model GoPro, and she used to get frustrated when the battery would run out halfway through the day. I think the LED screen uses up the battery more quickly than in the older models. She almost never extends the selfie stick, but instead uses it at a handle for the GoPro. Because of its odd shape and small size, it is hard to handhold a GoPro steady for longer shots. Having the short handle attached to the camera really makes filming a lot easier! If you choose to extend the stick just be very aware of people around you and be considerate. We never us ours when other tourists are around so we don’t ruin their view/pictures, and I don’t think we’ve ever used it for filming ourselves. Also, learning to use the GoPro is very simple because there are so few settings. You could learn how in less than half an hour. Have a fun trip!

  45. Susan, I’m so excited to follow you on another one of your adventures! My Dad was stationed in Germany during the 70’s and we had an opportunity to visit Holland. Unfortunately we missed tulip season, but I remember their wonderful windmills. If you get a chance to visit Madurodam on your trip, I highly recommend it. I think it’s only about an hour from Amsterdam. It’s an interactive park filled with miniature models of buildings, rivers, cars, boats, people, etc. The detail of everything was incredible – I never forgot it. Wishing you fun and safe travels!

    • Oops, I’m realizing in hindsight that I should have said the Netherlands, although where we visited was the region/provinces of North and South Holland. Everyone called it Holland when we were there and I still think of it that way in my memories.

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