The Perfect Wicker HandBag, At Last!

What’s that expression, “Nature abhors a vacuum?” I guess Aristotle was right because without any planning or scheming, that empty spot on the hat rack over the little reading corner in my office….


…is empty, no more. (See the post where I shared adding this hat rack to the office here: Hat Storage That’s Both Functional and Decorative.


A Youtuber I watch ordered several hats from HERE, and I absolutely loved this one when she tried it on. The colors are so soft and muted, so summery!


It arrived yesterday and is super cute! The brim is nice and floppy (but not too floppy) so you can bend it down in front or on the side and wear it however you wish.


Ummm, I’m seeing a trend here. Apparently, I like hats with bows. lol


The price was definitely right at just $26. If you’ve been looking for a pretty, sun hat for summer, you’ll find this one here: Straw Hat.


The hat came very well packaged with this plastic support inside the crown. I’m going to save it to use when I travel. On my trip to Morocco, I stuffed the crown of the hat I took along on that trip with small clothing items. It worked fine, but I think this may work even better. I’ll still place socks and such in the crown, so that space won’t be wasted in the suitcase.


Update: If you were one of the folks who asked in the comments of that previous post, where to find a hat like the one Diane Keaton wears in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give, I recently found two similar ones here: Beach Bucket Hat and Beach Bucket Hat.


A Nostalgic Look at the Sailing Life and Fashion

I just ordered this book below called The Stylish Life: Yachting. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw it when I posted a photo there. (Follow Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram, HERE.)

This book is part of a series of books that have been written about the lifestyle and fashion of those who participate in certain sports or activities. Some of the other books are The Stylish Life: Tennis, The Stylish Life: Golf, The Stylish Life: Skiing, and The Stylish Life: Equestrian. (You’ll find all those books here: The Stylish Life Series.

This is the only book in that series that I own. I love antique boats and love the clothing that you so often see worn when sailing/boating, so that’s why I chose this one. I’m thinking about buying the Equestrian book, as well…love that style of fashion, too!


It’s definitely a “coffee table” book with lots of gorgeous pictures of yachts and antique boats.



But the most intriguing part are the photos of celebrities and other famous folks, all enjoying themselves aboard some fabulous boats. That’s Taylor Swift on the left and Audrey Hepburn on the right. Such a cute, cute photo of Audrey!


This was the photo that made me order the book, I love that dress! I just love nautical style…period!

If you love the nautical, sailing way of life and the clothes that go with it, you’ll find this book available here: The Stylish Life: Yachting. Oh, and this book looks great without its dust jacket because the actual book has the same beautiful cover as the jacket. Love it when books are like that!


A New Bag for Summer

For the last few summers, I’ve been searching for the perfect wicker bag. I came really close to buying one last summer, but hesitated. It was almost what I wanted in a bag, but not quite.

I think I have finally found my bag! I love everything about this one, including the bamboo handle. Very Gucci inspired, isn’t it? I like how it doesn’t have a prominent brand/logo visible, the one thing I wasn’t too crazy about the bag I almost bought last summer.

The wicker is such a pretty color, as is the natural color of the leather top. It should work well with all my summer clothes and will look great with the sandals I purchased recently for summer.

I love, love, love the pinstripe interior! It even has a little pocket inside. I’m hoping my cell phone will fit there. I should know soon since I just got a notice saying it has shipped out.


Isn’t it just the perfect size…not too small and not too large! And I love that it’s a structured bag, not the soft-sided style of some wicker/straw bags. Can you tell I’m just a little excited about this bag! I doubt they’ll last online very long.


I can’t wait until it arrives and I can start using it. Once it gets here, I’ll put some things inside and share how it looks and works. If you’ve been looking for a wicker bag for summer, you’ll find this one available here: Wicker Bag.

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  1. Carillon says

    Love the hat with the gingham bow and the price is certainly great, but it is made of paper. Do you think it will hold up?

    • I probably wouldn’t wear it in rain, just in case. But I think it will be fine as a sun hat. This is the other one that I wore all through Morocco, you may like it better. It is more expensive, but really cute. I’ve loved wearing it this summer.

      • Carillon says

        I have one very similar to the one you wore in Morocco that I bought in Provence. I also have a thing for hats with bows 😉 I will probably buy the other straw hat as I love the turned up brim in the back with the gingham bow.

  2. Juanita in OH says

    You have exquisite taste. The hats are wonderful and so is the bag. I can’t wait to see it either, lol. TFS

  3. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    I like the wicker bag but really expensive. I looked at the measurements and decided, too small for my things. The hat is made of paper?..rafia? I ordered the one you suggested before taking your Moroccan trip. Will be a great yard hat for me.

  4. Unfortunately, I can’t wear hats. My head is too small. I wear an extra small if I can find hats in sizes. Sometimes I can wear a large child or youth hat. I do in bicycle helmets.
    Now the straw purse. Had one back in the 60s. Didn’t know they came back in style.

    • Yup, they are super popular. There are a classic handbag that really never goes out of style. I’ve always wanted one that was more structured. I’ve only had the soft-side type before.

      Debbie, you could wear the other one that I have because the fit is adjustable. You can see it here: .
      Here’s how you adjust it: Adjustable Hat for Perfect Fit

    • PatinCal says

      Debbie, I have exactly the same issue. I put on a hat and it usually slips down over my eyes. My daughter is just the opposite. Hats sit on the top of her head.

      And the adjustable hats never look right. The proportions are off. I look like a little girl playing dress-up in her mother’s hat. I don’t imagine you’re old enough to remember when women’s hats came in sizes? Back then, I had some wonderful hats. And then Catholic women were no longer required to cover their heads in church and the millinery industry just about died.

  5. I love your new hat and bag! I am in the market for a tote, and have been eyeing the LOBs with the big bows at Bosom Buddy Bags. I think I’ll get one with a Navy bow and silver snaffle, but I like the flat bows with cabachons, too.

  6. Hi, Susan! You have such great taste and it’s always such fun to find out about your latest purchases. Living in Florida as I do, I’m always looking for a good hat so I appreciate the link to the website where your new hat can be found. You’ve mentioned several times that there are several fashion/style vloggers you follow on YouTube. I’ve found one or two that I like but wondered if you would share those that you like to follow?

  7. martha murphy says

    Hi Susan I would love to see the book and will order it also. I watched Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda last Thursday and Friday from Bermuda and they were showing some of the preparations for the America’s Cup Yachting race starting next weekend and I think the book would be great to look at. I love all things nautical too. I just love all of your pictures and blogs.

  8. Elaine C. Carroll says

    Love the wicker bag!!! I had one like this years ago. Also, I am from Martha’s Vineyard Island, this is right up our alley. I also make Nantucket style Door Baskets, filled with wild beach grass, tiny beach flowers and shells. Can’t wait to order this handbag. I don’t use shoulder bags due to a shoulder problem.

    • Elaine, that sounds so pretty! I need to make a spring wreath or basket, haven’t done that in a while. This bag really does remind me of some of the baskets I’ve seen from the Nantucket area. Love that!

  9. Love the hat with the ribbon and bow- how cute! The purse is too cute and so perfect for summer. The books look and sound great. That’s Kirk Douglass in the one picture!

    • I was wondering if that was him! I haven’t read that far in the book and hadn’t take time to see who it was. They have a lot of famous folks all throughout the book, including some big names in fashion.

  10. Oh my word! I am going to have to stop reading your blog because I want everything you post! 🙂 I just ordered the wicker bag (after signing up for the emails to get a 15% discount!) I have looked and looked for a classic wicker bag too. I LOVE the look of this one. I hope I love it as much when it comes!

    • lol I know, I’ve looked and looked for one. I’ve seen several I liked on eBay but they were always a particular color…like with a green or pink top or accent, and I didn’t want to be limited in what I could wear it with. So I’m thrilled to have found this one. It’s exactly what I’ve been hoping to find. I googled and noticed that they had this same bag a few years back, only then it had a small leather handle. I like this one so much better than that previous version. The bamboo handle is just so much prettier and looks sturdier than the leather one did.

  11. You might want to take a peek at Bosom Buddy Bags.. a lot of cute well made straw bags that have structure.

  12. Grandmom says

    When we had this style wicker bag in the 1960”s they were called Fishermans Basket bags. Yours is a bit more upscale but I had saved Mine, it was a LOT less expensive.

  13. Jill from Southern NH says

    I absolutely love your bag, Susan! Timeless and beautifully crafted. Would love to see the sandals you picked out in a future post.

  14. Cynthia Raines says

    LOVE all things nautical, which is why most of my summer wear is blue and white or red and white or yellow and white! I have recently thrown in turquoise too for the beachey look. Living right near Lake Huron, you can’t go wrong. hehe That wicker purse is just darling! I agree with Jill’s statement above it is classic and timeless.

  15. Lorraine says

    Darling bag, I love it too. Vintage 50’s
    look. Thanks for telling us about it!

  16. Hi Susan, I love hats and wear them often, especially in the garden to keep the sun from burning my face.
    Note: I ordered your hat from Tuckernut on April 12th…still hasn’t arrived.
    I get lots of excuses and may never see this hat. Has anyone had my experience?

    • Ummm, it came quickly when I ordered, but I ordered very early in the season. What do they tell you when you call? It definitely should be here by now, unless they sold out and are waiting on the restock to come in. It’s a very popular hat and I think keeps selling out on the site.

      • I’ve been given several deadlines for arrival but nothing happens. I did get an email with the message”slight delay with arrival of pre-order items”.
        So, I will wait.

        • You may want to call and ask to speak to a supervisor. I bet they would be able to share more info about what’s causing the delay. It sounds like they sold out faster than they expected this summer. Let me know what happens! Hope it arrives real soon!

  17. Nancy Harris says

    Your new handbag while not exact is similar to one Reese Witherspoon’s “Draper James” store has.
    I definitely prefer the handle & leather on yours.

    Great find!!

    • I saw that, it is super cute! It was her wicker bag last summer that I almost bought. It was a good bit more expensive ($250) but did go on sale. I just wasn’t that crazy about the D on the front of it. Now if my last name started with a D, I would have loved it! lol

  18. I love your new bag, I remember those type bags were in style back in the 70’s and so glad to see them again. You have such good taste in everything you buy from your home to your clothes. I would like to mention a bag that I enjoy using. It’s called Longchamp made in Paris. I don’t know if you are familiar with them or not. They come in many colors and sizes. Sometime when you are looking for another bag give them a look. The price is good too. Runs around $100.00 and up. Again, I certainly do enjoy your post and look forward to seeing a new one in my inbox.

    • Thanks, Kathy, appreciate that so much! I have heard of those but I didn’t realize they were so reasonable in cost. I need to check into those, I’ve heard very good things about them! 🙂

  19. Too Cute

  20. I agree with you – that is the perfect summer wicker bag! I have been eyeing that one up lately. Love it and I love that whole store as well.

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