A Handbag Organizer for the Hermes Evelyne Bag, or Other Narrow, Thin Bags

Bag Organizer for Hermes Evelyne III

Welcome to the 475th Metamorphosis Monday! Do you use an organizer in your handbag? I just became aware of bag organizers a couple of years ago and love them! Bag organizers are often designed for larger totes to help make better use of the large space those bags afford, as well as to keep things better organized. After surviving my "near-death experience" in Germany, as I jokingly and not-so-affectionately have come to call it, (Ha!) I celebrated cheating … [Continue Reading...]

Some Fabulous Spring Sales & The Cutest Puzzle Ever!

Book Shop, Cats Puzzle

I'm so ready for summer! We had an early spring here in Georgia, everything is blooming including the Bradford Pears and the Tulip Magnolias. The daffodils bloomed a few weeks back and are starting to wane now. If you're living where it's still cold and snowy, stay tuned because I have some goodies that will interest you in this post, too. Last summer I blogged about some cute sneakers I had purchased in THIS post. I really enjoyed wearing these last … [Continue Reading...]

Going to Miss the Cozy Tartan Plaids of Winter

Deer Centerpiece with bark candles

Welcome to the 492nd Tablescape Thursday! A few week's back I posted a winter woodland table for Tablescape Thursday.   Shortly after posting that table, Elinda shared photos of a recent woodland table she had put together. Though spring has arrived early here in Georgia (everything is blooming up a storm now!) I had to share this delightful cozy woodland table. Recognize the deer in Elinda's centerpiece?  I found the ones I have in Lowe's … [Continue Reading...]

Travel Insurance: Does It Work and Is It Actually Worth Purchasing?

Amsterdam, View from Ferris Wheel

When you travel, do you usually purchase trip insurance? I remember when I booked my very first trip out of the country in fall 2015, the travel company with whom I booked my trip recommended trip insurance.   I did purchase insurance, but not from them. I shopped around a bit and ended up going with a company that was recommended by the insurance/investment company with whom I insure my home and car. I've taken quite a few trips since then, and each … [Continue Reading...]

A Safari, Travel-Inspired Bedroom Guaranteed to Delight Any Guest

Travel Themed Guest Room

Welcome to the 474th Metamorphosis Monday! Delphine enjoys traveling and has collected some wonderful memorabilia over the years. When she designed her guest room, she was inspired to decorate in a delightful travel/safari theme What a fabulous idea for a guest room since anyone lucky enough to sleep here would most likely love all things, travel.   For this travel-themed bedroom, Delphine found a fun leopard-inspired coverlet for the bed. Zebra … [Continue Reading...]

Frame a Hermes Silk Scarf with Museum Glass for Maximum Protection and Clarity

Framed Hermes Bolduc Scarf

This is definitely another "Instagram-Made-Me-Do-It" project. So, I was minding my own business one day, checking out a fave Instagram account when I came across this picture below.   I immediately recognized that infamous Hermes orange and the iconic brown ribbon Hermes uses to tie all of their wonderful packages.   I had never seen this particular scarf before and loved it! Leave it to Hermes to come up with such a whimsical, … [Continue Reading...]

A Sunny, Blue & Yellow Table Inspired By A Spring-like February Day

Table in Blue & White

Welcome to the 491st Tablescape Thursday! Like many years in the past, we've been having early spring-like weather this month. The temps have been in the upper 60's and 70's here for much of February! Normally when this happens, it only lasts a week or so, but this year it seems to be sticking around, which is fine by me. I am not a fan of cold weather and am relishing every moment of these warmer temps before Old Man Winter realizes he fell asleep on the job and … [Continue Reading...]

The Best Hair Styling Tool I’ve Ever Used

A few years back I shared a tool that I've been using for years to add some light curls and body to my hair. It did a great job adding curls, but it never helped with the little frizzies I tend to get right after I've washed and blow-dried my hair. I still used it though because it was so much more convenient and easier than hot rollers, and it didn't feel near as hard on the hair as a curling iron. (It's still being made and is available here: Hot-Air Style … [Continue Reading...]

Chevron Walls Turn a Home Office Into a Beautiful Nursery

Girls Nursery with Chevron Accent Wall

Welcome to the 473rd Metamorphosis Monday! Before I get into today's fabulous Before and After, wanted to let you know of two awesome sales that are currently going on but about to end at two of my favorite shoppes. Talbots has a huge pants and jeans sale going on, pants that are normally $95 and up are currently on sale for $19.99! That sale ends today. You'll find all the pants that are included in the sale (and it's a lot!) here: Talbots. I don't want to tell … [Continue Reading...]

Pearl Earrings for Sensitive Ears & A Jewelry Keeper for Travel

Tiffany & Co Leather Jewelry Case, Perfect for Travel

I am earring challenged! Over the last few years I've rarely worn earrings, despite really loving them. The problem has been two-fold: 1. Over the years my ears have become super sensitive to earrings that aren't 14K gold and 2. I am forever losing earrings, usually just one. Maybe I should just start wearing all my orphaned earrings together...start a new trend! lol I've been hoping to add a pair of pearl earrings to my meager earring collection for some time, … [Continue Reading...]