Dramatic Garage Makeover with New Lighting, Fresh Paint and New Flooring!

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover

Welcome to the 706th Metamorphosis Monday! There are so many things I would love to share in this post but if I share everything that's happened through this garage renovation, this post would be a million miles long--and ain't nobody got time for that! Today we'll just enjoy the transformation which is pretty darn dramatic! A little back story: Does something ever needle at you and then one day you just snap and think, something has gotta be done and the time … [Continue Reading...]

My Favorite Leafy Green Salad Recipe & My Favorite Salad Dressing, What’s Yours?

Delicious Salad with Protein, Great for Lunch or Dinner

I may have mentioned a time or ten that I don't really enjoy cooking. The only time I get excited about it is when I have family coming to visit or friends coming for dinner. It's so much more fun when there's the anticipation of a great dinner party with friends or family. Whenever I visit my grandsons, I get some good cookin'! My daughter-in-love, Nancy, is a wonderful cook, the kind that can whip up a delicious meal on the fly with just whatever happens to be … [Continue Reading...]

My July Favorites and a Garage Sneak Peek

Pathway Solar Lighting, Creates beautiful designs

Last month I ordered these sandals in the "beige" color and absolutely loved them. They are super comfortable for standing and walking but don't have that overly squishy sole/base that I really don't like. I've had sneakers and sandals that felt comfortable when you tried them on but walking in them felt so unstable, like walking on big, fat sponges. These sandals are very comfortable and cushy without that squishy, unstable feeling. I also like how they are … [Continue Reading...]

Seaside-Themed Table Setting–Elegant Sophistication with a Casual Vibe

Party Favors for Special Beach-Themed Dinner

Welcome to the 723rd Tablescape Thursday! How is your week going? Are you staying inside out of the heat? Things have gotten pretty busy here the last few days. I just returned from visiting family on Tuesday and on Wednesday afternoon the first phase of installing the garage floor took place. The final part of the process will be completed today. I've taken a few photos and look forward to sharing those and how the floor looks real soon.   While I … [Continue Reading...]

Crunch Wraps You Can Make at Home, Super Easy Recipe

Homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme

Welcome to the 705th Metamorphosis Monday! Have you ever had a Crunch Wrap? I had not until a few visits back when my daughter-in-law made them for lunch one day They were really tasty so I thought for today's Met Monday I'd share the super easy process for making these. You'll need some ground beef, taco seasoning mix, small flour tortillas, large flour tortillas, and small corn tostadas.   Use whatever shredded cheese you prefer, or you could … [Continue Reading...]

Lemon Dinnerware That’s Calling My Name and Beautiful Lenox Butterfly Meadow

Welcome to the 722nd Tablescape Thursday! All my tables are currently still in this state.   They are covered in dishes and other table setting paraphernalia. The garage flooring will be going in next week and then I'll be able to put everything back where it goes. Really looking forward to that!   With summer more than halfway over, I've been checking out some of the sales on spring/summer dinnerware--and there are some really good … [Continue Reading...]

Think I Finally Figured It Out & I’m Sleeping So Much Better Now!

Sleeping Kitty in Fountain, Fes

A few months back I shared an experiment I was trying. I've been having issues off and on with my sinuses/nasal passages blocking up during the night and keeping me from getting a good night's rest. For a while, I wondered if it was the mint in the toothpaste I normally use and I switched to a different toothpaste that didn't contain mint for nighttime/bedtime brushing.  (Toothpaste available here: Citrus Flavor Toothpaste without Mint.)   I thought I … [Continue Reading...]

Three Days That Felt Like a Week

Sherwin Williams Sail Cloth looking very yellow

Welcome to the 704th Metamorphosis Monday! Choosing paint, at least for me, is one of the most stressful tasks ever! I hate it, I really, really hate it. Here was my thinking for the garage: I wanted a neutral color for the walls, definitely no red, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc... just something neutral and light, but dark enough that it would contrast with the white cabinets here in the garage. I was also hoping to avoid the ubiquitous gray that is the … [Continue Reading...]

Love These Starry, Bright Solar Pathway Lights & They Were Super Easy To Install

Solar Lights Add Safety and Beauty to Paths and Walkways

In years past, I have tried solar lights on my deck posts in the back of my home. I loved how they looked but unfortunately, my backyard receives almost constant shade during the summer months, so after a couple of years, the lights stopped working. I came across these solar lanterns recently and the reviews looked really good, so I decided to give them a try in my front yard which gets tons of sunlight each day.   I didn't start unboxing the lanterns … [Continue Reading...]

We’re Off On A Seaside Vacation For This Week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Seaside Luncheon Table Setting

Welcome to the 721st Tablescape Thursday! How is your week going? I'm knee-deep in all things painting right now.   The garage ceiling was painted yesterday and the painting continues today.   But enough about painting, I have a fun, beachy table to share this week and it's coming to us all the way from France! Norma, a lovely BNOTP reader who has become a friend via email over the past few years, lives in the beautiful French … [Continue Reading...]