My July Favorites & Today is the Last Day of the Sale!

Yeti Stocked for Weekend

Today is the last day of the Nordstrom sale, only 13 hours left and the sale will be gone for another year. I ended up purchasing these Mother-of-Pearl heart earrings after a friend of mine purchased them and said they were beautiful! (Thanks, Susan!) That was all the push I needed. Can't wait until they arrive! They are available on sale here: Mother-of-Pearl Drop Earrings. The other item I am still seriously eyeing is these Chelsea boots I shared … [Continue Reading...]

Planning Ahead for Autumn-Fall Dining and Entertaining

Welcome to the 671st Tablescape Thursday! Thanks for all your input on yesterday's post and all the wonderfully kind comments you left! Those are much appreciated and it's so nice to know that many of you still love the classic design styles as much as I do. If you ever wonder if you're alone in your love for traditional, classic decor, check out the comments left on yesterday's post HERE and you'll find that you are definitely not alone. ♥ I wasn't … [Continue Reading...]

Is it Time to Ditch Those Floral Valances in the Guest Room?

In some of my recent posts, we've been playing here in the guest room a lot. In one post I shared a new lamp I had purchased for this room. (See that post here: New Lamp for the Guest Room.)   A week or two later, I added some Ikea Oxberg cabinets down one wall as a fun, attractive way to corral all my handbags into one area. The guest room is so rarely used since family prefers the larger queen-size sleeper in my upstairs living room over the … [Continue Reading...]

Lorelei’s Beautiful Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Makeover, After

Welcome to the 653rd Metamorphosis Monday! Last year, just before Christmas I shared some wonderful updates Lorelei made in her home shortly after moving in. Lorelei transformed the entry and her dining room with all new paint and the result was beautiful! If you missed that previous post, you'll find it here: The Magic of Paint: Lorelei's Dining Room and Entry Transformed.   Recently, Lorelei completed some new updates here in her laundry room … [Continue Reading...]

Antiquing at the Queen of Hearts.

I hadn't realized how much I missed antiquing until recently when I ventured out to one of the nearby antique malls. Having really enjoyed that trip, a couple of days ago I stopped by a Queen of Hearts Antiques & Interiors shoppe. As I entered the store, this was the first thing I saw and I could feel the anticipation and excitement coming back that I used to feel during a fun antiquing excursion, always wondering what surprise treasures I would … [Continue Reading...]

Magic Bee Dinnerware & Iridescent Flatware-A Mesmerizing Shopping Trip!

Mikasa Tortoise Flatware for Fall-Autumn Dining

Welcome to the 670th Tablescape Thursday! Yesterday I stopped by HomeGoods to see if they had a particular book I would like to find at a discounted price. They didn't but I enjoyed checking out the dinnerware and flatware they had in stock. I haven't shopped inside a HomeGoods in a long, long time because I noticed a few years ago, they seemed to be carrying fewer dinnerware sets. I took some photos to share in case you would like to see some of the … [Continue Reading...]

Finally! The Anniversary Sale is Open to Everyone! Here are my Faves!

Today is the day that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale finally opens up to everyone, including those of us who are not cardholders. The first thing that caught my eye today while shopping was their cubic zirconia earring sale. When it comes to jewelry, obviously I prefer real diamonds, but for earrings, I love wearing cubic zirconia because I have a tendency to lose earrings or misplace them. Cubic Zirconia earrings look like the real thing but I don't get super … [Continue Reading...]

2 New Lamps I Just Ordered & A Sale on a Sale on a Sale!

Green and White Lamp

Ever since I ordered a new lamp for the guest room, I haven't been able to get this new lamp source I recently discovered out of my mind. Lamps are one of my favorite things in the world! Seriously! I always cram as many into a room as I can reasonably use, preferably one in every corner or area of a room. It usually works out where I end up with 4-5 lamps in each room.   The lamps I normally come across these days in local stores are so poorly made … [Continue Reading...]

Heirloom Vintage China is the Star of this Beautiful Table Setting in Blue and Gold

Beautiful China in Blue and Gold, From Germany

Welcome to the 669th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions! Warren created the loveliest table this year for Mother's Day! Though it's long past Mother's Day now, this table would be perfect for any occasion. For this special table, Warren brought out beautiful vintage china that was passed down through the family to him and his wife, Kathie. Warren said, "I set a special blue and gold tablescape in homage to … [Continue Reading...]

How are My Ameriwood System Build Kendall Cabinets Holding Up 3 Years Later?

Failed Repair, Ameriwood System Build Cabinets

If you've been following BNOTP for a while, you may remember approximately 3 years ago I set up these cabinets in my garage so I could corral all my dishes into one place instead of having them spread out over several cabinets/closets. My fine china is still stored inside, but these cabinets have worked great for my everyday dinnerware. (See that previous post here: The Great Dish Storage Experiment, Plus Some New Chargers & Napkin Rings. and one more here: … [Continue Reading...]