20 Favorites That I Buy Over and Over Again–Can’t Do Without Them!

I've been wanting to put this post together for ages. Sometimes I'll be in the middle of using something and I'll think, I need to share how awesome this is! It took a while and I'm sure I'm leaving some things off that I'll remember later (so this list/post may grow today) but these are some of my favorite things, from clothes to household items, that I find myself purchasing again and again. Since fall is just around the corner, I have to mention this soft, … [Continue Reading...]

Garage Storage Cabinets, Progress Has Been Made But There’s Been a Few Glitches

Beachy China Dinnerware

Welcome to the 708th Metamorphosis Monday! As I type this, I'm waiting for the second garage door repairman to arrive. Hopefully, I can get this post up before he arrives. I will have to create a post sharing all the things that have had to be done and redone multiple times so you'll know life isn't all rainbows and unicorns up in here. Ha! Seems like every project I embark on has had a major glitch (or ten) along the way--well, except for the garage flooring. … [Continue Reading...]

Digging for the Hidden Gems and I Found Them!

I love shopping during the end-of-season sales because that's when you find the hidden gems--the absolute best deals! Talbots has a "sale- on-sale" going right now so the deals are extra good for this sale. This jacket I fell in love with earlier this spring is currently on sale, plus there's an additional 60% off of the sale price. You'll find it on sale here: Gingham Hooded Jacket.   Love this embroidered tunic! The combination of the blue and aqua … [Continue Reading...]

Not Again! Unfortunately, yes! Again! Plus, Sharing a Handy DIY Hack

So remember when the garage looked like this?   Well, it looks like this again. Arggh! :( I'll explain more on Monday but basically, the original painter the company sent out did a terrible job of fixing a couple of places on the ceiling where the sheetrock tape that was used 40 years ago was starting to loosen in places. He really botched it. So the painting company has sent out a much more experienced painter who is fixing what the original painter … [Continue Reading...]

A Colorful, Festive Moroccan-Themed Dinner with Friends

Colorful Moroccan themed table setting

Welcome to the 725th Tablescape Thursday! Whew! I've been moving stuff around in the garage this morning since the painters are coming back today to do a lot of touch-up work. Hopefully, after tomorrow, the painting will finally be complete and I can move all my dishes back into the cabinets this weekend. In the meantime, I have a festive, Moroccan-themed table to share, created by Norma who lives in the beautiful French countryside. Recently Norma had friends … [Continue Reading...]

A New Addition for the Office & How I Track Down Studs

Home Office, Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture

Back around 2010 when I put my home office together and purchased an office desk chair, one of my top priorities in choosing a chair was its appearance. Of course, I wanted it to be comfortable and great for day-to-day use, but I also wanted it to be pretty and to work with my home office interior. Over the years and many desk chairs later, I have pretty much given up on worrying about how it looks and if it coordinates with my home office.  It seems like if a chair … [Continue Reading...]

A Small Addition to the Garage That I’m Absolutely Loving

Best Paper Towel Holder Dispenser for Garage, Wall or Cabinet Mounted

Welcome to the 707th Metamorphosis Monday! Over the last week, I've been sharing the dramatic makeover my garage went through recently. (See that makeover in full here: Dramatic Garage Makeover with New Lighting, Fresh Paint, and New Flooring.) This weekend I shared over two posts, the 2-day process of how the flooring was installed. A painter will be coming out to complete a few touchups on the back wall, the garage door and the shutters very soon. In the … [Continue Reading...]

Garage Flooring Installation, Day 2–All Done and So Worth It!

In yesterday's post, I shared the first day's process of having a new floor installed here in my garage. You may remember we ended here with the garage door left a few inches open to prevent the door from damaging the newly installed floor. The flooring was left to dry and set up overnight during which time the colorful flakes that had been broadcast out over the floor, would have time to meld with the epoxy base.   This is how the garage looked when … [Continue Reading...]

Garage Flooring Installation, Day 1–Here’s How They Did It!

Garage Floor Installation by Granite Garage

Imagine that you regularly visit a gym for a full workout, but for some reason, you don't go for 3 months. After a 3-month break, you go back, but instead of starting back slowly, you dive full-in doing your old routine as if you've never missed a day. That's how I feel today, every muscle in my body feels like it's had a full workout to the max! I don't think there's a single muscle that's not feeling the effects of moving all the cabinets back out to the … [Continue Reading...]

Where Did You Store All Those Cabinets & Beautiful New Flatware for a Bargain

Storage Cabinets

Welcome to the 724th Tablescape Thursday! Before we get into today's Tablescape Thursday, for those who have asked for it, I've added a printable version of the recipe I shared recently for these delicious Crunch Wraps to that recipe post. You'll find that post here and the printable version of the recipe is right at the end of the post: Crunch Wrap Recipe.   Soooo, though the garage is basically finished (I'm even parking my car there now) my … [Continue Reading...]