St. Patrick’s Day Table with Limelight Hydrangeas & Belleek Pottery Centerpiece

Welcome to the 493rd Tablescape Thursday!

I just realized today, we get to set the clocks forward this weekend. That means another whole hour of daylight starting this Sunday! Yipee! That makes me so happy! Spring is really almost here! St. Patrick’s Day is the following weekend on Saturday, the 17th, so it’s time to start thinking about pretty St. Patrick’s Day table settings.


St. Patrick's Day Table Setting, Belleek Vase, Kylemore Honey Pot


And I actually remembered the glasses this week! Ha! Did you notice that I left the glasses off the last time I shared a table? I wasn’t even rushed when I created that table setting, finished it way early in the day, so early I didn’t even take photos of it until several hours later.

Even after posting that table to the blog, I still hadn’t noticed the glasses were missing. It was a sharp-eyed BNOTP reader who noticed. I remember thinking the centerpiece looked a bit open and wondered if I needed to add a bit more to it. I think glassware would have fixed that “openness” I was noticing.  lol

Okay, back to today’s table–I’ve been looking forward to using the Belleek vase and the Belleek Kylemore honeypot ever since I ordered those while visiting Belleek Pottery during my trip to Ireland last August (See that tour here: Tour Belleek Pottery.)

The vase has been filled all winter with dried Limelight Hydrangeas, collected from my garden last summer. Looking forward to having fresh ones to enjoy again this summer! If you’re thinking of adding a hydrangea to your garden this year, I can’t recommend the Limelight Hydrangea enough. It’s wonderful and the color transition it goes through is stunning!

St. Patrick's Day Table Centerpiece with Belleek Kylemore Honey Pot


You may remember I went on a “Nora-Fleming-Mini” buying streak this past year. I fell in love with the Nora Fleming “Minis” and had a blast collecting them to use with my Nora Fleming serving platter. The pedestal that I’m using today is available here: Pedestal.

My Nora Fleming Mini Collection


In today’s table, I’m sharing two Minis that are perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day table. One is this precious little lamb sporting a pretty green bow. If you follow Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram, you may remember the sheep-herding demonstration I posted last summer while I was in Ireland. This little lamb will always bring that memory back to mind.

Belleek Kylemore Honey Pot & Nora Fleming Lamb for St. Patrick's Day


The other Mini that’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day is this adorable Leprechaun hat.

Dried Limelight Hydrangeas in St. Patrick's Day Tablescape


Here’s a better view. If you have a Nora Fleming platter or serving dish (they are available HERE) and collect the Minis, you’ll find the hat here: Leprechaun Hat and the little lamb here: Baby Lamb.  There’s also a really cute Shamrock here: Shamrock. I know I’m going to have to add that Shamrock to my collection…arggg. Love these things!

Nora Fleming Spot o'irish St. Patrick's Day Hat


Look! Glasses! I actually remembered this time! lol The tea/water glasses are available HERE. The tall wine glasses were a find in A Classy Flea many years ago.

St. Patrick's Day Table, Shamrock Plates


I kept things simple for this St. Patrick’s Day table, using white chargers found years ago online at Horchow, and white dinner plates. The four-leaf clover salad plates are sure to bring us the “luck of the Irish” as we dine at this St. Patrick’s Day table.) The four-leaf clover salad plates are from HomeGoods, many years ago.

Shamrock Napkins for St. Patrick's Day Table Setting


Can’t remember now where I found the shamrock napkins…have had them for several years. It was probably HomeGoods or Marshalls.

Shamrock Plates for St. Patrick's Day Table


The weather has turned quite cold here again. While I was setting this table in the breakfast room, I had lots of visitors coming to the feeders. When I was outside earlier adding mealworms to the little saucer I keep on the deck rail, I noticed a robin in a nearby tree showing great interest. Robins rarely eat from feeders, but I could tell he was interested in what I was pouring into the saucer.

Sure enough, when I went inside and began working on my table, I looked out and saw he had ventured down to the deck. He stayed perched on the post cap for a bit, looking around and occasionally looking over at the worms.

Spring Robin


It wasn’t too long before he decided to give them a taste-test. They must have passed because he ate quite a few before flying off. I hope he comes back again.

By the way, those deck rails I had painted brown last summer–best thing I’ve ever done for the deck! I know they are probably filthy by now, but you can’t even see it.

Once the temps warm up, I’ll take some pics and do a follow-up post, but I can say right now, I’m really happy with my decision to paint the top rail brown. Read more about that project here: Painting Deck Rail Brown.)

Robin eating dried mealworms


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

St. Patrick's Day Table with Belleek Pottery


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  1. Hi. Where are the glasses from? I have antique ones very similar and need to replace a few. Thanks.

  2. Mary Vona says

    Love your St. Patrick’s Day tablescape! Very uplifting as we had 18″ of snow here in the Hudson Valley yesterday. Thank goodness for generators.

  3. Adorable tablescape. You got me hooked on the Nora Fleming collection of mini charms and although I don’t need any more serving pieces, I did get the kleenix holder, the votive holder and the little vase holder. I love them, in fact, I also have 3 of the mini charm keepsake boxes!! LOL
    Also I want to thank you for your post on cracked finger tips, etc. and I have been using “Cutemol” ever since I read that particular post.
    Over the years, I have gained so much info from your posts and eagerly read each one!

    • Thanks so much, Kathi! Oh, I’ve been trying to resist all those cute accessory pieces, but I feel my resolve weakening! You have some really great ones!
      I love those keepsake boxes, too. They really help with storage.
      I’m so glad the Cutemol has helped. I haven’t had a single cracked fingertip this winter since I started using it, so it’s definitely a must-have in my winter survival kit, now. lol It’s also great for feet, too. Amazing stuff!

  4. Love the Belleek vase and all the other delicate shamrock touches on your table. That robin eating from your feeder is terrific. I think I have one nesting in my magnolia. What a welcome sight.

  5. Susan, such a charming table! It must be such fun to have a centerpiece to remind you of your own Irish adventure. My favorite little detail is that adorable lamb.

  6. Beatrice says

    Oh I’ll drag out that Belleek I bought on a 1966 visit to the factory. It’s a little darker and more translucent than the modern. Our huge traditionally dark carved balcony railing has a deteriorating top rail, so we decided to cover it after restoration. Zinc would be the best material, as it has to stand up to Alpine storms, even though we are on the valley floor and don’t get tons of snow.

    • Interesting about the Zinc!
      Only the vase and the honey pot are Belleek, the two cups/saucers were a find while antiquing, so they may look a bit different. How wonderful you have Belleek from 1966, I know it’s beautiful!

  7. I love your Beeleek pieces and love seeing them used in your tablescapes! Bet they bring back wonderful memories of that special trip. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

  8. Love your St Patrick tablescape today. I also visited Ireland (my father’s family all from there) several years ago and bought some of the same dishes you have. It’s a beautiful country and hope to go back one day. Love all Your post.

  9. A tip of my hat to you for the charming shamrock table. I’m sure it will bring you luck, especially since you used the delicate Belleek china. I’d love to visit their factory. Spring is definitely on its way!

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    Pretty table. Mine is similar, using white dishes, but with gold chargers. I have those same clear goblets with the green stems, a gift from a friend. The Belleck items are lovely. I, too love those mini charms and have the sweet lamb sitting on the darling salt and pepper set which stays out on my counter so I can see it all day. Was tempted to buy a serving platter, but since I already have so many the s/p seemed more practical and it was a great choice. I can assure you, you will see Mr. Robin again now that he has tasted your mealworms. Last year I bought the mealworms in a square dried cake form, and it was devoured in 3 days by the Robins and the Rosebreasted Grosbeaks. I purchased 4 in all, I am sure the parents thought it was great like a “take out diner'” or fast food. Haha. Thanks for telling us about the mealworms, I just couldn’t do the live ones, lol.

    • Oh, I love that Cyndi! I need to a piece that I can keep all the time…love that idea! I wish we got the Rosebreasted Grosbeaks here. Do you see them regularly in your area? I’ve only ever seen one and I think he was just passing through. He actually came down to the feeders and I was able to snap a few pics of him. He was gorgeous! I guess he was migrating through. I love that about the fast food/take-out dinner. Ha!

      • Cyndi Raines says

        Yes, we get them regularly in our yard and they are a joy to watch. I understand they are in the same family as Cardinal as they have the same short heavy conical beak. We usually have 2 or 3 males and 2 or 3 females.

  11. I’d like some tea in a shamrock-covered cup, please. Table is so festive for the holiday. And loving the robin and meal worm story. Teach those birds to expand their cuisine and increase chances of survival.

  12. I’m not looking forward to the DST change because I hate that mornings will be dark until after 8:-( It might not be so awful if they had not moved it back three weeks, but as is it ruins the mornings here. Thanks for hosting Susan!

  13. I laughed about your glasses because I’ve been known to have everyone seated before realizing something be it glasses or flatware wasn’t on the table. Probably some of those photos have shown up here.

  14. I collect Nora Fleming too Susan, the minis are just too cute! I have 13 so far, now you’ve got me tempted to buy more! I wasn’t surprised to see you have the storage boxes, as organized as you are! I have been debating about getting the boxes, do you think they are worth it? Your table with the Irish china is beautiful

    • I do like them. They are padded so I don’t lay them on top of each other since I want the padded front to stay that way, but they store great upright on their ends like you would store a cookbook. I do like them a lot and the minis look so cute inside. Thanks so much, Jenna! XX

  15. I am in love with your Belleek Kylemore honeypot!!! Your trip makes this table extra special. Best wishes for a fun, festive St. Patrick’s Day!!

  16. So pretty!

  17. Charlotte says

    Love this cheery table too! I am going to have to brake down and get a Norma Fleming cake plate & platter – the more I see them the more I want them! I love the little Lamb, he is perfect for Easter or a Baby Shower too – so sweet! I love your Belleek pieces, the Honey Pot is adorable. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  18. This is my second time in a week seeing this beautiful china. I love that your table isn’t over the top with decorations and your napkin treatment is very pretty. We’ve been waiting for the first robin sighting also. He may have to wear a scarf and boots because it’s still cold and snowy around here. Thaks for the time change tip also, I was wondering when it was.

    • lol I love that image, Sandra! Can you imagine a little robin out there hopping around in boots and a scarf! Someone needs to create a greeting card like that, or maybe a little stuff robin dressed that way. 🙂

  19. Ha- I did notice the glassware was missing on last weeks post but I chose to remain silent about it! Your Belleek china is my favorite. I’ve always wanted some but haven’t taken the leap into buying any. Your Nora Fleming collection is so cute- I never heard of this line until you mentioned it on your blog. I’m 100% with you about the limelight hydrangeas and have posted info about them on my blog several times. Even with the harsh winters up here they do great. I am surprised to see the Robin eating from your feeder but then again why not- it’s quick food for him! We are covered in snow again. I knew it was too soon for all the warmer weather we had but soon enough it will feel like spring here once again!

    • lol I think I need to make a checklist for myself, something to review before I start taking photos! Limelights are so amazing! I should probably fertilize mine this year…need to find out what would make the best fertilizer for them. Do you fertilize yours, Liz?
      I know, I’ve only had a robin visit once or twice ever, so it’s a treat when they do. I see them in the yard all the time, they just don’t normally come to the feeder. I wonder if this is the same one I saw last time.

  20. Love the way the hydrangea look in the vase! What a great table….Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

  21. It is the week when we start pulling out our Beleek pottery; Love yours! I was in Ireland almost three years ago and we went to Beleek and bought some pieces too. I love it, of course I loved Ireland too. We still have snow on the ground here, but the sun is shining and it’s supposed to hit the high 50’s today. I’m so ready for spring.
    Hugs, Noreen

  22. Debra Lanter says

    Susan, the platter that is in your table scape looks like a cake stand with pedestal. I can’t find one like yours. Could you send link again? DEB

  23. Your tablescape is a delight! So glad your robin decided to stay for a meal. I hope he comes back soon and often.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  24. I really like this St. Patrick’s Day tablescape, it’s understated and elegant. In particular I love those shamrock plates, they’re the best. The sheer white napkins over the green napkins are very classy. I don’t have any Beleek china, I think I’ll have to do something about that LOL. Thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday, Susan.

  25. Thanks for the party, Susan.

  26. Susan, A great post, as always! Look at vonmaur dot com (Von Maur is a large store here in KC, not sure if you have it). They have a lot of Nora Fleming and they have a Georgia Bulldogs football helmet figurine. Your post about the bookstore puzzle sure provided a birthday gift idea for me! I’m also ordering the puzzle tray. Thanks for sharing your good ideas!

  27. Sorry, Upon closer inspection, I see you already have the Nora Fleming Georgia football helmet! Of course!

  28. Love your table setting. It is so elegant and lovely. Thank You for sharing.

  29. Isn’t St Patrick’s Day fun!! Our son’s birthday (and my grandfather’s too!) franki

  30. I just love your Belleek pieces and the cups and saucers are simply lovely. Putting the mealworms out for the birds is a good idea. Our robbins are back now, but I don’t know what they are eating. There are no insects or worms yet. I may get some to put out.

    • Thanks, Barbara!
      About the mealworms, I was buying them online at Amazon but the size I always purchased is out of stock and the other sizes are not reasonably priced. So here’s what I purchased them last time online:
      They may also carry them in the store, not sure. My birds love them so much! I purchased 4 bags a couple of weeks ago to get free shipping. They’ve already gone through one bag. All the birds love them including chickadees, wrens, mockingbirds, bluebirds, goldfinches, house finches and of course, robins. 🙂

  31. Beautiful tablescape with the lovely Belleek pottery.

    Thank you for hosting!


  32. Elinda Turner says

    Beautiful tablescape ! The Belleek pieces are pretty. I also love watching the birds in our backyard. I have two large feeders out for the birds and enjoy watching from my kitchen window. I keep suet out also. Last year April – July the blue jays were coming up all through the day getting the suet. I would watch and they would take several pieces of the suet and fly away and I realized they were feeding it to their baby birds.

  33. As usual, I love everything about your blog. Being of Irish descent, I LOVE to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. I have some two beautiful music boxes that my husband bought me in the early 70’s. One plays “Danny Boy”, and the other “ When Irish Eyes are Smiling”. You always inspire me with your ideas. I was wondering though, have you noticed that HomeGoods and TJMaxx don’t have as many seasonal dishes as they use to? I really wanted to add a few Valentines and St. Patrick’s Day things but couldn’t find any at all this year. Bummed!

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