A New Toy in My Cleaning Arsenal & Bunny Plates for Easter

I follow a few kitty Instagram accounts and they keep me in stitches daily. One account that I follow (bonnieclydekitties) shared the coolest tool for helping keep hardwood or tile flooring clean. I don’t have pets now, so I don’t have to worry about fur as she does, but I do have a lot of hardwood flooring to keep clean. My whole house is hardwood flooring now, except for one room, my upstairs family room.

This was the new cleaning toy she was using, an Eye-Vac.  The Eye-Vac basically takes the place of a dustpan for sweeping. I ordered one to place in my kitchen and absolutely love it! Whenever I sweep, I just sweep the trash up to the little opening in the front, and it sucks it all up. No more dirty dustpan needed! I’ve enjoyed using it so much, I’m seriously thinking of ordering a second one for the upstairs part of my home, too. It’s just so convenient and I’m finding I’m sweeping more now because it’s also fun to use.

Eye-Vac Vacuum Cleaner, Great for Kitchens


The kitchen is the room in my home that seems to always need vacuuming, partially because I have a tendency to run out to fill up the birdfeeders without changing into my Sloggers. first. Then there’s the mess that gets tracked in from the garage, and the little food bits and pieces that magically reproduce on my kitchen floor. Amazing how that happens!

12 Days of Christmas Table with Goose & Magnolia Centerpiece


Though it’s the room that normally needs vacuuming the most, the kitchen is my least favorite room to vacuum because there are chair legs and bar-stool legs everywhere. So, normally I end up just sweeping in here since it’s faster and easier than pulling out the vacuum and trying to vacuum around all the legs.

White Kitchen with Granite Countertops


Ditto for the screened porch. Occasionally I vacuum it, but most of the time I just sweep because I can get in and around all the chairs legs a bit easier. I think I’m going to love having the eye-vac downstairs this summer. Whenever I want to sweep the porch, I can just unplug it and take it out onto the porch and sweep away.


I even thought about ordering one for the porch since I have the perfect spot for one over behind the chair in the corner near the fern, but the kitchen is literally right off the porch, so I can just bring the Eye-Vac out onto the porch whenever I need to vacuum.

It sucks up leaves like nobody’s business, too. I picked one up that I had tracked from the deck onto the porch to test it, and it gobbled it right up. So it would work great out here on the porch!


I realized today that I’ve been sweeping more often this week since I purchased the Eye-vac. It’s very satisfying to watch it suck everything up. I hated dealing with a dustpan, they are yucky and so awkward to use. Plus, I can never seem to get everything onto the dustpan.

No problem with the Eye-Vac, it just sucks it all up. If you have hardwood or tile floors and find yourself sweeping a lot, check out the reviews for the Eye-Vac here: Eye-Vac Vacuum.  It also comes in black here: Eye-Vac. So far, I’m loving mine!

Eye Vac Vacuum for Hardwood or Tile Flooring


Update: The bunny dishware is on sale at Pottery Barn! I’m going to order some, trying to decide on a pattern, they are all so cute!

These are the two designs I’m thinking about ordering:

These are on sale for only $24.99 for 4 plates, can’t believe that price! You’ll find them here: Bunny Plates.


This is the other set I’m eyeing, they are only $27.99 and so stinkin’ cute! That’s an awesome price for four plates, especially before Easter. These are the kind of prices you usually see after the holiday! You’ll find them available here: Bunny Plates.


Okay, I order a set of each, couldn’t make up my mind and love them both. I got free shipping with the promo code: SAVEMORE, so if you order, be sure to use that promo code to save on your shipping. Love free shipping!


Oh, found one more set of adorable bunny plates…love these sweet faces! These are on sale here: Bunny Plates.  Sooo cute! Arggg, I’m a sucker for adorable bunny plates…can not resist!

Bunny Plates in Gray and White

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  1. What an ingenious invention; someone was thinking smart. And is there anything with a bunny on it that’s not cute? Partial to the first group with the one washing his face. Adorable.

  2. Hello.
    We are just refinishing the original hardwood floors on the first floor of our home. We are adding additional oak flooring to match throughout the kitchen being renovated, a new closet area and butlers pantry with repairs as needed. This will give me lots of floor to keep clean. I currently use a central vac and microfiber dust mop, but I am intrigued by the eye vac. I love all your posts and enjoy reading daily. I also love the clock hanging on the wall above the eye vac. It is a beautifully ornate version. Would you mind sharing where you got it? I am guessing on one of your travels.
    Thank you

    • I love having hardwood flooring in the kitchen, it’s really easy on the feet for when you’re standing for long periods, cooking. You will really enjoy it, Sherry!
      I actually purchased the German Cuckoo clock on eBay many years ago. It’s an older one and I love that the animals on it are “live” animals, instead of dead ones hanging upside down. lol

      Here’s a close-up. It plays a little song on the half hour, and at the top of the hour, it plays a longer song while the little dancers go around and around. It actually alternates between two different songs at the top of the hour…forgotten the names of the songs now. I love having it here in the kitchen and hearing the songs. It’s an 8 days clock, so only needs to be “wound” once a week. All the clocks I’ve collected over the years are 8-day clocks, so I just wind them all once a week on the same day…when I don’t forget. 🙂
      German Cuckoo Clock

      I had planned to look at the cuckoo clocks in December when I was in Germany but never got to see any since I got sick about half way through the trip before we reached an area that sold clocks. It’s just as well because if I ever do buy one in Germany, I’d like for it to come from The Black Forest and the December trip didn’t go to that area.

    • Sherry B . . . we have this very same clock, only it’s the super-sized version: from the top of the stag’s horns to the bottom of the hunter’s bag, the clock measures 48″! The clock is called a “Hunter’s Clock,” and it’s the ‘live animal’ version (the ‘dead animal’ version has the hare and pheasant upside down.) Ours was purchased here in Michigan at https://frankenmuthclock.com/, a beautiful, reputable shop in a beautiful little town, and it’s worth a visit!

      • Mary, do you need higher ceilings for yours? I have 8-foot ceilings and the chains slightly drag the floor with it hanging just a few inches below the ceiling. I could probably move it a few more inches up to avoid that, but I didn’t want to hang it so high I couldn’t see the little dancers. #shortpeopleproblems

        • Yes, higher ceilings are a must, lol! Ours in our living room are about 17′ but we still must be careful to keep the chains from touching the floor. (Pulling up the chains is how the clock is “wound.”) I’m pretty sure the Hunter Clock comes in several sizes. Those sold in Frankenmuth are all made in the Black Forest in Germany.

      • Thank you Mary. I have looked at their website, but I am thinking it has been awhile since I visited Michigan. Maybe I’ll plan a trip and shop there. The clocks are beautiful. I have an antique small cuckoo clock and it is rough shape, but it hung in my grandparents home so it has a special place in my heart. Sherry B

  3. Dorian Valles says

    Have you checked all the bunny decor at Pier 1? Fabulous!

  4. At those prices the store will not have to run an after Easter sale. They already have their ROI with no carry over merchandise. Now they can go on to Mother’s Day favorites . Both patterns are just precious. I know you will enjoy them.

  5. You are a genius, as though we didn’t already know that..getting the IKEA storage in the office closet…I was exhausted just reading it! But, the Eye Vac…you have given me the push I need. We just bought a brand new house, after ours was flooded in Harvey, and it has all tile except in the bedrooms. I am about to despair…but saw your post. I have been “eyeing”the Eye Vac ever since I saw it in my hairdresser’s shop. Our dog is terrified of a Roomba…this may be my solution.P.S. I am confessing I am copying your wonderful office exactly…I love it! Your blog is soooo terrific.

    • Thanks so much, Holly! I’m so sorry you went through that, can’t even imagine going through that. I’m so glad you have a new home, though.
      Oh, I hope you send me some photos of your office after you finish it, I would love to see it! 🙂

  6. Susan, maybe it’s a dumb question but I can’t see how you vacuum. Does it have a handle somewhere or does it run on its own? I looked at the advertising but still couldn’t understand about no handle. Thanks

    • Oh, sorry about the confusion. It sucks up what you sweep up with a broom, so it’s for when you use a broom. It’s supposed to be amazing with cat/dog fur, too from what I’ve read and seen online.

  7. I love your posts! And I miss your book reviews!

  8. Susan, I saw these at QVC slightly cheaper.

    • I saw that one, too…but it’s not the “Professional” version, that’s why it’s $20 less. Even though I don’t have pets, I decided to go with the professional version since it was only $20 more and is more powerful…1400 watts. Thanks for that tip, though!

      • I had not noticed there was a “Professional” version. Good idea to point that out. I thought the video was nifty.

        I have a niece with back problems, this may be a good gift since she can’t bend down too many without putting her back out.

  9. Gwendoline Healy says

    Sounds like a jolly good gadget Susan and trust you to find it first! I noticed you are using it on your porch, well, I am sure that by now living in the south as I do, you have noticed our silent, green monster descending on our porch furniture and everything else on the porch. With that in mind, do you think this little contraption could be fed the swept up pollen or would it start to choke on it and die?

  10. susan, i bought the first set of bunny plates you displayed at pottery barn a couple of years ago on an after easter sale for the same price as the current sale. i also bought the matching napkins. i have enjoyed using both the plates and napkins for spring luncheons and dinners. together they add such a sweet whimsical feel of spring to a table. i want to thank you for all the wonderful products you suggest in your blog. i have used many of them to solve troublesome issues. lauren

  11. Susan, you don’t have any pets? I could have sworn you had a cat. I’m almost positive. Am I wrong?

    • Audrey, you have a good memory. I did, but Max passed away with cancer a few years ago. I spent over $7,000 trying to cure him, but he didn’t make it. I was devastated, I haven’t been able to bring myself to get another cat since. This is the first time in my life I’ve not had a cat or 3. It took some getting used to, not having a cat. It’s been convenient for all the traveling I’ve been doing. I think about getting another one, but I’ve found that the older I get, the worse it is for me when one passes away. I ended up in the hospital for three days with internal bleeding when Max was going through cancer. They never could figure out what caused it, but I think it was the stress and sorrow from going through his illness. It was devastating and I still miss him. I have to get my kitty fix now on Instagram. I sure do miss have a purring furbaby curled up with me at night, though.

  12. We had 4 cats, then we had 3 and now we only have 2 of our babies left. Needless to say, we do have cat hair on the floors! I broke down a few years ago and bought a Dyson stick vac that was rated very high for pet hair, and that’s what I now use. I can do all my hardwoods and tile with a charge. Your new tool looks fascinating, though! Re. the plates, I have the first set, pasture bunnies, and they are now on my hutch in the sunroom. I do love them! I confess I bought the bunny plates William-Sonoma has this year. They have the most beautiful colors on them. I do think the PB plates have the sweetest bunny faces I’ve seen. And what a price! After I set a table for 2 for my husband’s St. Patrick’s Day birthday, I’m going to use my bunny plates for some old neighbors who are coming for lunch. Who doesn’t love spring??

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Haha I just KNEW you would purchase both, but they are so darling, hard to resist. You will soon be needing another storage closet for the garage! Like that eye vac, you are so right about the chair legs and being hard to get around them unless using a broom. Currently I am using a small vac by Red Devil, very light weight and it does a great job for quick daily touchups, instead of always hauling out my big Shark.

  14. I have a roomba that I got on QVC years ago, so it isn’t one of the computerized ones, but I love it. I don’t have to move any chairs, she goes around everything multiple times and then finds her way “home”.

    • I used to have a Roomba many years ago, I think it was one of the first ones they came out with. It worked well but the thing I didn’t like was it had to be cleaned out and the brushes cleaned after every 3-4 uses…and it took forever to take it apart to do that. It took a good 20 minutes every single time to take it apart and clean everything. So I finally just quit using it. I donated it about a year ago. I wonder if the newer versions are easier to clean. I especially hated taking the brushes out and getting those back in again. I had cats and a dog back then, so that made it even worse.

  15. Nancy Akeroyd says

    I ordered the floral bunny plates along with the blue checked dinner plates but the bunny plates didn’t show up although I was charged. I called and they apologized but said they were back ordered and out of stock until after the 15th. Then they went on sale so I cancelled the order because I didn’t want to pay full price for something now on sale. I have several sets of bunny plates so I haven’t reordered. Instead I ordered meadow bunny plates from Pier One on sale for $28. I fell in love with that bunny’s sweet face. But I rarely find bunny plates I don’t like.

  16. I love it when you post about products you like. It is so much more believable when a blogger gives “2 thumbs up” on something they have purchased with their own hard-earned money, rather than a “sponsored” post about an item they received for free. I’ve actually bought several things based on your recommendation, including this Eye-Vac gadget. It looks absolutely awesome and I could not order one fast enough after reading your post!

    We live on a dirt road (and on a horse farm), so I have enough sand being tracked into my house by people and pets that I could probably have a good start on creating my own beach. Since I like to go barefoot in the house but hate walking on sandy floors, I usually need to sweep the kitchen and main traffic areas several times per day. Rather than pull out the vacuum (or dust pan) every single time, I sometimes will sweep everything into a pile, in an inconspicuous corner, and clean it up just once, at the end of the day. No more piles of sand in the corner for me! Yippeeee! 🙂

    In case you have other readers who would like to get an Eye-Vac, I do want to mention that I found them on the Bed, Bath & Beyond website with free shipping and the same price as Amazon, but I got an additional 20% off (which saved $24.00!) by signing up for BB&B emails. However, this offer was for first-time email subscribers and since my primary email is already on file from previous BB&B orders, I was still able to take advantage of the 20% off coupon anyway simply by using a secondary email address I have but rarely ever use.

    • Thanks, Shari! You’ll definitely always know if I was gifted something because I’ll mention that right near the start of the post. I rarely accept gifts or write a sponsored post, but if I ever do, you can bet it’s going to be an honest review.
      lol about creating your own beach…too funny! I’ve been known to do that, too because I hate using a dustpan. I know, nothing drives me crazier than going barefoot and feeling sand or dirt under my feet.
      Good deal on the coupon! Smart thinking! Did you buy the “professional” model like the one I have? I think the other model is really good also, the professional one just has a bit more power…1400 watts.

      • I actually had a Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card I was still holding onto from Christmas so that’s the only reason I thought to check their website. It seems those discount coupons often exclude certain brands or products so I was happy that I could use it toward the purchase and I was even happier that between the coupon and the gift card, my new EyeVac ended up costing me nothing! Christmas in March! 😉

        One of the Q&A forums I read said that according to the manufacturer’s website, the “PET” version is the same as the white “PRO” version. They have the same motor size (1400 Watt), canister size, dimensions and filters. However, EyeVac Pet is only available in Designer White, while the Professional model is available in Designer White or Tuxedo Black. I wanted a white one so I ended up choosing the “Pet” over the “Pro” for one silly reason … the graphics/lettering on the pet model appealed to me a little more. lol.

  17. Susan, I have a built in version of the eye vac in my kitchen. It’s just a little slit in the cabinet of the island and you move a lever with your foot to start it. It IS fun, lol, so I can see why you are wanting one for every room. I wonder if they got the idea from the built in version or visa – versa. Either way, good idea.

    • Oh wow, I would totally sign up for that! lol Is it by Eye-vac or another brand? Was it built into your home when it was first built? Love that idea! I looked into having a whole house vacuum installed years ago before I finished in a big part of my basement, but it was going to be over $2,000 and that was like 15+ years ago.

      • It’s Honeywell brand. I do have a central vacuum system throughout my house, and I guess this floor vac is part of that. It’s a little slit at the bottom of the cabinet next to the floor (of course, lol) so it’s not very noticeable. And there’s a little knob thingamabob you slide from side to side with your toe to open and start the vacuum, and then slide back when you’re finished. I love it. 😀

        It was built in when the house was built and I’m guessing there was a fair amount of whoha involved in running it throughout the house. My favorite part is the kitchen floor vac. It’s convenient, fun and makes so much sense! `

  18. You should see the bunny plates from Dillards.com. They are priceless, too. $10 each, but well worth it for the detail and quality.

  19. I wonder if the Eye-vac would work to clean all the green stuff than is on the screen porch this time of year. Sweeping stirs it up and makes my eyes water and causes nonstop sneezing.
    I was eyeballing those plates today, but I’m trying real hard not to add anything.

  20. I too have hardwoods in the majority of my home and discovered the Dyson cordless stick. It is so quick and easy to use. I pull it out Daily and do a quick swipe through the house!

  21. In the Sam’s Club flyer they have available online only a set of porcelain bunny dishes….four 10.5″ dinner, four 8″ salad, four 5.5″ cereal bowls and four 8″ dinner/bowls. $49.98. They look cute!

  22. Okay, I was like, “what?” on that eye-vac, couldn’t readily see how it would work. So, after googling a video demo, I get it now, and sent the link to my daughters. I decided this would be a great tool for anyone with pets, and anyone with a husband, lol. You know, all those crumbs in the kitchen after snacking….and I also will be showing my hairdresser this week. I think she would love it! Good find, Susan!

  23. My hairdresser has an Eye Vac at her station…I have always thought it was a great thing to have in the home!….I have the second set of bunny plates and yes, $27.99 is a great deal!!!

  24. Selma Kessler says

    We have cats, and I sweep litter every. Single. Day. That Eyevac looks perfect for our house! And OMG BUNNY PLATES! I have the elegant grey bunny plates! They are so perfect on my table right now! And the next this I do after I send this is to look for the Eye vac! Thanks Susan!

  25. BTW the movie Peter Rabbit was absolutely darling!! You will wish you had some cute bunnies of your own….our kitties sufficed!

  26. Susan ~ Do you happen to remember the name of the paint color on the wall that has your cuckoo clock on it? The color is so pretty – brings a smile to my face:)

    Thanks for any help you may be able to give ~

  27. Hello Susan, I had to laugh, we were headed on a trip a week ago and almost everything I was wearing was from your advice! Teva boots, LL Bean sweater, great hair from the new styling tool. I have always wanted a Black Forest cuckoo clock so now am learning about them without going to Germany, although I want to do that, too! Thanks for all your great ideas, I’m trying to resist the cute bunny plates.

    • I’m wearing my Teva’s right now…love ’em! 🙂 I’ve corrupted my son this winter, too. I bought him several L.L. Bean sweaters and pullovers and now he’s a major fan. lol I’m determined to go back to Germany one day and see Neuschwanstein Castle and visit the Black Forest, I’m just not going during flu season again. Ha! Thanks, Kay!

  28. Elizabeth Speicher says

    I sweep litter twice a day, and how it can travel! I have special mats in front of the litter boxes and they really don’t seem to alleviate the problem. Sweeping litter is currently a 4 tool job around here. This Eye Vac may be the answer.
    You were so on the nose with the stainless steel polish/cleaner, I’m trusting you again, ordering it tomorrow.
    Thanks for all your research.

    • I was thinking the other day how much I wish I had one of these when I had kitties. I would definitely have put one in the basement where the litter box was. Hope it does the job Elizabeth. If you don’t like it, return it. So far, I love mine!

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