Answering Questions About My Puzzle Board & Sharing Some Favorite Puzzles for Fall

Over the past few days, I’ve had several comments and a few emails asking about the puzzle board I love working my puzzles on and about my favorite puzzles. I have to admit, I’m definitely a PPP, aka, Picky Puzzle Person. I have to be really invested in the scene and the story of a puzzle to have the desire to work it, and I will absolutely stop working a puzzle and put it back in the box to be donated if I find the quality is terrible. I especially dislike puzzles where the pieces are so poorly cut they will fit in multiple places–nothing worse!


My absolute favorite puzzles are the ones that tell a story, like this one. (Puzzle is available here: Cozy Lakeside Cabin.) I actually went down the rabbit hole and did a post sharing all the fun details we discover about the book lover (I call her Jane) we see reading in this cozy cabin puzzle. You’ll find that post here: Cozy Winter Updates and Gift Ideas for Christmas.

Cozy Puzzle for Winter, Book Lovers


With fall here, it’s definitely feeling like puzzle weather! This is one I did a while back, I think in early spring, but it would be a wonderful one for this time of year, too. Puzzle is available here: Mountain River Cottage.


Another favorite autumn puzzle I completed a while back, I think last fall. Puzzle is available here: Autumn Harbor.


So about that puzzle board…this is definitely my favorite way to work a puzzle–on this back-saving puzzle board I discovered a few years back. I love this thing!

Tilting, Slanting Puzzle Board, Easy on the Back


It tilts to various heights so I can work a puzzle either sitting or standing. I love it so much that I purchased a second one for my son’s home where my grandchildren love using it, as well. It’s plenty large enough for your “average” 1,000-pc puzzle, as seen here.

Puzzle Board for Working Puzzles While Standing or Sitting


But it will also hold 1,000-pc puzzles with the much larger size pieces. I put this puzzle together earlier in the summer. I love those bigger-piece puzzles because they really fill up the board! Definitely recommend this puzzle board if you love working puzzles but find leaning over a table hard on your back. They also make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts for the puzzle lover! Puzzle Board is available here: Puzzle Board. The Beach House puzzle below is available here: Beach House Puzzle.

Beach House Puzzle, Beach Themed Puzzle


I also really love puzzles that picture beautiful homes and gorgeous scenery. Note: The puzzles I’m sharing look much better IRL than I can capture here in my office. (Puzzle is available here: Stone Cottage and Lighthouse Puzzle.)

Beautiful Puzzle with Stone Cottage


Another gorgeous “house” puzzle I worked on during the summer.


This beautiful beach house puzzle is available here: Beach/Lighthouse Puzzle.


And of course, you know I love any puzzle with a great porch! Ha! I LOVE this porch! I took the photo of this puzzle while it was lying on my bonus room carpet where I had moved it hoping to get a better photo, so excuse the glare coming in from the windows. Again, these puzzles all look much more vibrant in person than I can capture in a photo. (Puzzle is available here: Summer Beach Porch Puzzle.

Summer Beach Porch


I loved this puzzle so much, you may remember that I actually purchased a giclee of it once a lovely BNOTP reader told me it actually existed in painting form. (Puzzle is available here: Beautiful Christmas Scene in Colonial Williamsburg.)

Governor's Palace at Christmastime, Colonial Williamsburg


I think a lot of puzzles start out as beautiful paintings. ♥♥♥

Bedding for Birders, Chickadee Bedding


With the cooler evenings we’ve been having, I’ve really been in the mood to work a puzzle with a beautiful autumn scene. This could easily be a scene from Big Canoe, the beautiful mountain community I visited a few weeks ago. They have a family of eagles living and nesting on a small island that’s located in the center of one of their three lakes–Lake Sconti, I believe. I just ordered this puzzle a few days ago, it will be arriving tomorrow. I can’t wait to work on it, there are so many fun things to find–like the raccoons playing in the chandelier. lol I have raccoons who occasionally visit my deck and swing from the wrought-iron outdoor chandelier I have hanging from the overhead pergola. They actually broke one of the glass globes on that chandelier many years ago–little stinkers! (Puzzle is available here: Beautiful Autumn Porch Scene.)


I really love puzzles with library scenes, especially when they overlook a gorgeous garden. (Puzzle is available here: Library Scene Puzzle.)


I completed this cozy puzzle back in March, just before spring arrived. It’s perfect for this time of year. (Puzzle is available here: Cozy Cabin in the Mountains.)


Even though this is a winter scene, I couldn’t resist doing this puzzle this past summer. I must have forgotten to take a photo when I finished since I can’t find it on my computer. It was a fun one to do! You can tell the person who painted this image actually has cats in real life because they depicted them perfectly in this beautiful scene. (Puzzle is available here: Beautiful Mountain Lodge.)


I hope this gives you a few ideas for some fun puzzles to work this fall. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing a few more and I’ll try to share those in another post later this fall or winter. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying some glorious autumn weather!

Update: If you don’t normally do puzzles but would love to start, here’s a post I shared about how I approach working a 1,000-pc puzzle: Answering Your Puzzle Board Questions and Questions About How I Typically Work a 1,000-pc Puzzle. They really don’t take as long as you would think. I normally finish one in 2-3 days. I need to try and slow myself down because I’m always sad when they are finished.

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  1. I bought the puzzle board several years ago when you wrote about it. I love it! If a person really enjoys puzzling, it is worth the investment.

  2. Where do you put your pieces while you assemble the puzzle?

  3. Thank you for all the gorgeous puzzles! Never knew there was a puzzle board.
    Will put this on my Christmas list!

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