Add Color & Whimsy to the Garden with Colorful Planters and Sculptures

Happy Friday! Have any plans for the weekend? I hope to do something relaxing this weekend, feel like it’s time to stop and smell the roses gardenias that are blooming in my yard right now.

The last month and a half has been a whirlwind of activity around here. I sat down the other day and listed all the things I had gotten done since returning from the Netherlands the first week of May. Here’s how that list looked:

Painted and replaced 19 post caps on two decks
Had screened-porch floor re-varnished

Cleaned out guest room closet,  including a large 5-drawer file cabinet stored there
Hauled off the file cabinet to be recycled
Took 3 large bags of papers and files to FedEx to be shredded & recycled
Added Hardwood flooring to the guest room & guest room closet

Got my surprising DNA Test results back

Purchased two garden benches for the front porch
Assembled both benches

Purchased and planted 16 boxwood shrubs
Purchased two HUGE planters, got them home and into the garden
Planted two Standard Limelight Hydrangeas in planters
Spread 16 bales of pinestraw
Mounted copper-roof dovecote bird house to 4 x 4 post, dug hole with post-hole diggers & installed house in the garden

Cleaned out the garage, donating 4 Christmas trees and tons of other stuff
Purchased a potting bench for the garage
Primed and painted potting bench
Assembled potting bench

Created a 3-tiered terra cotta planter

Numerous donation trips to Goodwill after cleaning out guest room closet and garage

Created & posted 36 blog posts, sent out 6 Postcards from the Porch  newsletters and posted to the BNOTP Instagram 50+ times

Time for a nap on the porch! 🙂

During my running around time looking for shrubs and such, I made a trip out to Lost Mountain Nursery. They have the cutest garden shed and I ventured inside.

Garden Shed


I found lots of fun goodies for the garden. I like the signs, especially the top one: Kinky as a cheap garden hose. lol

Shopping for Garden Collectibles


More garden whimsy…

Decorative Pieces for the Garden


How about a moss purse planter! Filled with red geraniums or some colorful flowers, it would make the cutest centerpiece for a garden party or garden luncheon.

Whimsical Moss Handbag


I came across this vivid plant during my visit and was enthralled. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I’ve really gotten into plants that look great at night, what’s often referred to as a “moonlight” garden. My Standard Limelight Hydrangeas are in full bloom and are beautiful at nighttime. They almost glow in the light of the moon. There’s just something magical about a moonlight garden.

Minimus Aureus, Acorus Gramineus


The label identified it as: Acorus Gramineus ‘Minimus Aureus’. It can take full sun to part shade and likes to have wet feet all the time. In fact, it’s great for boggy conditions where the ground is always moist, making it ideal to plant around ponds or in water gardens. It makes me wish I had a pond. I think its bright color would work well in a moonlight garden.

Acorus Gramineus, Minimus Aureus


After my visit to Lost Mountain Nursery, I headed off to another local nursery where I saw some more moss handbags. They seem to be a popular fashion style for the best dressed gardens this year. I wonder if Anna Wintour is aware of this latest fashion trend? 😉

Moss Handbag


There were a lot of patriotic garden-art pieces, including this cow that’s actually a planter. Do  you see the white geranium growing out of his back?

Patriotic Yard Art for Garden


At another location of the same store, he was sporting a red geranium. I guess he’s more of a bull than a cow with those sharp horns.

2016-05-23 14.47.12-3_wm


Maybe these guys are the cows.

Fun Metal Art for the Garden


I love this van with the surfboards on top. It definitely gave me a giggle.

Whimsical Yard Art


It made me think of my favorite “Pete the Cat” painting.

Volkswagen Van, Pete the Cat by Deen


There was also an old, red truck for the garden. Funny, because normally we don’t like seeing old, rusted-out vehicles in our gardens. Guess it’s okay when they’re this size.

Unique Yard Art and Planter for Garden


It’s a planter, too, and it reminded me of another truck in another garden.

Whimsical Planter & Yard Art for Garden


You may remember when I posted about a trip to Greenwood’s on Green Street in Roswell, Georgia, a restaurant where you’ll find a tree growing right up through the side porch that overlooks the garden. That’s where we dined during out visit.

Dining in Greenwood's on Green Street Restaurant, Roswell, GA


From the porch you can see this, an old truck that’s also a planter. I wonder if this is where the artist got his inspiration for the truck planter I saw in the garden nursery.

Old Truck in Garden of Greenwoods on Green Street Restaurant


There was also an old “woody” stationwagon, not a planter but just a bit of whimsical art for the garden.

Woody Car for the Garden, Yard Art


Love this colorful Adirondack chair. It would certainly add a lot of color to the garden!

Colorful Rustic Metal Adirondack Chair


See anything you would consider for your garden? These would add a lot of whimsy to a cottage garden, wouldn’t they?

Happy Weekend to you!

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  1. When I am up and about again I plan to create some signs for my garden. It is growing so beautifully now.

  2. Good evening Susan! Loved the whimsy for the garden you found. We just visited a garden store in St. Petersburg, FL and I have very similar photos I took of rusty surfmobiles and large signage for garden acoutrements! Also, this was the first time I have heard of moonlight gardens other than the Moonlight Gardens (dance bands played here for many years) in Coney Island on the Ohio River near Cincinnati, Ohio where I grew up! LOL

    • I don’t remember when I first heard about moonlight gardens, but it was many, many years ago. I love them because they almost seem to glow at night. They are mostly made up of white flowers and are super romantic. Just google “Moonlight Garden” and you’ll find a ton of articles and images online with suggestions on which plants show up best in the moonlight. For some reason your description of Moonlight Gardens, dance bands and an island on a river conjures up images of the cover of an old Nancy Drew Mystery book, with Nancy Drew, Bess and George all peeking out from behind a tree, watching it all from a safe distance. lol

      • Funny you mention Nancy Drew as I have several early editions from 30’s and 40’s with colorful dust-jackets. Yes! It sounds like a setting for the gang…you are so right! And will check out moonlight gardens…I just always pictured people dancing in the moonlight surrounded by the beautiful gardens they still have to this day.

  3. Mina Flor Teatime & Garten says

    What a lovely Shop it must be! I have a similar shop here where I live (near Berlin ). It is always hard to resist the “temptations” of beautiful things. Thank you for the inspiring photos! Have a nice Weekend too!

  4. Ooooffff. Susan. Where do you get all the energy from!!! You must have more than 24 hours per day in Georgia! I really really love reading your blog,the photos are amazing. It’s like having a magazine delivered in the morning to start the day off happy! We live in Lebanon so about 7 hours ahead of you.. hence the breakfast time reading! All best wishes….

  5. I love to garden and so enjoyed the pictures from your shopping trip. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!!!

  6. I’m so glad you mentioned Postcards from the Porch. I haven’t gotten it in a while and thought you had stopped doing it. I just resubscribed.

  7. What a fun place to shop! It’s making me miss a wonderful nursery called Enchanted Gardens where we used to live. It incorporated huge old trees into wonderful fairy gardens. They had a gift shop with the kinds of goodies that you found.

  8. A nap on the porch, indeed! The house must feel lighter just knowing how much you have removed/donated/disposed. Have a languorous weekend and enjoy all your hard work.

  9. Great ideas, Susan, for the garden. Do you have any idea where one can find the patriotic/flag mosaic globes on a stick?

    • Thanks, Gay! The ones in this post are at a local nursery named, Pike Nursery here in the metro Atlanta area. I wonder if they are available online somewhere.

  10. You’ve earned a break Susan, and this nursery was just the ticket. I love the cars, and from the looks of things they look pretty big!

    I have one of those moss purses but mine has flowers in it. I got it at a nursery a couple of years ago. I’ve used it as a table centerpiece but now it’s on a shelf on my porch.

  11. Wow, I knew you’d accomplished a LOT and the list proves it. Past time for a nap!
    I’d take one of those moss purses for a great table centerpiece. Super cute!

  12. You are definitely a type A personality. I envy that. People like me have great ideas and sometimes finish them. Sigh.

  13. Susan, We are tired just reading the list of what you have done lately.
    Love the big blue pots and moss purses at the garden center.
    Speaking of moonlight gardens, I have a night blooming cactus that blooms at random with a big white flower that looks like a dahlia. I lost the original one a couple of years back during a cold spell. Thank goodness I had started a new one off of it.

  14. Wow Susan, reading what all you’ve done in the last few weeks is amazing. My list would consist of what I have thought about doing, and still not completed! But I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are up to. Thanks for sharing so much with us – you are an inspiration.

  15. I guess whimsy isn’t for everyone. A friend and I were talking about the old pickup planter and how cute it was when her husband popped up with this observation. He said, “Are you nuts? It’ll look like Sanford & Son did your landscaping.” We all had a good laugh and decided to each his own.

  16. Oh my gosh Susan, you have certainly been a busy-bee speaking of which re your Sunday postcard (just received in my inbox); am sorry to learn about your wasp sting. For its discomfort, you could try using ‘a paste’ of water ‘n laundry bluing agent (used for whitening clothes) or a combo of baking soda ‘n apple cider vinegar and apply it to the area. Recall my Mother using both when one of us kids got stung and it seemed to work. -Brenda-

  17. bobbi duncan says

    Whew!!!!!! Okay, I’m heading to my doctor’s for a B-12 shot now. Girl, girl, girl, you just amaze me with your energy. Think I lost a good deal of mine about five years ago. Anyway, all your efforts paid off because everything looks wonderful! You certainly deserve that nap on the porch lol! Hugs!

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