Christmastime at the Georgia Governor’s Mansion

Welcome to the 99th Metamorphosis Monday! Hi Everyone! It's been snowing off and on all day here in Georgia. Nothing serious, though...just a few flurries. It's really pretty to watch...from inside! I don't have a "metamorphosis" to share today in my own home, so I'm taking you into the heart of Buckhead for a little tour of some of the rooms in the Georgia Governor's Mansion all decked out for … [Read more...]

Christmas Home Tour: Tour A Beautiful Folk Victorian

Last weekend a group of friends and I attended a local tour of historic homes all decked out for the Christmas season. I shared some pics from that tour recently and today I'm taking you back inside to show you all the delightful details I wasn't able to capture before! Thank you to Tracey and Scott for letting me take you on a tour of their beautiful home decorated for Christmas. A little … [Read more...]

Christmas Historic Home Tour…More Photos

Wow! I've been having the best time visiting all the gorgeous homes decked out for the holidays! While we continue visiting the 483 Deck the Halls links for yesterday's Metamorphosis Monday, I thought I'd share a few more of the pics I took on a recent Christmas Historic Home Tour I attended. Love this bed/swing on the front porch of this home... I loved the lanterns on the front … [Read more...]

Decorating Mailboxes, Fences and Porches for Christmas

I'm sharing a few pics from the tour I went on today. I wasn't able to take pics in most of the homes, but a couple of homes did allow some photography. Please excuse angles and some less-than-focused pics. I had to take pics quickly as people were moving constantly all around the rooms and into and out of my shots. I have too many pics to show in one post...but here's a few...just for fun. :) I WANT … [Read more...]

Touring Historic Avondale Estates

How has your weekend been going? Do anything fun today...or was it just too hot to be outside? You may remember, last Metamorphosis Monday I shared a bit about a restaurant named Six Feet Under and my near dangerous encounter with a drink called Tombstone Tea. :) Then I took you by my favorite stalker house located in Grant Park. Next, we headed back to my friend's home for a tour of his recently … [Read more...]

The Winchester Mystery House

Around nine years ago, I visited California for the very first time. We headed up to San Francisco and as you can see, it was a very cloudy day. Despite the weather, I still had to get a shot of the "Painted Ladies."   Don't worry...this isn't a "vacation" post. :) We did it all during the 2-3 days we were there. We walked across "the" bridge, visited Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli … [Read more...]

Take the Tour: a Greek Revival Home Built in 1840

A few months ago I had the privilege of touring a number of beautiful historic homes in Rome, Georgia. The tour was part of the spring ramble with The Georgia Trust. One of the homes we toured was this Greek Revival style home. It sits on 8 acres and was used as a hospital during the War Between the States. I bet this house has some great ghost stories attached to it. The next three photos are pics I … [Read more...]

Sherman Slept Here

Welcome to the 79th Metamorphosis Monday! I had soooo much fun reading all of your thoughts about the home I was able to tour on the spring ramble with The Georgia Trust in Rome, Georgia. As I mentioned in the post yesterday, I really don't know the exact time frame during which the home was decorated...I would have guessed during the late 80's-early 90's. Some of you picked the same time frame and some … [Read more...]

A Challenge: Can You Tell Me What Year This Home Was Decorated?

Have you had a chance to check out all the tablescapes posted for Tablescape Thursday? If so, I'm jealous! I haven't had a chance to visit around very much, yet. Working full-time is such a bummer. It puts a real crimp in my blog reading, if you know what I mean. ;-) Some of you already know I work investigating abuse, neglect and exploitation of those who are elderly or disabled. It is demanding and … [Read more...]

Extreme Homes-Church Becomes a Beautiful Home

Welcome to the 78th Metamorphosis Monday! Metamorphosis Monday: Recently, I received an email showing an interesting metamorphosis and the following wording/pics: "A couple purchased an old church in Kyloe, Northumberland. They invested a lot of money on the interior but the exterior remained almost completely intact. They did more of a restoration rather than a renovation, which would have cost … [Read more...]

Celebrating Independence Day Touring Main Street America

Welcome! So glad you are here! I've had a wonderful day and evening...I've been celebrating a dear friend's birthday...out on the porch. This was one of those milestone birthdays and we had so much fun grilling out and feasting! Happy Independence Day: In celebration of Independence Day, I've pulled together a few pics from some of the historic home tour posts I've published in the past. Except, this … [Read more...]

Between the Rivers, An Historic Home Tour in Rome, Georgia

Between the Rivers: A couple of weeks ago I shared both interior and exterior pics of a plantation home called, Colonial Heights. Colonial Heights was included in the spring ramble held by The Georgia Trust. Also, that day, the tour included many homes in an historic area of Rome, Georgia called, Between the Rivers. Between the Rivers is a downtown residential area, and it lies between the Etowah, … [Read more...]

The Georgia Trust Historic Home Tour, Rome Georgia

Hi Everyone! Hope you've had a fantastic day! I've been enjoying your talent and creativity as I've visit many of the fabulous "Before and Afters" you linked for Metamorphosis Monday. Quite a few new links were added even today...check them out and you will come away inspired to tackle your own home projects. I have a great tour to share with you today.  Last month, I had the opportunity to tour a … [Read more...]

Historic Home Tour in Roswell, Georgia

Historic Home Tour in Roswell, Georgia: We haven't gone on an historic home tour in a while. Come check out these homes in Roswell, Georgia. You'll notice, it was still wintertime when I took these pics. This house (Mimosa Hall) has always intrigued's very hidden and these shots taken in the winter are as much as you ever get to see from the road... I zoomed in for a little closer … [Read more...]

Let’s Pretend It’s Summertime Again And We’ll Go For A Walk Around Town

Late last summer, a friend and I went for a nice walk in some of the historic towns here in Georgia, one of my fav things to do on a sunny day. You may recognize a couple of these homes from the candlelight Christmas tour I took you on a few weeks you'll get to see those by daylight, along with lots of new homes I've never shared before. Hope you enjoy this little "walkabout!" (Click on any pic to … [Read more...]

Beautiful Christmas Table Settings

Welcome to the 71st Tablescape Thursday! It's time for Tablescape Thursday and this is our very last TT for the year 2009. Are you looking forward to 2010? I believe 2010 is going to be an awesome year...I just feel it down to my bones. :-) This past Met Monday, I took you on a Christmas Home Tour through Tricia's lovely, historic, Victorian cottage. During the tour, I teased you with a glimpse of her … [Read more...]

A Christmas Tour of Homes

Welcome to the 50th Metamorphosis Monday! For this Metamorphosis Monday, I thought I'd take you inside one of the homes I had the privilege of touring this year on the Marietta Pilgrimage Christmas Home Tour. This charming Victorian cottage-style home with a wrap-around front porch, was built in 1901 and the owner, Tricia, generously allowed me to take a few pics to share with you all. Come see how … [Read more...]

Christmas Dinner at the Georgia Governor’s Mansion

Welcome to the 70th Tablescape Thursday! Can you believe Christmas is almost here? What do we call today, this day before Christmas eve? Is this Christmas eve, eve? (If you are reading this on Thursday, it is officially, Christmas Eve.) As I write this, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my family for the holiday. I've been grocery shopping and cooking...and thinking about you, the readers of BNOTP. … [Read more...]

Historic Homes Decorated for Christmas

Did you get a chance to visit the wonderful "Before and Afters" posted yesterday for Met Monday? If not, scroll down and check them out once you are done reading today's post. You will come away inspired by all the creative projects and home improvements that are taking place in Blogland! My friend, Bonnie, had the opportunity to go on a wonderful historic home tour recently in Campbell, California. She … [Read more...]

Six Feet Under, Awesome Porches and Bats in the Belfry

Earlier this year, actually around mid-summer, a friend and I had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta, Six Feet Under. They have the BEST fish tacos and their potato chips are beyond yummy.  I think they make them in-house. You may wonder how this restaurant got it's name. Six Feet Under is located directly across the street from this. Yup, it's a cemetery...but not just … [Read more...]

Biltmore Estate

A while back, I had an opportunity to tour Biltmore in Asheville, NC. I'd been there many years before and really enjoyed the tour, but I remembered having been a little disappointed that so little of the upstairs was open for viewing. Well, all that's changed now and it's an awesome experience! They continue to restore more rooms each year, so more and more are opened up for tours. The tour took us 1 … [Read more...]

The Historic Beaufort House

A few weeks ago I traveled to Asheville, NC with friends to tour Biltmore. I'll be sharing some pics taken in the gardens around Biltmore in a future post. For this Pink Saturday, I wanted to share The Beaufort House...the lovely, historic, bed and breakfast where we stayed while on our trip. If you find yourself traveling to Asheville, I highly recommend The Beaufort House. Most of the pics you'll … [Read more...]

Festival of Flowers: Historic Home and Garden Tour

This post is picture intensive, but light on enjoy! I've been traveling a good bit this summer, so I'm sharing some pics from one of those trips. This post has something in it for everyone...gardening, a tablescape and even an historic home tour! How many of you gardeners out there have heard of Park Seed? Yep, I see all those heads nodding! If you garden, you know Park Seed. Did you know … [Read more...]

Welcome to My Town

A few weekends ago, a friend and I drove the short distance to the town square. We walked all around looking at some of the historic homes up know, the ones we tend to whiz by in our car each day. I wasn't able to get to a street that had some of my favs, but here are a few that caught my eye this day. This one was still all decked out from Memorial Day...perfect since July 4th is just around … [Read more...]

Tour a Beautiful Historic Victorian Home in Newnan, Georgia

I'm a member of The Georgia Trust and twice a year (Spring and Fall) they host a "Ramble." A ramble is just that...rambling around through the town where the tour is being held and rambling in and out of some amazing historic homes. The ramble, which took place a couple of weeks ago, was in the town of Newnan, Georgia. Fortunately, Newnan was largely untouched by the American Civil War due to its status … [Read more...]