Nancy’s April Favorites and The Ones I’m Buying for Myself

Each month I share my favorites from the month before, the products/ things I love and that add significant value to my quality of life. For this month’s favorites, I thought it would be fun to share my daughter-in-law, Nancy’s favorites. I ask Nancy for a list and after reading about some of her favorites, I’ve ordered quite a few of them for myself.

Several of Nancy’s friends have been singing the praises of this air fryer. Have you heard of air fryers? I had not until Nancy purchased this one a few weeks ago. Oh. My. Gosh! It is amazing! When Nancy cooks with her air fryer, she doesn’t add any oil at all, but magically food comes out tasting crispy and delicious! You would swear she’s been slaving over a hot stove frying all day!

Nancy and I both love this air fryer and as soon as I’m back home, I’m immediately ordering one for myself.

Best Air Fryer, A Favorite


We’ve air-fried everything you can think of from french fries to grilled cheese sandwiches to chicken wings. A favorite we’ve air-fried are the Kroger Oven-roasted Chicken Wings. Actually, we’ve tried all the different flavors and the Oven-Roasted and Dry Rubbed are our favorites with the Oven-roasted being our absolute favorite.  Yum! You can even make pizza in an air fryer, though we haven’t tried that yet.

Nancy is using the air fryer right now as I write this post and the smell is driving me nuts! Smells sooo good! We’ve used the air fryer almost every day since it arrived, that’s how much we like it! It’s easy, fast, and convenient, I can’t wait to buy one and use it when I get back home!

You’ll find the air fryer Nancy uses available here: Air Fryer.


Best Air Fryer, A Favorite



Nancy just purchased these beautiful earrings for summer and I’m definitely considering buying a set for myself. The smaller flower can be worn as a small single earring in each ear, or the larger flower can be attached to create a dangling earring look. I love them both ways.

These are available here: Earrings.



Nancy loves this cleanser for her face. She said, “I found this about 15 years ago and have never looked back. It takes off any and all makeup.” She added that even my son uses it now and that the large 32oz size lasts both of them for a whole year.

You’ll find it available here: Facial Cleanser and here: Facial Cleanser.


In addition to her Calista Tool, Nancy loves using the Aplatir by Lange for styling her hair. Nancy said, “Lange is a hair game changer. I have multiple wands and then got the Aplatir and use it to both curl and straighten my hair. It would be top 3 of what to bring if you were going to be “deserted on an island” list.”

You’ll find it available here: Hair Aplatir Flat Iron.


Nancy really enjoys Spanx Leggings. She said, “I purchased 2 pairs of black and one navy all petite size XS. Wore them every day this winter and I’m still wearing them every day currently.”

Wow, I’ve never worn Spanx and had no idea they lasted so long. That’s impressive! The Spanx leggings Nancy loves and recommends are available in various sizes/heights here: Spanx Leggings.


Nancy shared some of her favorite makeup products. She said, “I love this so much I get it on my “Subscribe and Save” every 4 months. It’s a brow life saver and lasts all day until you scrub it off. I apply it with a small eyeshadow angled brush that I got from Sephora.” You’ll find the eyebrow gel Nancy uses and recommends here: Long-lasting Eyebrow Gel.


Another makeup product Nancy uses and recommends is the Mally Dark Circle Corrector. She purchases it here: Dark Circle Corrector.


Nancy and I both share a love for lipstick. In addition to the House of Sillage lipsticks that we both enjoy, Nancy loves a great lip gloss. Nancy said, “I loved these so much I bought a second set while the “special value” was still going on here: Lip Gloss.


Nancy eats really healthy, gets plenty of sleep, and never misses a day riding her Peloton. In addition to eating well and her daily workouts, she always drinks the Super Greens Supplement below.

She said, “I have taken one of these tablets once a day for the last 6 months and haven’t gotten sick even once. My overall digestion is better, my skin hair, nails, and workout stamina. And I don’t have to worry about cramming 8 servings of greens into my diet every day. I mix a tablet with one water bottle each morning and drink while I work out.”

I just ordered this for myself today since I know I don’t eat all the greens that I should each day. The reviews look amazing! I’m thinking about ordering the one for the skin, as well. You’ll find it available here: Super Greens Dietary Supplement.


Nancy and I both were talking about Cutemol the other day and we both agree we’ve never found anything that’s even half as good for dry skin, especially skin that cracks and splits during the winter. Cutemol is (for us) a miracle cream. We NEVER allow ourselves to run out, so it had to make this list of favorites. Nancy and I both purchase it here: Cutemol.

Note: When you apply Cutemol, it takes a while to work its magic and to completely dry. So it’s best to apply it when you won’t be using your hands for about 5-10 minutes. It only takes a little so don’t over-do it when applying it.


Thanks so much to Nancy for sharing so many of her favorite products with me so I could share them with you! I’m going to be trying many of these–I’ve already ordered the greens and the facial cleanser and will order the air fryer as soon as I’m back home. I love learning about awesome products, especially when they are recommended by someone I trust.

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  1. Thanks for the air fryer recommendation. Cute things as usual. I have a question and anyone can answer. I stopped wearing lipstick because of the ‘mask’ Anyone have a product that doesn’t transfer on the mask ? Not that anyone can see half your face.

    • A BNOTP reader told me about Rimmel Lipstick a couple of years back and when I know I can’t reapply my lipstick during the day and want my lipstick to last the entire day, that’s what I wear. Once it dries (which takes just a few seconds) it does not come off unless you try to force it off with makeup remover or something like that. You can see it here: . It has a matte finish and it comes with gloss that can be applied on top. If you use the gloss, that would most likely transfer to a mask, but if you don’t mind a matte finish, it would definitely stay on.

  2. Rhonda Storey says

    I bought a Ninja Air Fryer last year and I’m OBSESSED with it! Where has this thing been all my life??? I actually just ordered one for my granddaughter to take to college with her this year. It is SO easy to use and everything turns out great! I took your advice about the Cutemol cream, and I really like it! Thanks for sharing Susan. Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day!

    • That’s exactly how we are about it: obsessed and wondering how we ever lived without it. Nancy’s friends were all telling her for months that she needed one because they use theirs all the time. I think we’ve used it almost every single night since it arrived a few weeks back. I’m def buying one for my house when I get back home.
      So glad you like the Cutemol. My son just started using it, he’s constantly hearing us talk about how amazing it is. Rhonda, today I did something I don’t often do. I had my hands in really hot water washing some things and once I was done, I put Cutemol on. It really, really sealed in the moisture and I couldn’t believe how good my hands looked and felt. It felt like it took twenty years off my hands! I’ve put it on after having my hands in water before, but I guess it wasn’t hot water because the effect was amazing! Nancy told me she puts it on her hands, feet, etc… as soon as she gets out of the shower for the same reason…it really seals in the moisture when your hands, feet etc… are fresh out of warm/hot water.

  3. Cleo headley says

    Great suggestions !! I love the Purity cleanser, use it daily with the facial tool. And I also use the same lip gloss. Haven’t tried the Cutemol but use Bath and Body Works hand lotion with papafin, does wonders for my nails too.

    How nice you were all together for Mother’s Day !!!

    • Thanks, Cleo! It was so nice to be here for Mother’s Day…definitely something I treasure! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  4. Georgette says

    We have been using air fryers for about a year. They are so easy and fun to use. We now have two sizes. When you buy one make sure it remembers the time. Generally you have to turn whatever you are frying over halfway through. With one of ours, the time and temp shuts off and you have to reset. The other continues on its merry way when you shut the drawer. It’s not a huge deal but a convenience issue when rushing around the kitchen taking care of the rest of the meal.

  5. DawneMarie says

    Hi Susan!

    I love my air fryer. Use it almost every day. Also the instant pot. Both easy peasy.
    Haven’t been able to find chicken wings lately.
    Happy you’re getting an Af too!

  6. Great list–covers different life areas. Thanks for sharing Nancy!

  7. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh, boy! Now you have me wanting the air fryer, lol! When you said you tried Kroger’s oven chicken wings, were they already cooked and you reheated them in the air fryer? Or were they just seasoned and had to be baked / air fried to be able to eat? I like that the makeup remover will not only cleanse your face, but remove eye make-up as well, putting it on my list. I agree Cutemol is great, usually put it on just before going to bed, but will have to try the hot water / shower time as well. Eager to hear how the green vegetable drink tastes, let us know, please. Thanks Susan

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh, boy! Now you have me wanting the air fryer, lol! When you said you tried Kroger’s oven chicken wings, were they already cooked and you reheated them in the air fryer? Or were they just seasoned and had to be baked / air fried to be able to eat? I like that the makeup remover will not only cleanse your face, but remove eye make-up as well, putting it on my list. I agree Cutemol is great, usually put it on just before going to bed, but will have to try the hot water / shower time as well. Eager to hear how the green vegetable drink tastes, let us know, please. Thanks Susan and Nancy, appreciate these good tips.

    • Cyndi, it is amazing! We’ve been using it so much, we quit putting it away. Currently, it’s living on the kitchen counter full time. lol
      I don’t believe they are cooked because the directions on back say to cook in an oven for around 20-25 minutes. Update: It does say Fully Cooked on the bag, but they are frozen when you buy them. The last time I was in Kroger, because we had enjoyed the dry rub BBQ chicken wings so much, I bought a bag of every kind they carry. The oven-roasted was def our favorite. I don’t recommend the honey BBQ ones because they are heavily breaded…more breading than chicken.
      Here’s a photo of the oven-roasted ones. Even my son was impressed with these cooked in the air fryer–and he cooks chicken wings on the grill allll the time since we all love ’em.

      • It says full cooked on the bag under the blue Kroger logo if that helps anyone. My question: are they frozen or just refrigerated? Thanks

      • Cyndi Raines says

        Thank you Susan for even taking a picture of the package. I will put these on my list and pick some up, maybe even tomorrow. I will have to do the oven method for now as I haven’t caved in yet on the air fryer, but really thinking about it. (Just found your reply in my spam account, or I would have replied sooner.) Happy Memorial day and Happy Summer!

  9. I have been using the Purity facial cleaner for a couple of years. It is a great value because it really does last a long time. I will have to try the cutemol. I normally use Working Hands in the winter but there are times when I could definitely use something stronger.
    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it.

  10. Was watching the Today Show this morning (Thursday) and noticed that one of their Steals & Deals is the Kalorik Air Fryer usually priced at $189.99, but being offered at $79 on Steals & Deals.

  11. Cindy Williams says

    Thank you for the suggestions! What size air fryer works for a family of 4?

    • The one my daughter in law has comes in several sizes. I’m not sure what size she purchased. I noticed in the questions section, someone said they cooked a whole chicken in the 5.8-quart size. So I would think that size would be great for a family of 4, but there is a size larger than that if you want a bigger one. You can see the three sizes here:

  12. My husband bought an air fryer on sale but I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet. I’d love if you’d do a post with your favorite usages/recipes!

    • I need to do that. It gets used every single night. Last night we had chicken wing and tonight my son cooked steak and shrimp on the grill and Nancy made delicious sweet potato fries in the air fryer. She made a special sauce to dip them in and it was insanely good! A lot of her sauce recipes are just things she throws together. I’ll try to take some photos and get some of her recipe ideas. She’s an awesome cook!

  13. What does the water with “greens” taste like?

    • My daughter-in-law loves it, but it was a tad too sweet for me. It comes in three flavors, I think: Melon, Blood Orange and Lemon-Lime.

      • I found it too sweet also but I make a serving each morning and then add a bit to my water throughout the day. It adds some flavor so I’ll drink more water and I still get my 8greens daily serving. Maybe this will help someone else too.

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