A New Mirror for the Office

Back in September, I was on an all-out mirror search for the office.  I wanted a mirror to go above the chest in my little reading corner, something that would reflect the light coming in through the windows .

I found this silver one at Marshalls for just $20 and brought it home to try it out.  You may remember it from THIS previous Metamorphosis Monday.

It looked pretty good except for one thing.  It was too wide.  It wasn’t much too wide, just barely, but I never like for a mirror to be wider than the furniture beneath it.  The chest is 28″ wide and the mirror was 29″.

Mums in antique silver sugar bowl
For a while I left it resting on the chest, not wanting to fully commit.  Eventually I hung it, but I continued to keep a look out for a mirror that would be a better fit for the chest.

Office Reading Nook
Yesterday, I stopped by Marshalls and while there I spotted a potential candidate.  After giving it some thought last night, this morning I decided to go back and get it.

New Mirror for Office Reading Nook

It was on sale for $43.  I peeked under the tag once I got it home and discovered it had originally been priced at $99.99, then $59.99.

New Mirror for Office Reading Nook

Time to say goodbye to the “too wide” silver mirror.

New Mirror for Office Reading Nook

The old mirror had been hanging from two 20# Ooks, meaning they would support 40 pounds total.  You may remember, Ooks made it into my “Top 20 Products I Can’t Live Without” post back in February.  Love ’em!

I weighed myself (ugh) and then I weighed me with the mirror (really ugh).  The mirror weighed 20 pounds, I’m not sharing what I weighed! πŸ˜‰  So the two, 20# Ooks were going to be more than enough support for the new mirror.   It sure felt a lot heavier than 20 pounds when I was lugging it up the stairs from the car!

Ook for hanging heavy pictures and mirrors

The new mirror is 4o inches tall which is 4 inches taller than the old one.  I like that. Best of all, the new mirror isn’t wider than the chest below it.  I think it’s a keeper.

White MIrror for the Office

I’m still looking for a non-brass lamp for this spot. I like brass lamps but brass just doesn’t look that great with the oil-rubbed bronze knobs on the chest.  (Info about the chest can be found in this post: Another Piece of the Puzzle.)  Update: Found a new lamp for the chest. Check it out in this post: A New Lamp for the Office

White Mirror for Office

I like the silver lamp you saw in one of the pics above, but it lives in the dining room with its sister (see below) and needs to stay there.    I’ll find the right lamp eventually…just have to be patient.

Colonial Williamsburg Apple Tree

Here’s a mouse-over of the change from the old mirror to the new one.   Just run your mouse/cursor on and off of the picture below to see the “Before and After.”

Just when you think I can’t do another thing to this room, I think of something else.  πŸ˜‰  I hung the mirror just a few inches above the chest.  I stacked a few books on the chest and placed the mirror atop the books, adding and taking books of various sizes away until I had it at a height I liked.  Then I marked the wall where the hooks touched the wall on back.  I don’t know if there are any “official” rules about how high a mirror should be above a chest/furniture, but I always like mine low enough to reflect some of the items on the furniture below.   This one is hanging approximately 3 inches above the chest and it “feels” right in person.

White Mirror for the Office

I’ve been keeping an eye out for an inexpensive garden stool to place over just in front of the bookshelves in this room.

IKEA Billy Bookcases for the Office LIbrary
Something like the green one I have here on the porch would work.  And the price was right at just $30.  I tried the porch garden seat up in the office with a little stack of books on top.  It looked great there, but I like it too much on the porch to bring it up to the office.   At one time I tried a very small table there, but it just felt like it crowded up the office too much.  I think a garden seat would be a nice little accent…casually placed.  It’s those little tweaks that are so much fun.  Right?

Garden Seat for the Porch
What are you tweaking in your home these days?  Umm, I think I need to lower the clock a tad.  Pictures see what we don’t see in person.  Ever notice that?

White Mirror for the Office


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  1. Great post! The new mirror completely changes the feel of the space just by being the right proportion. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You nailed it! I love that mirror!
    Totally fits and really blends nicely!

    • Thanks, Liz. I was afraid I was getting a bit too matchy, matchy…white mirror with white chest. But I do love how it looks now that it’s there. I knew when I hung the silver one, it’s days were numbered. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m obsessed with that new mirror!! Can’t believe it was so reasonably price.

  4. I love the new mirror, great find. I may have to head over to Marshalls soon.

  5. Love the mirror. It is perfect for the space – both in height and width. As to the lamp, I would spray paint it. It’s a good shape and size for the area.

  6. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says

    I didn’t think the silver mirror looked bad myself….but, I do like the new one better. Good eye! I agree with you, the clock could go just a bit lower. I do love your office/craft space. So pretty and bright!

  7. I wasn’t sure about the mirror when I saw it in the package-but love it on the wall! It really adds to the look with the chest. I agree about the lamp…needs to be oil-rubbed bronze, or what about antiqued mercury glass? Have fun shopping! (And I would hang on to that other mirror…)

    • Sheila, great idea! I actually brought home a mercury glass one about a week ago, but the shade wasn’t right. It had a burlap shade, which isn’t bad, but it blocked way too much light. It didn’t look great against the silver mirror either, which won’t be a problem now. πŸ™‚ I’m going to keep an eye out for one with a white shade…I think that would look great there!

  8. Lynn Osborne says

    Susan, this room just keeps getting better and better! I love the new mirror. As far as height, I use the rule of themb of hanging everything with its vertical center being 60″ from the floor. Seems to work well with large and small pictures/mirrors/clocks/etc. So the top edge of a frame that is 40″ tall would be at 80″ from floor. The center would be at 60″ and the bottom edge would be at 40″. Hope that makes sense.

  9. Hi Susan! I’ve followed your blog for years and I’m a big fan! Your office is so fab! And I love the height of that lamp, just spray paint that baby! A fake mercury glass look would be beautiful or there is great oil rubbed bronze spray paint! Thanks for such a wonderful blog!

  10. I looked at the “before” and thought you were just being waaay too picky, it looked great to me! Obviously, I do not have your eye, the “after” is just beautiful—it went from “very nice” to perfect!!! I don’t think you could possibly have found a better mirror for that spot, it looks like it was meant to be.

  11. Anna Starner says

    I love the new mirror. It does seam to be a better fit, just a tad lower than the clock, perfect. The new mirror feels so much lighter and and has so much more visual interest. As for the light I would take out my trusty can of spray paint and paint it oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickle (to blend but not match the cloche and clock).

  12. Great mirror, Susan! I think it is perfect for over the chest and for your office in general. It really looks great! You could always spray paint the brass on that lamp with Oil Rubbed Bronze until you find your “dream” lamp.

  13. Keep the lamp; it fits the space and has nice lines. Just scuff it up with scrubbie and spray paint the base a silver color to match the cake plate or white to match the mirror.

  14. Absolute perfection! You couldn’t have planned it better, Susan. Yes, moving the mirror left a tad will bring the grouping together nicely.

    We’re into bathroom mode here. Time goes so fast and then you realize it’s been 18 years since you built the house and it’s time for a makeover. Our shower room and vanity rooms are finished, on to the guest bath.

  15. New mirror is perfect!!! What about spray painting the brass lamp and fun color? I did one for my daughter’s room and it turned out great! Just a little thought!

  16. I think that mirror is perfect. How about buying a can of ORB spray paint and painting that lamp?

  17. I think you found the perfect mirror!! I think everyone wants you to just spiff up the brass lamp and I agree. Maybe a new lampshade?? I found a couple of brass lamps at a garage sale and rehab’d them. Take apeek if you have the time. http://justspiffit.com/2011/08/13/guest-room-lamps/

  18. Love your blog. Love your office. Love your latest “tweak.” I agree with “trek,” keep your current lamp and spray paint it’s base. I’ve seen lots of fun lamp makeovers on Pinterest. You could spray paint it a metal color (or another contrasting color like the green found in your chair and garden seat), then hang a fun tassel on it between the shade and it’s base. I’ve also “personalized” store bought lamps by adding fun trims to the tops or bases of the lamp shades. If you chose to spray paint your lamp base green, you could add a fun green and black trim to the shade which would contrast beautifully with your walls. Beautiful job on your office!

  19. Coastal Femme says


    Just love the new mirror..it looks great and not “matchy-matchy. Why not spray paint your brass lamp in a nickle finish? Love your office and Max too!

  20. Shannon Fox says

    The new mirror is a perfect fit and the design really compliments the space. It looks just right to me πŸ™‚

  21. Love the new mirror….and have you thought of spray painting the lamp to match the handles on the dresser? Just a thought….

  22. What a find! The mirror adds the perfect touch to this space. Love the visual interest. Agree about the clock. Just a little shift would do it. So glad you scored on this purchase! Also, I love that you enjoy the process of putting the room together as much as the finished product. You’ll find the garden stool and the lamp you want. Enjoy the journey!

  23. Susan…that mirror is perfect…I just love the trim work on it…reminds me of the beautiful cabinet doors on very high end cabinetry!…..We always look to “rules” when hanging things, etc. The rule of thumb for a mirror or a picture is 7 inches above the chest or mantel…but in my humble opinion, it is what looks the best for your situation!

    • Shirley, thanks! I like the sound of that! πŸ™‚
      I agree…probably what looks best. I did raise it another inch so now it’s about 3.5 inches above it. I like keeping it low enough to see the objects on the chest reflected in the mirror. I think it looks just right now. Thanks for that tip!

  24. I have a similar mirror in black and just love it. When you mentioned the brass lamp, I ran to see the name of the paint that I used to repaint some brass items in my home. We bought a new oiled bronze ceiling fan for the kitchen to match a new chandelier, but the new one didn’t fit the old holes, and we couldn’t get into the ceiling…long story. So, I bought a small bottle of “Sophisticated Finishes,” a blackened bronze metallic surfacer, to paint the old brass fan. It is similar to acrylic paints that you readily find at craft stores, and it cleans up with water. It took only a few minutes to apply the paint with a brush. The small bottle covered the fan, a brass holder for carrying drinking glasses, and several other items that I wanted to match. The bottle is still nearly full, so nothing that’s brassy is safe for a while! Just thought I’d mention that option since I don’t love to spray paint.

    • Linda, I may just check into that. The few times I’ve spray painted something, it looked like I had spray painted it…just didn’t look that great. I just may be doing it wrong. I still love polished brass…I’m in the minority, I know. Since that lamp does work well there, I’d probably be willing to change it up with something. It’s not a cheap brass type lamp…came from a very good company and still has a beautiful finish…so I sort of hate to mess with it…but I may. I wish they made a product that “aged” brass when you rubbed it on…giving it a kind of oil rubbed bronze look that would appear antiqued or aged. I’ll have to do some exploring. I’ll check for the Sophisticated Finishes, as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

  25. Oh…..that new mirror is just perfection, Susan! I loved the silver one….but I adore this one!! Looks like it was made for that space! Have you thought of using Rub-n-Buff to change the color of your lamp to a silvery metallic color? Easy peasy to use! πŸ™‚

    xoxo laurie

    • Laurie, that’s amazing. I was just writing a reply to a comment and saying I wish there was something to just rub on the lamp instead of spray painting it and when I finished, your comment had arrived! You must have read my mind! πŸ™‚ I’ve heard of Rub-n-buff, but haven’t ever used it…will definitely look into that! Thanks!

  26. Elaine in Laguna says

    Hi Susan, Long time reader, but due to time difference don’t comment too often…Love the new mirror, but think you should hold onto the old one, too! Or trade it for a garden stool. I’ve been tweaking my upstairs hall bath…Getting new shower doors, a new light fixture and adding a window. I want this small space to open up visually. Thanks, and I always look forward to posts about your beautiful home.

  27. I love, love that mirror! It’s a perfect fit for the cabinet. Your office just keeps getting better.

  28. You have such amazing taste Susan, and great luck finding things I might add! Your office is such a lovely place, but my favorite accessory is Max, by far :).

    I’ve used rub-n-buff in the past. It’s a product that’s been around for ages, for good reason. Works pretty well, imho. Try it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

  29. I would have stopped with your original mirror, but you were so right to keep looking for the perfect one. The new one just completes that wall. It looks so good!

  30. The new mirror is perfect. My problem would be taking the old one to consignment, which is an excellent idea, but it is such a nice mirror I would have to look for a home for it somewhere in the house. As far as the lamp replacement, I have every confidence you will find a lamp to speak to you much like the one you just found for the porch.

  31. Susan, the new mirror looks perfect. I was going to suggest painting the lamp, but I see someone has already made that suggestion. I think I would lower the clock a bit, too.

    Everything looks great.β™₯

  32. I agree with all the rest – I thought the original mirror was fine until I saw the new one was perfect. I agree with spray painting the lamp too. If its not a priceless heirloom hit it with some spray paint. I did kitchen hardware over 10 years ago that still looks new. I also did some cheap Floor lamps and they look great . I was amazed at what I did with less than $10 spray paint. With your talents it’s a no-brainer.

  33. Susan,
    That new mirror is PERFECT for that space! I love it! And yes, you are SO right that we always see things in photos that we don’t see otherwise…..

  34. Can’t believe how perfect this new mirror is!!! You did it again!!! No, it is not too matchy,matchy….most everything is white in there anyway…….the clock could move a little to the left and a few inches lower…….call me crazy but, I like the lamp as is, the whole setting makes such a statement!!!

    • Thanks! lol I did both shortly after I published that post…moved it down and over. πŸ™‚ I may one day remove the clock and do a nice picture gallery there, a grouping of some sort to break up the look on the wall. I really do like the clock, so kinda hate to take it down. No place else for it in the office, though.
      Thanks again!

  35. DesertSparkle says

    The new mirror looks great. As for the lamp, the base is fine as is. I think the shade needs some sprucing up. There is too much white going on with the white shade, white mirror, white chest, etc. Give the shade a face lift and I think you will be surprised at what a difference it will make!

  36. Hi Susan,
    Your new mirror is beautiful over the chest of drawers. I liked the clock rubbing shoulders with the dress form but I know you will be happier with it now you have moved it down and over.
    I just finished (again), tweaking my craft storage area. This is never ending as the area is small.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  37. beautiful setup, Susan…I love the room and the mirror fits in perfectly!! I’m with the other ladies on spray painting that lamp. I recently used a ‘hammered pewter’ colour to spray paint a desk lamp to match our mission styled decor and it came out beautifully! Saves a few pennies and time looking for a new one, too! ;O)

  38. That mirror is perfect and so much prettier! One tip would be to spray paint your brass lamp with silver or ORB and highlight with rub n buff. Also, I would consider making a slip cover for the top and bottom of the storage ottoman to help it coordinate with the chair. I notice Max likes it, so you could throw it in the washer if he gets it dirty!

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Nanci! I’ve thought about a slip cover but I think it would be hard to find something to coordinate. I sort of like the off white cover that’s on it…it’s not too matchy, matchy. Too bad they didn’t make an ottoman to go with the chair.

  39. I agree, it did make quite a difference. Good find at Marshall’s!

  40. Oh, Susan!
    Your great eye for details is admirable!
    I, too, (usually) like to pay attention to details but I have never noticed before that a smaller mirror does fit better above a piece of furniture than a wider one!
    I love your new mirror but I would keep the “old” one, too! It looks so beautiful, too and it cost only $20? Who knows? Maybe, one day you need to (re-)decorate another room in your home? πŸ˜‰
    Susan, I’m sure YOU will find a new lamp that suits your taste, too.
    I wonder what happened to your “old” lamp you once had on your porch?
    Hugs to you!

    • Thanks so much, Cecilia! You are a love and always appreciate your lovely comments! πŸ™‚ The old wicker one that was on the porch is just stored in the basement now. It’s too small for this spot, I’m afraid.

  41. MariaElena says

    Susan, I love, love your new mirror! It looks so pretty over the chest! You have done such a beautiful job with your office! By the way, you can give your lamp an instant makeover using Rustoleum metallic oil rubbed bronze. We have used it on several lamps and it just looks beautiful. It also comes in silver. Gave a great week!

  42. The height of the miror is perfect and the design adds great dimension.

  43. The new mirror is perfect. I agree the other one was just a bit too wide. I was thinking you may want to paint your brass mirror with old rubbed bronze paint. Michael’s craft store sells one…I think it’s called faux finishes and it works awesome. I painted a lamp with it and chairs and it has held up amazing and looks like a real oil rubbed bronze finish. Just an idea, because I think the lamp is the perfect height and scale.

  44. Sheila Hagler says

    I love the new mirror. It looks perfect with the little chest. If you don’t mind me asking, what color is the paint in this room? I know it was in a past post, but just don’t remember. Have a great week. Sheila

  45. Love, Love, love the mirror..
    In a different setting.. it would look awesome hung sideways.. like over a bed! Great find.
    My Home Goods (Richmond, VA) just got in a bunch of new garden stools. I purchased one (Tiffany Blue) for my back porch. I think I paid $39.99 for it, but I had a bunch of TKX $10’s, so it was free! The Best Deal of all.

    Have you thought about a glass plum jar lamp for that table? They have them at Target.. they also have a cute burlap shade to go on it. You can google it on Target’s website. Lamps are sometimes the hardest things to find. Good luck with your search!
    Love your new office.. it’s so light and bright!

    • Bonnie, love these ideas! I checked HG, Marshalls, Ross and TJM yesterday for a garden stool (on the way home from an eye appointment) but didn’t find one…but I’ll check some others. You got a great deal on yours! The only thing about burlap is it blocks a lot of light, but I do love the look.

  46. Great mirror, especially with the added detail crossing the mirror giving it a more ornamental vibe. Tweaking my office space this summer as well. Wish my office looked as neat and tidy as yours!
    Happy Summer Tweaking!

  47. Love the mirror, Susan. It looks wonderful in your space.

  48. Oh my! I’m in LOVE with that mirror! It’s gorgeous!

  49. I do like the proportion of the mirror with the chest. It fits so nicely. The standard for hanging art work and mirrors has been 6″ to 12″ inches above the piece you are hanging it or 60″- 65″ from the floor. Sometimes, to my eye, that looks good and sometimes it looks awkward. I use it as a general rule and then just eyeball it. Also nothing should be hung higher than the top of the door jamb. As for the brass lamp, there are some oil-rubbed bronze spray paints that work well unless it is a cherished piece that you don’t want to change. Good luck. Finding what “just fits” is always so satisfying.

  50. Oohh Susan that mirror looks as if it were meant to be there. What a great eye you have! Agree we do see things in pics we normally do not see.The clock needs to be a little lower, and the lamp could be spray painted, but if I know you we will be seeing another post on the new lamp you will find. I love it!LOL

  51. Hi! Love getting your blog in my email every morning! I have a question…What color is the paint on your dining room walls? I love it!!!! Also what brand is it? Thanks for your help! πŸ™‚
    Be blessed,

    • Thanks, Pam! It’s an older Duron color called Sugar Cookie. Home Depot can still mix it…they have all the formulas, except in their computer it’s called Sugar Cook. Click on the DIY category and then, the “Paint” category and you’ll find an old post linked there called “A Paint Panic Attack.”. That post shows the exact formula for Sugar Cookie. πŸ™‚

  52. The new mirror is perfect. Love the look and a great price. WIN WIN. Thanks for sharing.

  53. Hi Susan: I love your office space, and, although I liked the old mirror, I do agree that the new mirror looks even better. A very pretty work space, and I see you had a kitty helper assisting!

  54. Ooh Susan, that mirror is so pretty and perfect for that spot. It is light and airy compared to the other one. I cracked up at you getting on the scales with the mirror, I would not dare!! πŸ™‚
    Nice find.

  55. Tracy Boyle says

    I loved the silver mirror until I saw the pictures of the new mirror. It’s a perfect fit! I love it!

  56. A perfect mirror for the office space – looks great on the wall πŸ™‚
    Greetings from Australiaβ™₯ ~Pernilla

  57. Don’t we all just love APPLAUSE!! Me too- such a big difference between the response:”NICE” and “PERRRFECT” ~ ~w so many comments I am just taking a chance speculating that Susan will never even see my little note-lol always love checking in w you.


  58. Anne Boykin says

    The new mirror is perfect! Your office is just lovely … the chair with the bee pillow … everything has come together so nicely. You make it look easy. I’m working on getting new curtains for my family room and I am leaning towards curtains like yours only in black & white. Thanks for the inspiration!

  59. Wow! That’s an amazing metamorphosis. Love It! Details really do make all the difference. Okay, I’m in the minority, but I LOVE the brass lamp and wouldn’t mess with it. In time you’ll find the perfect lamp for the office and will change it out. But I wouldn’t do anything to mar the beauty of the brass lamp. Some day, brass will be back in vogue, it’s classic.

  60. merle turner says

    The mirror looks good but I love the clock.

  61. The new mirror is perfect. And I would add that you are being too picky about the lamp, except I am secretly looking forward to seeing what you pick that would be perfect. You are so good at this!

  62. Hi Susan! I love your new mirror and it looks so perfect! I love your space and thank you for taking us along on the decorating journey!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  63. The new mirror is fabulous, and absolutely perfect for that spot.

    The addition of the cat – definitely a plus!! πŸ˜‰

  64. The new mirror is perfect for the room…what an improvement!
    In re: to the lamp, why not spray paint the brass? You can get an oil-rubbed bronze paint and go for it.
    Oh, btw, my local Home Goods had a bunch of garden stools (in some fun colors) recently….you might keep an eye out on your closest store.

  65. Love the mirror. Love the lamp the way it is too. But if you wanted to tone down the brass a bit, you might try this:

  66. Glenda Harder says

    The new mirror is perfect. Have you thought about spray painting the lamp?

  67. That is a beautiful mirror, & looks like it was made for your room! I totally agree about seeing some things in photos that you can’t seem to see otherwise.


  68. I, also, like the new mirror so much! I love the detail that it has also. I always wonder if I have hung a mirror or picture too high or too low…let me know if you find a “rule”…till then I guess I will just “eyeball it”. Your room is so very lovely and so is your pretty kitty.

    • I just go by two things…I like to have it where my eye level is at a good spot on the mirror…not too high and not too low. I’m pretty short so that might be a little shorter than it would be for most folks. Also, I like for the mirror to look like it has a connection with the piece beneath it. If a mirror is hung too high, I think it feels disjointed from the table/chest underneath it. Also, I really like it when the mirror reflects some of the items on the table/chest/etc… that’s under it. That’s party of the whole beauty of having a mirror there…seeing what it reflects. So I think following your gut is the best answer. Mirrors are all constructed, shaped/designed so differently, I’m not sure there’s a rule that will apply to all mirrors and all situations. If you use an Ooks and you discovered you’ve hung it too low or two high, it’s super easy to change since they leave such a tiny, tiny hole in the wall.

  69. Claudette Flanigan says

    That mirror is just beautiful! OMG! I thought I loved the other one you had until I saw this one! I have to go to Marshalls! And I will tell you if I see that mirror I will buy it! LOL It is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

  70. I have that exact same mirror but mine is black. I really like the white one! It looks great how you have it! Mine is hung in my hallway lengthwise. I think I got mine a little cheaper though at the Marshall’s here in Fort Worth, TX. I want to say mine was between $20 and $30. I had to snatch it up at that price! It does feel a lot heavier than 20 lbs and hanging it wasn’t that fun. I just might have to move mine and hang it like your’s since it looks so good like that.

    • Hi Tammy, I can see where it would look great turned on it’s side, too. I didn’t even notice if mine had hangers for that…it probably does. Nice that it’s so versatile. πŸ™‚ You got a great price!

  71. Mary Stone says

    The new mirror is perfect. Very different in its design which should draw the eye towards it quickly. The height looks great to me. I agree about the clock coming down a tad. And you are right about the lamp needing to be replaced unless you spray paint over the brass…if you look at the photograph the light from the bulb bounces off the brass and creates almost a “flash” of light which interferes(sp) with the reflection from the mirror…anyway that’s MHO. I’m glad to see Mr. Max – he is my favorite…read the post about his story. He is so blessed to have you as his forever mummy. My daughter Teresa is such a cat person…she just loves Max. I’ve looked at a great deal of craft/office rooms and I still find yours to be the best. It’s so relaxing and all that room…wonderful.

    • Thanks, Mary. Tell Teresa I’ll give Max a hug right now and tell him that’s from her. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the sweet comments about this room. I spend so much time here, I really wanted it to feel soothing and comfy.

  72. I love that white mirror, Susan! And the items on the chest in front of it are perfect. Beautiful job!

  73. I think the older mirror looked really nice, the new one isn’t personally my style. I think with that clock (I don’t know, it depends I suppose but those types of clocks seem to be everywhere lately and very kitschy, I prefer simple pieces) and the new mirror, it looks too busy? But then again it all comes down to personal tastes!

  74. Great Mirror – Interesting, dynamic and modern. Super choice.

  75. Hi, I love this new addition! You could spray paint the lamp to match the knobs. I love the lines of the lamp and it’s shape compliments the mirror…..just a thought……love your blog!!

  76. Love love love the mirror. But please lose the clock. It’s way over sized and just takes away from the graceful lines of the mirror and chair. And it makes your delightful reading nook look crowded. Nice clock. Find another spot for it. PS – love your website!

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