Halloween Tablescape: Dining in the Killer Cafe

Welcome to the 112th Tablescape Thursday! We've had the most amazing weather here alllll week. Last year's Halloween tablescape was indoors, but this year I'm still playing out on the porch. With candles lit... The napkins looked way too plain so I stopped by Hancock Fabrics and purchased some black tulle. It was on sale for .99 cents a yard. I only needed a yard to create sleeves or … [Read more...]

Decorating for Halloween, Mice on a Staircase

Welcome to the 91st Metamorphosis Monday! I don't know if you've noticed, but there seems to be a mice/rat infestation going on around Blogland.   I bought these a few weeks ago but just had a chance this weekend to open them up and play today. My staircase has gone through an interesting metamorphosis.   With the light in the entry on...   Here's how the … [Read more...]

A Halloween House…Spooky!

Here's something for fun as you continue enjoying all the great posts linked for yesterday's Met Monday. A friend and I went on an historic home tour in Atlanta on Sunday. We came across this house all decked out for Halloween... Let's take a closer look... Hilarious! My favorite part is the boarded up windows! I saw some giant spiders when I was in Pier 1 the other day. Wonder if that's where … [Read more...]

Six Feet Under, Awesome Porches and Bats in the Belfry

Earlier this year, actually around mid-summer, a friend and I had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta, Six Feet Under. They have the BEST fish tacos and their potato chips are beyond yummy.  I think they make them in-house. You may wonder how this restaurant got it's name. Six Feet Under is located directly across the street from this. Yup, it's a cemetery...but not just … [Read more...]

Halloween Tablescape with a Ghostly Centerpiece

Welcome to the 58th Tablescape Thursday! Saturday we took a field trip and toured a most amazing dish room belonging to Bonnie who shares our love for all things dishes. With all that wonderful china, I couldn't wait to see what Bonnie might have in store for Halloween. She actually put together two tablescapes...a "fun" one and one that will rattle your bones. Let's start with the fun one...in … [Read more...]

A Little Decorating for Halloween

Come on in! Welcome...so glad you are here! I've been decorating for Halloween...would you like to see? Stole the plant from the upstairs family room...it balances well with the height of the lamp. Found the scary ghost about 20 years ago in a Hallmark store. I warned you...he is scary! Yikes! When I first took a test pic, I was trying to get a shot with all the lights in the Entry … [Read more...]

Halloween Tablescape with a Spider-Web Tablecloth

Welcome to the 60th Tablescape Thursday!  Monday I shared a Halloween tale along with some Fall/Halloween porch decor. Wednesday was a day of Monster Mashing. And tonight... Won't you join me...said the spider to the fly?. Welcome to the Killer Cafe...hope the menu (click for a better view) meets with your approval. (Insert evil laugh) No tablecloth is needed...the spiders have been busy … [Read more...]

Decorating the Porch for Halloween

Welcome to the 39th Metamorphosis Monday! For this Met Monday, I thought I'd share the transformation my front porch goes through each year around Halloween. Normally it looks something like this...   But, then.................... On a dark and shadowy All Hallows Eve, a ghost, a witch, and a goblin cast long, dark shadows as they glide past the open flame of a lit gas lantern. The … [Read more...]

Beautiful Wheat Centerpiece with Pumpkin Tureens

Welcome to the 59th Tablescape Thursday! Happy Fall, Y'all! Last week I shared a "fall inspired" tablescape out on the porch. This week I'm sharing another "fall" tablescape created by Bonnie, a talented, reader of BNOTP, who shares our love for tablescaping. You may remember the post I did a few weeks ago showing several of Bonnie's beautiful tablescapes. Feast your eyes on Bonnie's gorgeous fall … [Read more...]

Create Your Own Plant Stand

Welcome to the 38th Metamorphosis Monday! I have a little query for you. What would you do if one day at your workplace, you discovered the items shown below were being tossed out...thrown into the trash? I know some of you are so creative and talented, you'd probably snag them and take them home. Me? I would have probably looked at them, thought they were interesting, but wouldn't have had a clue … [Read more...]