A Forever Coat

I've never been a serious fashionista, but last summer I began to catch the bug. I had come across a cute fashion blogger named Sarah, who blogs at Classy Girls Wear Pearls.  I subscribed to her blog posts and over the past year while reading her blog, I began to learn about so many clothing brands and stores I'd never heard of before. Finding Sarah's blog has put a bit of a dent in my wallet, but in a … [Read more...]

Let’s Go Antiquing!

It's been a long time since we made a visit to one of my favorite haunts, A Classy Flea. I stopped in today and found some fun things. The only thing I purchased was a small book but there were quite a few things I found super tempting. I used great restraint! Sweet serving dish... would be great for a springtime or Easter dinner. Be lovely to display year around. Dishes like this are just too cute to … [Read more...]

A Closet Makeover Marathon

Welcome to the 291st Metamorphosis Monday! A couple of years ago, I opened up a big ole fat can of worms. Have you ever purchased something because it was a great price or maybe it was on sale, then before you knew it, it ended up costing you a lot more than you had planned? I'm not sure if the project I'm sharing today is one you would want to undertake or if it's more of a cautionary tale. ;) I am … [Read more...]

What’s Your Style? Take The Quiz!

Recently, I came across a blog called, Nautical by Nature, written by Kate. On her "About" page, Kate has a fun style quiz. I loved reading her responses so I thought it would be fun if we took the quiz, too. I added four questions of my own about books, movies, plays, etc...  to the quiz. The questions I added have an asterisk in front of them. All the others were on the original quiz. You'll find … [Read more...]

Let’s Go Antiquing!

It's been ages since you and I went antiquing.  Remember when we used to go on antiquing trips to A Classy Flea? It's a gorgeous sunny day here so let's go! I'm going to be sharing a pretty bedroom makeover for Metamorphosis Monday and it features two beautiful cathedral mirrors, so this one caught my eye. It was $97.   Here's a unique way to make an Adirondack chair, using vintage skis … [Read more...]

Antiquing and Thrifting for the Weekend

It's been ages since we took an antiquing/thrifting trip.  I've gotten several emails/comments asking for another trip, so let's go!   Let's start with A Classy Flea, one of my fave haunts for great deals. (Click any photo to enlarge, click the back arrow to return to the post.) Just outside the front door I saw a fun, beachy sign.  I could so do with a beach trip about right now.  How about you? Not … [Read more...]

Inspiration Galore for Your Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Finds with Matthew Mead Recently I received a copy of Flea Market Finds, compliments of Matthew Mead.  I had heard this issue would be coming out in April so I couldn't wait to dig in and start reading.  It didn't disappoint! For this issue, Matthew teamed up with some great talent in the Blogosphere to create an issue filled with wonderful ideas for taking those everyday flea market and … [Read more...]

Scents: Do You Have a Favorite?

A few weeks ago I posted about "20+ Things I Can't Live Without"  I've gotten so many great emails (and comments) about that post, I think they'll be a "Part II" coming up in the future.  At the end of that post I asked for your favorite "can't-live-without" products.  The comments were awesome!  I'm still going back periodically to reread them, trying out the fab ideas/products you mentioned, as well as … [Read more...]

Hooked on IKEA

Ikea isn't a store, it's an adventure!  Recently, I mentioned on the BNOTP Facebook page that a friend and I were going shopping at the IKEA store in Atlanta the following day.  I had never been before, despite living only 20 minutes away.  I knew from the comments on Facebook, this was definitely not just another store. To start with it's GIGANTIC...like stacking two big box stores on top of each … [Read more...]

A Roller-Coaster Day

Today was a crazy, roller-coaster day, filled with highs and filled with a few tears. The day started with an e-mail that a chandelier I had bid on (and lost) on eBay for the office, might actually get to be mine after all. :) It hasn't been confirmed for sure, but there's a good chance. Keep your fingers and toes crossed...I should know soon. Next, I found this in my e-mail Inbox and I rushed to shower … [Read more...]

Shop Vintage and Save, Part II

While we continue enjoying all the great tablescapes posted for yesterday's Tablescape Thursday, come along for the rest of a recent outing to A Classy Flea. An Empire secretary from the early 1800's: $1,200 A cute cottage server: $149. This would make a great sofa desk or a hall table, wouldn't it? Old Wicker Chair: $25. I can never resist vintage wicker. Antique Mantel: … [Read more...]

Shop Vintage and Save $$$

Though, I've finally found wallpaper remover that actually works to remove wallpaper (YAY!) I've been taking a little break this past week. Instead of stripping wallpaper, I've been indulging in the fun part of building a home office...the furnishing/decorating. I don't buy a lot of furniture these days, but starting a room from scratch has had me doing my part to boost the economy. I normally prefer old or … [Read more...]

A New Addition to the Office and Antiquing at the Queen of Hearts

Wow! So much amazing creativity and talent in Blogland! Have you checked out all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for yesterday's Met Monday? You amaze me each and every week with the projects you take on in your own homes and the beauty you create for your families and the ones you love. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and most of all, thanks for showing us how we can do it, too! I'm … [Read more...]

Buying China at Auction

Welcome to the 126th Tablescape Thursday! Thanks so much for all your help yesterday with attempting to identify the large bird who stopped by my backyard for a visit. Most folks thought he might be a Red-tailed Hawk, others thought he could be a Red-shouldered Hawk and another reader suggested he might be an immature Bald Eagle. I was surprised to see some of the images online for the immature … [Read more...]

Antique Forget-Me-Not Book

Hi Everyone! In the midst of all my computer "stuff", I've been acutely aware of what today is...a day we will not soon forget. So today I'm sharing a beautiful book that's over 100 years old and is ALL about not forgetting. Cornelia, whose beautiful tablescape was featured last Tablescape Thursday, recently came across an amazing find...a Forget-Me-Not book.   Have you ever seen or … [Read more...]

A Whimsical Idea for a Garden Bench

This was just outside a shop I was in recently...isn't it a hoot?! Someone has cut holes in the seat and sunk the pots down into it. So, don't throw out that old piece of furniture...just paint it with an outdoor grade paint and you'll have a delightful planter for your garden.  Love it! Visit How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday fun! A Classy Flea: A few weeks ago, my all time favorite … [Read more...]

Garage Sailing Tips…Don’t Forget the Headlock Maneuver

It's that time of year...time to put on the comfy sneakers, throw a few bottles of water into the mini-cooler, grab the sun hat and head out garage sailing! In your neck of the woods these events might be called yard sales, estate sales or tag sales. Whatever you call 'em, there are fabulous bargains to be had for the savvy shopper who knows the garage sailing ropes. Here are 8 tips the pros … [Read more...]

A Chandelier for the Master Bedroom

Welcome to the 65th Metamorphosis Monday! A few weeks ago, I shared this pic of the fixture that has been hanging above my bed for the past 20 years...to my dismay. This was one sad ceiling fan. It was made of some really awful fake wood, so shortly after we moved in, I painted it hoping I could make it "go away." Didn't work, I could still see it.   Well, it only took me 20 years but I have … [Read more...]

Home Library Design Ideas

Welcome to the 57th Metamorphosis Monday! On a previous Met Monday, I took you into my "formal" living room that really isn't a formal living room. It's actually been more of a storage room over the years...which is kind of sad since it's the very first room you see when you walk into my home. I have some big plans for it...one day. You can read about those HERE in this previous Met Monday … [Read more...]

Victorian Photo Album with Beautiful Old Photographs

Welcome to the 33rd Metamorphosis Monday! My Met Monday post for today is a "reverse" Met Monday. I'm showing you the "After" first...then I'll show you the "Before." I came across this old, old Victorian style picture album around 20 years ago. I believe it may date back to the late 1800's. If you have any information about these type albums, please share it in your comment. I'd love to know more … [Read more...]

Antiquing and Thrifting, Let’s Go Shopping!

Recently, I made a trip to one of my favorite haunts...A Classy Flea. I was soo amazed at all the great stuff they have gotten in this spring! Before we head out the door to the Flea, We haven't been on a shopping trip to A Classy Flea in ages! Of course, since it's Pink Saturday, you know I'm going to start out with something that's Pink! Isn't this a darling canopy?! I think any little girl who falls … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Mary Frances Purse

Today, I thought I'd share a little Mary Frances handbag I bought a few years ago. It's the only Mary Frances bag I own. I always carry a small purse because I don't like the weight of a heavier one. This Mary Frances bag is my favorite for an evening out. You can dress it up or down. It looks great with an evening dress or with jeans...I've carried it with both. Front view...I love all the little … [Read more...]

Weekend Antiquing Trip

Recently, when I was out antiquing in Roswell, Georgia, I came across a Christmas tree and yes, it was  pink!  Beverly, at How Sweet the Sound is hosting Pink Saturday so stop by and check it out. Look at all the wonderful vintage ornaments I found nearby...and yep...some were pink. Check out these forks! Can you guess why they are shaped this way? Here's a little sign that … [Read more...]

Seashell Chest

My birding vacation got in the way of shopping at the Flea for a couple of weekends...but I made a trip this week.  You won't believe what I left behind that I really wanted! I did buy two things that I'll share at the bottom of this post. This adorable chest was probably my favorite treasure this week at A Classy Flea...but alas, it was already sold. I took six pics of it though because I thought this … [Read more...]